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Pakmar is a Galvan who currently lives on Tahacuhab in DJ Adventures. He sells toilets.


Pakmar has blue-green skin, yellow eyes, and wears a Plumber's suit without the red circle on it. It is also in less detail.


Pakmar was recruited to be a Plumber when he was a teenager. He didn't want to be a Plumber, but since he had to, he decided to try and make the most of it and become the first Galvan Plumber to not be squashed in combat. Although he tried his best to accomplish this goal, he failed, and decided to run a toilet shop. Later, at one of his shops on Tahacuhab, he met Sam Samuelson, who he allowed to scan him when he offered to help in the shop so he could transform into a Galvan on shifts so that he wouldn't frighten the customers.


  • "I was supposed to be a Plumber, so I decided to be the first Galvan plumber not to be squashed in combat. I tried my best, but I still failed. So I decided to run a toilet emporium, but I kept the suit."
- Pakmar explaining why he has a plumber suit.
  • "You could work in the shop, but you would scare away all the customers. I will let you scan me in order to blend in."
- Pakmar allowing Sam to scan him.


  • Pakmar appeared in the canon series, Ben 10: Omniverse, as an alien of an unknown species. In the canon series, he also owned a toilet shop that was destoryed by Bubble Head, Liam, and Fistina.
  • He has an accent.