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General Information
Original broadcast February 22, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 13
Overall episode number 13
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & Runny
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Paintcraft is the thirteenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Hannibal invites Ethan and co. to join him for a paintball game, they are unexpectedly challenged a match with Gaia University, creating a school rivalry showdown!


Rise to the Challenge! (Ep 13, Gaming and Spying)

[The scene opened to a decimated cityscape, a raging fire burning across collapsed buildings across an orange river. A foot stomps on the ground and we zoom up to see Takagi being thrown back. She wiped the blood from her mouth and stood up.]

Takagi: I can’t believe I let you do that!

[Okabe stood before her and brought out his katana.]

Okabe: You’re the one who allowed me to strike you. You’ve grown weak. Shall we continue?

Takagi: Only if you’re ready to die.

[Takagi’s arms became engulfed in intense energy. She raised up her arms and aimed them at Okabe.]


[Takagi launched her final attack, a blue energy beam shot out of her arms, and Okabe was forcefully blown back as captions appeared on the screen.]


[We zoom out into Hannibal’s room to see Ethan and Hannibal playing Warrior Fighters C as Naomi was watching from Hannibal’s bed. An enraged Hannibal dropped his controller and glared at Ethan, pointing his finger at his smug face.]

Hannibal: Aw, man! My title! I can’t believe you would destroy such a thing!

Ethan: I had to in order to kick your butt! You'd understand.

Hannibal: Oh, I understand. I understand that I declare a rematch to regain my title!

Ethan: You’re on!

[Hannibal grabbed his controller and activated the game.]

Hannibal: And I promise, this time, I will get my title back!

Ethan: We’ll see about that...

Hannibal: I was taking it easy on you. I wasn’t playing my major.

Naomi: I thought Okabi was your major.

Hannibal: Hush.

Ethan: Well, if you want to make this interesting, then how about we play a round with XLR8!

Hannibal: No aliens! I wanna play this fair and square!

Ethan: Fine…

Naomi: So anyway… Ethan, what’s it like to transform?

Ethan: Uh… It feels like taking a good long stretch… but sometimes it can be instantaneous. I hate those.

Hannibal: Naomi, you’ve been asking him questions since he got here. Give him a break.

Ethan: You sure it’s okay to let her in on my secret?

Hannibal: It’s fine, she is my sister after all. Just as long as she doesn’t brag on about it on her social media.

Naomi: [While texting] I’m not saying anything!

Ethan: Okay. But next time, we’re going to my house, and we’re playing all my favorites! I’m talking Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros. Ultimate! Oh man!

Naomi: Do you have Splatoon 2?

Ethan: No, I don’t have Splatoon 2. People have been trying to convince me to get that game, but I haven’t really found any interest on picking it up.

Hannibal: Then you’ll definitely be interested in this. My friends and I are gonna check out this new paintball field that just opened up in town. Get this, they called it Splattown.

Ethan: Are you serious?!

Hannibal: Dead on. I was going to ask our friends to come, but Nikki’s busy. And I’m not sure if Terence would come along.

Ethan: Terence would if he’s not with his roommates getting high again.

Hannibal: Great, now what about you?

Ethan: Hmm… I don’t know… I’m not exactly the shooter kind of guy.

Hannibal: I could invite Alice.

[Hannibal looked at him and raised his eyebrow. Ethan paused for a moment, remembering the last time he played a game with her. All Ethan could hear were his screams and various explosions going off in the background.]

Ethan: You’re gonna regret it if you bring her.

Hannibal: Well, when you say it like that, I doubt it. But are you in?

Ethan: Why not? I could use some good target practice, like I did right here!

[Ethan, in-game, defeated Hannibal in the match and Hannibal screamed to his frustration.]

Hannibal: Oh, you are so going down, now!

Ethan: Bring it on.

[The two continued to aggressively play another match while Naomi rolled her eyes and walked away. We zoomed out from Hannibal’s house to see a crab-like silhouette watching the two from the outside.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows

[The day had changed to Saturday. Ethan was waiting by a small building in a parking lot that lead to acres of forest. Ethan was fiddling with the watch as he was laying against the wall with his leg raised back. Hannibal, Steven, Isaac, and Hugh walked over to Ethan.]

Hannibal: Hey, Ethan. Glad you could come!

Ethan: Wouldn’t miss it.

Hannibal: You remember these guys don’t you?

Ethan: Yeah I do, but I’m kinda bad at names.

Hannibal: Well, this is Isaac, Hugh…

Steven: AND STEVEN!!!

[They all laughed for a moment.]

Ethan: I didn’t know you watched that show.

Steven: Are you kidding me? I’m a cartoon fanatic!

[They then turned to notice Terence was pulling up in a brown car. The car parked and Terence, Alice and another person stepped out of the car.]

Hannibal: Hey, Terence, thanks for picking June up for me.

Terence: No problem. Just remember you owe me for gas. That was not an easy ride.

Hannibal: Right.

Alice: Hey, Ethan.

Ethan: Hey, Alice. We may not be on consoles today, but this time, you’re about to face me head on in real action. Are you ready for that?

Alice: Yeah! I’m gonna crush everyone harder than Kirby does with his down B!

Ethan: Great. Haha...

[Alice walked over to approach the others and Ethan made a completely doomed face.]

Ethan: We’re all gonna die…

June: So are we ready for this, or what?

Hannibal, Isaac, Steven, Hugh: Yeah!

Terence: Woo!

Hannibal: Let’s play some paintball!

[A voice called them out from the distance.]

Voice: WELL, WELL! If it isn’t Hannibal Lincoln.

[Hannibal turned to the voice and glared at them.]

Hannibal: Connor...

A Colorful Challenge

Connor: I’m surprised you brought your Horizon goons with you. I guess that means you’re back for more.

Hannibal: Yeah, and I’ll make sure I aim the paint just right to cover up the really ugly parts.

Connor: C’mon now, Lincoln, you know what happened the last time we played. You and your whole crew became living canvases.

Hannibal: Only because of the ridiculous stunt you pulled.

Connor: And we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you fall flat on your asses again! Oh, and what is this?!

[He stared at Ethan, Terence and Alice.]

Connor: What’s a pretty lady doing with a couple of losers like these two?

[Connor pushed Ethan and Terence aside, and leaned in towards Alice. Alice took a step back, uncomfortable with him.]

Alice: Playing on the winning team, what do you think?

Connor: Oh, don’t be stupid. These guys are practically blind. If you want to be on a winning team, join ours.

Maddie: Oh save it, Conny. She probably doesn’t even know how to handle a paintball gun.

Alice: I can operate more than you can.

Maddie: Is that so? Why don’t you prove that to me on the battlefield?

Alice: Oh, I will. And I’m going to enjoy shooting that pretty look off your face!

Ian: And what do you get talking to my girlfriend that way?

Ethan: A lot more than what she gets out of yours. [Steps in the middle] Look, why don’t we just mind our own business and move on with our day. There’s no reason to start something.

Terence: I think that’s their intention Ethan, something doesn’t add up here.

Axel: Heh, yeah, we’re super smoking, yo!

Terence: This guy gives me the creeps.

Connor: Man, I’m looking forward to our game today. That means more meat to squash!

[Connor and the 7 other students laughed at them while Ethan and Alice glared and turned to Hannibal.]

Terence: Do you mind telling us what’s going on?

Alice: Yeah, what’s with these guys?

Hannibal: These guys are rivals of mine from since I was 12. Every Saturday we used to go out and play paintball together until we got out of High School. But ever since they went to Gaia they’ve changed. Gaia is a university across-town full of the meanest and snobbiest people I’ve ever met, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make themselves look good.

Alice: How awful.

Hannibal: I was hoping that they wouldn’t show up this early in the year. Guess my luck’s run out.

Ethan: Well you don’t have to worry about anything, because they’ve never dealt with me before.

[Ethan walked up toward the other group.]

Ethan: Hey! You may think you’re all high and mighty, but do you think you can take on the power of all of us?

Arthur: Connor, I think he’s calling you out…

Connor: Can it, Arthur!

Arthur: Yes, sir.

Connor: Oh, I don’t think I have the power, we do. Look at you and your out of shape friends!

Terence: Hey!

Connor: Do you really think you can take on all of us?

Ethan: Oh yeah, Horizon vs Gaia. Let’s prove which school is the better school to take on Splattown, and any other paintball matches!

Maddie: Oh? You want to challenge us? This’ll be interesting.

Ethan: Loser has to never set foot on another Splattown field again.

Hannibal: What?! Ethan!

Connor: Fine, but if we win…

[Ian whispered into Connor’s ear as he had proposed an idea.]

Connor: The eight of you have to dress up in chicken suits in front of Gaia’s big prep rally next week!

Ethan: Pep rallies? Colleges still have those?

Terence: Yes, Ethan! It’s one of those universities!

Ethan: Oh, well I’m not afraid of a little commitment.

Hannibal: So it sounds like we’re on, then.

Connor: Oh, it is on! I can’t wait to crush you and your pathetic Horizon losers.

[The Horizon group started walking away, Alice on the other hand stayed for a moment.]

Alice: Best part about Horizon is, we’re all about art and creativity.

[Alice walked away but turned back before she left with the group.]

Alice: Gaia, on the other hand.

[Alice flipped her hair and caught up with the group.]

Alice: You'll be lucky to get anywhere with just your muscles.

[Alice caught up with the group. Meanwhile, an enraged Connor ripped his gun in half. The song ended. The scene shifted to the back entrance of Splattown where the two groups stood at different ends.]


[Ethan glared at Ian and he glared back. Hannibal glared at Connor, but Connor was glaring at Alice’s chest. Maddie smacked him. Alice and Maddie glared back at each other, the same did with Terence and Axel, and June, Steven, Isaac and Hugh with the other shooters.]

Announcer: ARE YOU READY?!

[The group cocked their guns. Ethan stood in an about-to-run stance. Connor turned to Hannibal.]

Connor: I can’t wait to “express my creativity” on you!

Announcer: GET SET?!

Hannibal: BRING IT ON!

Announcer: GO!

Orange - Ghetto Blasta - E-10 Cut

[The doors opened up to a forest area, and the two teams ran towards it while firing paintball guns at each other. Everyone managed to avoid the shots, but Terence successfully landed a hit on Axel’s leg. Axel fell to the ground as everyone ran into the woods.]

Terence: YES!

Ethan: First 5 seconds and we already have the advantage! Suck it, Gaia!

Ian: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

[Ian fired some more paintballs at Ethan as he ran away. Ian cornered Ethan by a large tree, but before he could fire, Steven jumped in the way and got shot.]

Steven: Go!

[Ethan ran away as Steven blocked Ian from chasing after Ethan. The scene moved to deeper in the forest where Maddie was running after June through the bushes. June saw a large tree and dashed right. Maddie followed and turned over to see June was gone. June hid for cover a few trees away and walked backwards. She bumped right into a muscular body. She looked up to see that Arthur was standing before her.]

Arthur: Gotcha!

[Connor aimed his gun and blasted her.]

Hannibal: Hugh, Isaac with me!

[Isaac and Hugh ran with Hannibal.]

Connor: Oh no you don’t! Guys, with me!

[Arthur, and other Gaia students ran with Hannibal. Meanwhile as Alice and Maddie aimed their guns at each other, Maddie noticed Ian was leaving with Connor and ran away. Alice groaned and ran deep within the forest. The song ended.]

Kraab's Jawbreaking Intro

[The scene shifted to the other side of the forest where the same crab-like robot entering the field. He held a golden tracker with it’s right and small arm.]

Kraab: The Omnitrix, it should be right around the corner. [Puts the tracker down.] Whoever bares it, let’s hope this user can put up a good fight.

Student: Hey, have you seen where one of those Horizon losers ran off to? You look like you work here?

[Krabb turned toward the student.]

Student: Oh! You must be one of those animatronics that work here!

Kraab: ANIMATRONIC?! As arrogant as you are dimwitted!

[Kraab aimed his other arm out, revealing to be a giant claw and fired a laser beam that stunned and hit through the student’s armor. He had started bleeding from his chest and collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Kraab turned away and springed off the hill as the student’s blood began to spill out.]

Time For Action - Episode 13 (Escaping Gaia)

[Ethan was running from three other members of Gaia’s group. They were catching up with him.]


[One of the members almost shot Ethan, but he jumped in time to dodge the blast. Ethan increased his speed as he kept taking heavy breaths the faster he ran.]

Ethan: Yeah, but I didn’t think I was gonna get cornered!

Student 2: Oh, man. I can’t wait to see him dress up in a chicken suit! I’ll be sure I have some gravy stashed up for him!

[Ethan continued almost getting shot by the three players. Ethan, to his surprise, was grabbed and disappeared from the field. The other students ran toward his last location and looked around.]

Student: Hey, where’d the dipshit go?

Student 2: He probably went to regroup with his other comrades. We better split up.

Student: You two check the eastside, while I’ll go check west.

Student 2: You got it!

Student 3: I can’t wait to see what Connor’s going to do to him!

[The students ran off, and we zoom down into the bushes to find Ethan having his mouth covered by Alice and Terence. The song ended. They decided to let go and Ethan took quiet breaths.]

Ethan: Thanks.

Alice: No problem, but I’ve never seen you sweat so much before…

[Alice wiped her hands on her pants.]

Ethan: I’m not exactly the in-shape type.

Terence: Funny, coming from the guy who’s a superhero.

Ethan: So, how are we doing?

Alice: Not so good. We haven’t lost anybody since Steven, but-

Terence: Those Gaia guys are everywhere. They each have a member scattered at every corner of the field. We’ll be lucky to make it out of our hiding spot alive before they find us.

Alice: Your hiding spot? I’ve been hiding here so I can plan out my strategy and pinpoint just where I was about to hit them. That is until you two came along before I can set up my trap!

Terence: Is she always like this when it comes to shooters?

[Ethan nodded, frightened.]

Terence: Dang.

Alice: Once these Gaia guys leave the area, I’m going to find a new hiding ground to set up my next trap. And I’ll do to do whatever it takes to put each of them down one by one. Especially to wipe Maddie’s stupid smug look off her face.

Ethan: Actually, I don’t think you need to do anything.

Alice: You’re going to go alien, aren’t you?

[Ethan nodded as he began turning the dial. Alice then cocked her paintball gun.]

Alice: I’ve got you covered!

Terence: I’m surprised Ethan, who knew you had the guts and desperation?

Ethan: Well, the rules never said anything about going alien. [Lodestar was selected] Those Gaia jerks think that they’re all great with their paintball weapons and tactics.

[The core popped up and Ethan raised his arm up.]

Ethan: But that’s going to change once we show them my arsenal! [Slams down]

Lodestar Takes Down Gaia

[MINI-LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s hand swiftly changed into a claw. We zoom to the front where shards stuck out of Ethan’s shoulders and suddenly Ethan’s head floated off his body as metal was wrapped around it. We zoom out, revealing Ethan had transformed into Lodestar. Before he could strike a pose, a green light blinded the scene.]

[Meanwhile, two of the three students from before we’re searching the area.]

Student 3: Come on out, Horizon losers! You may have taken one of us, but we’ve already got two of yours! Now come on out so we can end this already!

[To the student’s surprise, their guns started floating into the air and flew away from their reach.]

Student 2-3: HEY!

[Their guns levitated towards Lodestar’s claws. They looked up, surprised to see him standing before them.]

Student 2: How did you…?

[Both Alice and Terence ran in screaming as they blasted paint at them with their guns.]

Student 2-3: AGH! HEY!

Lodestar: You better check your Math there, because it appears we have taken three of you down.

[In the background, they heard a scream coming from behind them. They turned around to see Gaia-Student 1, jumping from the top of the trees, blasting them with paint. Lodestar created a barrier around the group, which stopped the paint from hitting them.]

Student 1: No fair! That’s cheating!

Lodestar: No.

[Lodestar dropped his shield and Alice ran over and shot the student to his surprise, he fell to the ground.]

Alice: Make that four.

[The three Gaia students made their way towards the waiting area. While Lodestar turned over to Terence and Alice.]

Lodestar: I’m going to go search the east end to see if I can find Connor and his goons. You guys search west, and gather as many help as you can. If you run into them then-

Alice: Show no mercy. [Cocks gun]

Terence: YEAH!!! Let’s kick some Gai-ass!

[Alice and Terence ran to the other section of the forest. Lodestar turned around to start walking. To his surprise, however, Kraab stood before him. Lodestar took a few steps back.]

A Match Made of Metal! (Kraab vs Lodestar)

Lodestar: Whoa! Didn’t see you there. By any chance are you-

Kraab: No, I’m not a animatronic.

Lodestar: Okay, are you?

Kraab: No, I’m not working with Horizon.

Lodestar: Are you working for Gaia?

Kraab: Enough questions!

[Krabb fired a laser beam from his claw. The blast threw Lodestar back into the trees, and it appeared the blast had ripped a hole in Lodestar’s chest.]

Lodestar: I’m guessing you’re not one of the good guys.

[Lodestar stood back up, regenerating his chest as Kraab slowly approached him.]

Kraab: Hand over the Omnitrix, and I won’t have to tear you too much! [Snips claws.]

Lodestar: Claw puns, sure. Why not? Alright, if its puns you want, then let’s see if you’re iron for this!

[Lodestar aimed his claws and blasted a magnetic wave. Kraab began floating in the air, and Kraab started ripping into pieces.]

Kraab: Agh! A Biosovortian. I should’ve known you would’ve picked that transformation to face me.

Lodestar: I don’t know what you’re on about, but you better start answering my questions, or I swear… I will…

[The hourglass symbol started beeping, and in a red flash, Lodestar powered down back into Ethan. Ethan took a look at himself as Kraab was dropped to the ground.]

Ethan: away! Great! Let’s do this again sometime!

[Ethan ran away in the panic. Kraab slowly got up and looked at Ethan as he exited the area.]

Kraab: Clearly I’m not dealing with any ordinary bearer here.

[The song ended. Meanwhile, we cut to Ethan increasing his speed as he ran through the forest. His breaths got heavier. Once he made it out of the bushes, he jumped out to find Alice and Terence.]

Alice: Wow, that was quick. Did you manage to take out-

Ethan: No time for that... [Pants] An alien, robotic… crab… thing... is chasing after me!

Terence: What? Another Dimension 12 robot?

Ethan: No, he doesn’t look the part. But, I think he wants something from me.

Alice: And you just so happened to lure it right toward our way? You idiot! You better pick someone quick, then!

Ethan: Can’t, my watch is still recharging. Look, we need to grab everyone and get them out of here before psycho-bot finds me and manages to hurt anyone in the crossfire.

Terence: So I guess the splitting up logic still applies?

Ethan: Yeah. If he finds you, let me…

Alice: Yeah, yeah, we’ll call our knight and shining armor to come save the day, again.

Ethan: Wow, I didn’t expect you to put it that way.

Alice: Just go!

[Ethan ran back into the forest.]

Alice: And be careful!

Terence: And try not to get caught this time!

Ethan: Hey!

[The two smirked and the scene shifted to Connor, Arthur, Ian and Maddie shooting where Hannibal, Isaac and Hugh were hiding behind a group of trees.]

Kraab's Interrupts the Match! (Kraab VS Goop)

Isaac: There’s too many of them to go around!

Hugh: If only Steven were here!

Hannibal: We don’t need Steven to beat Gaia, and we can’t let Connor get the better of us!

Isaac: So what do we do?

[Hannibal took a look around and saw a bush nearby.]

Hannibal: There’s an opening over there at that bush. If we can make it, we’ll have a clear shot of winning. But one of us is gonna have to sacrifice ourselves.

[Hannibal and Isaac turned to Hugh.]

Hugh: Me?!

Hannibal: You’re the only one that’s farthest away from the bush. If you can distract them, we’ll make it.

Hugh: But I’m your second best shooter!

Hannibal: That’s a risk we’re just gonna have to make! Move it soldier, move!

[Hugh took a deep breath and adjusted his cap. Hugh ran over to the trees. Meanwhile, the others continued shooting towards their hiding area.]

Connor: Come on out, you Horizon creeps!

Maddie: I’d rather be doing something productive instead of trying to shoot you and wasting my Saturday away.

[A finger tapped on Maddie’s shoulder.]

Maddie: Do you mind, Ian? I’m trying to shoot here!

[The finger tapped her again.]

Maddie: Look Ian, if you keep distracting me, I’m not going to your rehearsal dinner this weekend.

[She turned around and became frightened. Kraab slowly approached Maddie.]

Kraab: Where is the Omnitrix wielder?

Maddie: What?!

[The other Gaia students turned over and froze in place.]

Ian: Maddie, what is that thing?!

Maddie: I don’t know… I…

Kraab: If you want to live, you will tell me where the Omnitrix is!

Maddie: I don’t even know what an Omnitrix is, sir.


[Kraab and the Gaia students turned over to see Hugh waving her arms.]

Hugh: I’m right here out in the open, come and shoot me! [His eyes widened.] Whoa, wait, what the heck is that?!

Kraab: Another nuisance.

[Kraab aimed his claw and fired a laser at Hugh. Hugh dropped to the ground and began bleeding from his chest.]

Isaac: HUGH!

Hannibal: What the hell is going on over there?!

[Hannibal peeked out from the bushes and gasped as he saw Kraab standing before the Gaia Students.]

Kraab: Well then, since you don’t know what an Omnitrix is, I think you would make great bait to catch my prey!

[Kraab grabbed Maddie with his claw and lifted her in the air.]

Ian: Hey! Lay off my girlfriend!

[Ian jumped over to try and strike him, and Kraab threw him back. Ian fell to the ground with a swollen black eye.]

Kraab: Let’s move!

[Maddie shrieked. A voice echoed in the distance.]

Goop: Oh, no you don’t!

[Kraab and Maddie turned over to the voice, and it was revealed to be coming from a slithery green blob coming their way.]

Goop: It’s Action Time!

[Goop slithered around Kraab, and his chest armor started to melt. Kraab dropped Maddie and held his injury. Goop morphed into his humanoid form as he raised his arms up.]

Goop: If anybody’s gonna be fighting around here, it’s going to be me!

Kraab: I see you took the form of a Polymorph. Very clever of you, user!

Goop: Honestly, [Shrugs] I forgot Goop could turn acidic.

Kraab: You idiot!

[Kraab raised his claw and fired multiple lasers at Goop. Goop dodged the attacks as he slithered towards him. Goop struck a blow at Kraab and he fired another laser, which made Goop’s body explode into pieces. Hannibal and the Gaia students gasped. Goop’s UFO floated up and its sides span around like a razor while his body begun to regenerate. Kraab struck it with his claw, and the UFO and the chunks of Goop went flying into the tree.]

Goop: Owww…

[Kraab over and tried to reach the hourglass symbol. He stopped for a moment to realize what it would do to his arm and fired laser web. Hugh crawled towards the others, but the laser web flew towards him as well as Maddie and Arthur. Isaac jumped out with his paintball gun, but the web captured all four of them.]

Hannibal: Hang on, I got you!

[Hannibal tried to grab the webs and it electrocuted him. Hannibal swiftly let go to find his arm injured.]

[Connor and Ian aimed their weapons and prepared to fire at Kraab.]

Kraab: Stay back, unless the rest of you want to get shot at!

[Kraab grabbed the web full of students and turned to Goop.]

Kraab: I would stay, but your form is too dangerous for me to touch. So, if you want to see your friends alive again, you’ll surrender the watch to me at my ship in 2 hours. Don’t worry, it’s only a few kilometers away. I’m sure you’ll be there. It’s right in the middle of the the forest, so you won’t have to humiliate yourself in front of a audience. Don’t be late.

[Kraab dragged the students out into the forest.]

Mewtwo's Past (Saving Our Friends)

[Moments later, Alice and Terence ran towards the group to see a depressed Ian, an annoyed Connor, and an injured Hannibal. They saw chunks of green slime surrounded all over the area, and the forest look battle damaged.]

Terence: Whoa… What happened here?

[The chunks of slime moved and Alice screamed.]

Terence: What are you freaking out about? [Turns over] AH!

[The chunks formed over towards the bushes by a tree. A UFO floated into the air as the chunks formed into Goop. Goop rubbed his sides.]

Goop: Ugh! I don’t want to do that again…

[Goop’s hourglass symbol started beeping, and he turned over by the tree to change back, and walked out back as Ethan.]

Alice: What happened?

Ian: That crab guy stole my girlfriend.

Hannibal: And he shot down Arthur, Hugh and Isaac and took them over toward his ship.

Alice: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go after them!

Connor: I don’t think so. We’re still playing a game here, and until Gaia is the only one left standing, nobody goes anywhere until I win this game! Right, Ian?

[Ian stood up and walked toward the others.]

Ian: I guess I have no choice, I can’t fight that thing.

Alice: Excuse me, but your girlfriend’s in danger and you’re just going to sit there and do nothing. If you were a good boyfriend, you would go out and rescue her no matter what it takes!

Ian: I would call the police, but they wouldn’t believe some robotic crab kidnapped my girlfriend and a couple other students and took them back to their ship. They would think I was crazy or have me arrested!

Alice: That doesn’t matter!

Hannibal: She’s right, this is our paintball field, and we’re not gonna let some robot crab push us around! As both members of Gaia and Horizon, it would be shameful of us to stand around when our friends are in danger. I think it’s obvious what we need to do here, but imma go ahead and say it. Let’s go save our friends, take back our Paintball field, and show that crab who’s boss!

Connor: You think I should waste my time protecting some dull headed loser students and risk my life? Forget that! C’mon Ian, let’s go.

[Connor began to walk away. Ian noticing this, he stood up, ran over to Connor and stopped him from moving any forward.]

Ian: No.

Connor: [Turns around] What?!

Ian: I’m going to go save my girlfriend. She’s right, I can’t just sit there and think of the awful things that crab guy would do to her.

Connor: She’s long gone man. Face the facts, she’s probably dead by now.

Ian: I don’t care, I won’t know until I try. Please Connor, as a friend, do it for me.

[Connor took a moment to think about it and groaned before he responded.]

Connor: Fine. But if that crab hits me with his laser gun, you’re on your own!

[In the background, Ethan sniffled as tears started welling in his eyes.]

Ethan: That was some true character development, man.

Terence: Dude, you need to cool it with your anime comparisons.

[Ethan took a long sniffle as he wiped the tears from his eyes. The song ended. The scene shifted to outside Kraab’s ship with him waiting for them to arrive. Hugh, Isaac, Maddie and Arthur were still trapped in Kraab’s electro-webs. Arthur tried breaking out and it shocked him for a second.]

Arthur: This hurts more than the paintballs.

Kraab: Shut it, you fools! I already have to deal with my low cut salary, I don’t have to hear the whining from you!

[Kraab’s tracker lit up and he caught the hourglass symbol appearing on his radar.]

Kraab: He’s here.

[Deep inside the bushes from faraway, Hannibal, Ethan, Terence, Alice, Connor and Ian were sitting back, and watching Kraab without him noticing.]

The Echoing Distraction - Alien Territory - TF Action - FFAH (Episode 13)

Hannibal: There he is, he’s waiting out there just like I knew he would.

Alice: He’s probably got traps lying around.

Terence: How do you know that?

Alice: A good predator always knows when and how to catch their prey.

Connor: So, what do we do? Just walk in there and expect us to get hit one by one?

Ethan: I’ll go take a look and see.

Connor: Right, use the Horizon doofus as bait! Great, that’ll give us an extra win!

Hannibal: If you don’t take this seriously, you’re going to lose a lot more than your friends and yourself in there, Got it?

[Connor rolled his eyes.]

Ethan: Hannibal, Terence, Alice, I need you for a second.

[Ethan took a few steps back, and they followed him into the bushes.]

Hannibal: So, what’s the plan? You going to go in with Ghoulseye and grab them out of there?

Ethan: Nah, Ghoulseye can’t turn invisible, and I don’t wanna risk anybody else getting hurt. So I’ll keep him distracted while you guys go grab the others and get out of here.

Alice: Good luck, Ethan.

Terence: You got this.

[Ethan nodded and slammed down on the watch. A green light glowed from the bushes and Kraab’s tracking device went off as it recognized it transformed.]

Kraab: I know you’re here, human! Show yourself so we can end this quickly with as little casualties as possible. [Snips claws]

[Suddenly, a sound wave blasted out from Kraab’s right. Kraab turned over to see where it was coming from, and another one blasted out from his left. Kraab took a few steps towards it.]

Kraab: Come on out! I know you’re here!

[Kraab’s tracking radar went off and he saw multiple hourglass symbols appearing on the screen.]

Kraab: Aw, shit.

[A small army of Echo Echo’s jumped out of the forest and went charging towards Kraab.]

Echo Echo's: ECHO ECHO! ECHO ECHO! Echo-Echo.

[Kraab opened his pinsirs and fired a laser beam. He fired multiple shots and they incinerated the Echo Echo clones one by one. The clones made it towards Kraab and began running around him. Kraab smacked the Echo’s with his claw, as they each disappeared one by one.]

Kraab: Fool! You think creating more copies of yourself is going to defeat me!

Echo Echo: That’s exactly the idea!

[An Echo Echo used his sonic-scream attack and Kraab killed it with a laser beam before it could inflict damage.]

Kraab: You small piece of silicon scrap!

Echo Echo: You want the watch! Come get me!

[Kraab smacked them again and the clones lured Kraab away from the ship.]

Alice: That’s our opening.

Hannibal: Alright, move it soldiers! Move!

[Hannibal, Terence, Ian, Connor and Alice ran into Kraab’s ship. As they made it inside, they saw that the area was surrounded in light circuits with everything colored in shades of brown and gold. There were many weapons, “exhibits”, and cages lying around the entire area.]

Terence: Whoa, I never thought we would be inside a spaceship.

Hannibal: We’re definitely entering Ethan’s territory. Alright, men, move out. Our friends could be anywhere in here.

Isaac: Over here!

[The others turned to see Maddie, Isaac, Arthur and an injured Hugh lying inside separate electro-webs.]

Maddie: Ian, you came!

Ian: Of course I did, I couldn’t just leave you behind!

Hannibal: How’s Hugh doing?

Isaac: Not so good, we need to take him to a doctor as soon as we can.

Maddie: Can you get us out of here?

Ian: Don’t worry, babe. I gotcha!

[The group searched around the room to see what they could find. Terence found an energy saber.]

Terence: Hey, I found something.

Maddie: What are you trying to do? Kill us?!

Ian: It’ll be okay, I promise.

Maddie: Oh, Ian.

[Alice, Terence and Hannibal gagged in their mouths.]

Hannibal: Oh god.

Terence: I think I’m going to be sick.

[Terence approached the trapped classmates.]

Terence: Alright, everyone, stand back!

[Terence sliced them out of the energy nets. Maddie jumped into Ian’s arms.]

Maddie: Oh, Ian, you saved me!

Ian: Of course I did, sugar. I would never let anything happen to you.

[The others gagged again.]

Alice: Okay guys, let’s get out of here before Kraab realizes we’re in his ship.

Connor: Hey, guys! I think I found something!

[Connor began to open a large cage.]

Alice: Wait, no! We already freed them, there’s no need to open anything!

[Connor finished opening the cage, and a large moth-like beast flew out.]

Terence: Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

[The moth beast flew towards them and jumped onto Ian.]

Ian: Ah! What is that thing?!

[The beast scattered a cloud of red powder with its wings, and they moved around in a hypnotic fashion. Ian stared at the powder and fell into a trance. It unhinged its jaw and attempted to eat Ian, but its face became covered in paint before it could do so. The beast shook its head, and Ian fell out of its spell. He turned over to see Hannibal was the one who fired his paintball gun. Ian moved away from the monster and ran towards the other students.]

Hannibal: Gaia, grab Hugh and head for the exit! We’ll put it back in its cage!

[Hannibal, Terence, Isaac and Alice fired their paintball guns at the moth beast as it tried to strike them. Axel and Ian grabbed Hugh and they ran outside.]

Hannibal: We have to put it back in its cage before we’re all moth meat!

[They continued shooting as it dodged its attacks. The moth beast scattered its powder again. The group tried to look away, but they fell under its trance. The beast flew towards them. As it sticked out its large tongue to eat them, it took one quick look at a dazed Alice. The beast paused for a moment, and changed its mind. It turned intangible and flew out of the ship. Everyone snapped out of its spell, and looked around to see the moth beast was gone.]

Hannibal: Where’d it go?

Terence: It must’ve got the drop on us and escaped.

Alice: Shit!

Isaac: Should we go after it?

Hannibal: Nah. We need to take advantage of the time Ethan gave us and leave.

Alice, Terence: Right!

[They ran outside and the scene resumed to Echo Echo continuing its fight with Kraab at the other side of the forest. An Echo Echo clone went flying backwards to the ground and got up to continue its fight with Kraab. Krabb grabbed one of the clones and shot it with a point-blank laser, causing it to burst. Kraab took a look at the last Echo Echo clone and prepared to fire, but before he could, he noticed a large shadow on the ground and looked up. He saw the moth beast flying out into the distance.]

Kraab: No! The Psycholeopterran! I was going to get big bucks for that!

[While Kraab was distracted, Echo Echo made eleven more clones of himself. The clones screamed and knocked Kraab into a tree. Kraab turned back, noticed the hoarde, and sighed.]

Kraab: That’s what I get for not paying attention.

[Kraab dug into the ground and the Echo Echo clones looked around.]

Echo Echo's: Hey, where’d he-

[Kraab appeared under them and he struck the Echo Echo clones, making a bunch of them burst as the clones screamed.]

Kraab: Bet you didn’t see that trick coming, did you?

Echo Echo: I got some tricks up my sleeve too! It’s time we finished this!

Kraab: Then bring it! [Snips claws]

[We zoomed out from the main Echo Echo as he created more clones. The clones dashed towards Kraab, and we cut to Kraab’s perspective to see Kraab was surrounded by a dozen clones from every direction.]

Kraab: You wouldn’t!

Echo Echo's: I would. Wall... Of...

[To their surprise, the main Echo Echo’s hourglass symbol flashed red, and they all disappeared in a red flash. All that was left was standing a single Ethan. He took a look at himself, surprised he changed back.]

Ethan: SOUND... Uh oh.

Kraab: I’ve had enough games with you, changesman! If you won’t give me the Omnitrix willingly, I’ll just take it myself!

[Kraab ran over and tried striking Ethan with its claw. Ethan jumped over to dodge and made a run for it. Kraab chased him through the forest and dodged every snip Kraab tried to make. Ethan ran through the bushes and tripped on a branch which sent him flying to the trees. Kraab appeared stepping toward him.]

Ethan: Look, can’t we just talk about this?

Kraab: There’s nothing to be said. I told you I wanted the Omnitrix, so you will give it to me or I’ll pinch ye winker!

Ethan: What are you talking about? I don’t have this Am-a-trix? Om-ma-triss, I...

[We zoom into Ethan’s face as he made a sudden realization. Ethan had suddenly remembered the visions he had from his dream, and the voice spoke out to him.]

Voice 1: Omni...

Voice 2: Omni...

Voice From Dream: Omnitrix…

[Ethan snapped out of it and looked at the watch recharging. He raised up his arm.]

Ethan: Wait, is this what you’re talking about!?

[Kraab said nothing.]

Ethan: It is, isn’t it. This thing is the Omnitrix!

Kraab: Finally, someone decided to use their brain! But it won’t save you…

[Kraab fired another laser. Ethan ducked from the blast and crawled behind another tree.]

Ethan: Tell me, why are you after the Omnitrix? What’s so important that you had to come all the way to Earth just to get it?

Kraab: I was asked to bring this to a certain buyer of mine, and I wasn’t the only one! There are species from all over across the universe who are going after what you’re holding, and he won’t settle for anything less than what you have.

Ethan: [He stopped moving.] Who, who is it?

Kraab: Not like it’s gonna matter, kid. You won’t live long enough to meet who he is. It was nice knowing ya, but it's payday!

[Kraab raised up his arm, and Ethan held his arms in a cross position over his head, with one arm covering the Omnitrix. But before Kraab could strike, he was blasted from behind by paint and began to short circuit. Krabb fell down and he rotated his head to find Alice was holding her paintball gun.]

Alice: Don’t you dare lay a claw on him!

Terence: [Arrives] What she said!

[The two continued firing at Kraab.]

Kraab: What is this mess?

[Blue static electricity came from Kraab’s body. Ethan stood up and ran away while trying to dial an alien. The Omnitrix was still recharging.]

Ethan: Come on, Come on!

Kraab: Gah! Screw this! I’ll catch you next time.

[Gas spewed out of Kraab’s body and it clouded the area. The three began to cough.]

Alice: Ethan!

[Ethan stepped out of the fog, trying to wipe it away as he coughed a few times.]

Ethan: It’s okay, I’m here. Although, you were really cutting it close this time!

Alice: Are you okay? You look like you just got the life taken out of you.

[Ethan glanced at the Omnitrix and took a sigh of relief. Ethan put it on a straight face.]

Ethan: I’m alright.

[Alice smiled. The song ended. To their surprise they were each shot by paint. The scene turned over to the Gaia students cheering, with paint smothered all over Terence, Hannibal, Isaac, and Hugh as they walked out of the bushes.]

Ian: Alright, we did it!

[Ian and Arthur high fived. Ethan rolled his eyes and had his arm around Alice. Alice blushed.]

Ethan: Eh, whatever. I wasn’t a huge fan of Splattown anyway.

Gaia's Prep Rally

Connor: And! Let’s not forget the deal you promised us!

[As Ethan moved his arm down, his face froze in shock and gulped.]

[The scene shifted to Ethan’s face changing into an irritated face, as the scene zoomed out to he, and the other Horizon students dressed in chicken costumes in the middle of the Gaia’s football field. The whole field was cheering and throwing stuff at them.]

Hannibal: Dang it! I can’t believe we lost by one point!

Alice: I can’t believe we agreed to do this.

Terence: I can’t believe I’m wasting my whole Wednesday away just to make a fool out of myself.

[Hannibal glanced over to see Nikki and Naomi sitting with one of the Gaia players.]

Hannibal: What?! Aw, come on, man!

Ethan: Ugh, I should’ve just got on the ship...

[The episode ended with an iris closing in on Ethan’s face.]


E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 14 Preview

Major Events

  • Kraab goes after the Omnitrix.
  • A Psycholeopterran is released from Kraab's ship.
  • Ethan discovers the name of the watch, being the Omnitrix.
  • Kraab reveals others are after the Omnitrix, including a mysterious villain who hired him.
  • Kraab escapes.


  • Due to the events of Hannibal: The Choice He Makes, Naomi knows of Ethan's secret.
  • It is revealed between the events in Top of the Food Chain! and this episode that Ethan and Alice exchanged friend codes and have played video games since.
    • Ethan also reveals that he finally owns Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Offscreen, Ethan witnesses Alice's gamer side, and immediately regrets adding each other.
  • When Ethan brings up to Terence and Alice that Kraab was chasing him, their first thought was the Robots of Dimension 12 after their previous two encounters with them.
  • Terence tells Ethan not to get caught this time, referring to his capture in Livin' the Dream.
  • Ethan flashes back to his visions from the previous episode and he discovers the name of the Omnitrix.


Gaia University

  • Connor (first appearance)
  • Ian (first appearance)
  • Maddie (first appearance)
  • Axel (first appearance)
  • Unnamed Gaia Student (injured)
  • Gaia Students 1-3

Neutral Characters


  • Kraab

Aliens Used


  • Warrior Fighters C (a play on Dragon Ball FighterZ) makes its return.
    • Takagi's final attack is a reference to Goku's Kamehameha.
  • Ethan reveals to own various Nintendo Switch games.
  • The name of the paintball location they go to is titled "Splattown." Which funny enough is named based on Splattoon.
  • Ghetto Blasta from Orange is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Ethan makes a reference to the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, "Bros in Space". When Ethan answers Naomi's question what its like to transform.
    • Ethan also takes a jab at the franchise that his stretches are either instantaneous or takes as long as a transformation sequence.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Reshiram, The Legendary Pokemon
    • Mewtwo's Past


  • This is the second episode to have a sneak peek released before the episode's airdate.
  • When writing this episode, EBOmnitrix wanted to use aliens that never got the chance to fight Kraab.
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