General Information
Species Howitzan
Home World Explox
Body Humanoid Panther
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Explosion Manipulation
Explosion Absorption
Exploding Clones
Explosion Immunity
Repetetitive Detonation
Explosive Negation
Explosion Reduction
Claw Retraction
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Stealth
Enhanced Strength
Powerful Bite
Speed Swimming
First Appearance TBA

Panthlosion is the Phitrix's DNA sample of a Howitzan from the planet Explox in River of Memories.


Panthlosion is a black humanoid panther who appears to be wearing a soldier's suit. The alien himself has a long black tail with the end of it being dark green, four fingers on his hands with sharp claws and three toes on his feet also with sharp claws, with the feet being orange. He wears a dark green sleeveless shirt, dark green with white pants, white bracelets and a dark green soldier helmet. His eyes are yellow and the symbol of the Phitrix is on middle right side of his chest. Like most Phitrix transformations, Panthlosion has red glowing lines around his body. The red lines form red circle and marks around his body, especially on his arms and legs, also a X red line on his face.

Transformation Sequence



Panthlosion acts like a typical soldier, he's very serious and always focuses on his missions, but he's also very loud and before a fight begins, he screams "ATTACK!!". Also he's very hot-blooded and short-tempered, becoming angered easily.

Powers and Abilities

Panthlosion can manipulate explosions, he does that by creating small spheres of orange energy and when he throws them at something, an explosion happens. He can create many explosions as he wants and control the amount of explosive force.

He's able to absorb explosions, becoming more powerful temporarily.

He can create clones that explode in contact.

He's immune to any explosion.

If he stands near or inside an explosion, he can negate them by using his hands.

Being a soldier alien, he has many soldier attributes, one of them being able to camouflage in any location.

He has sharp claws that are very strong.

He's very agile, strong and is very good at stealth, what a soldier should have.

Since he's a panther, he has a powerful bite.

He's very fast while swimming on water.


If Panthlosion doesn't control the power of his explosions, he can hurt those around him or destroy the area around him.

He has a limit of how much explosions he can absorb, also he has a limit of the size of the explosion he can absorb.

Even if he's immune to explosions, he can still be launched away by them.

Opponents with good vision can found him even if he's camouflaged.

Because of his explosive personality, he can be reckless and won't think before act. Also he isn't very intelligent.

He can be caught in a vortex on water.






  • His main inspirations are Bakugou from My Hero Academia and Soldier from Team Fortress 2.
  • He's one of the few aliens to change Matthew's personality.
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