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Painstaker is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gloriaviribus War Machine from the planetary battlefields of the Xenowars. She is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Painstaker's appearance is represented as a boysenberry-purple-skinned, femininely-proportionate humanoid standing just a few inches shy of exactly 7 feet tall, with four, bright-green, almond-shaped eyes, a lipless vertical mouth running down the center of its face, and long, slender arms, with prominently-exaggerated legs in terms of size, each of her limbs ending in large three-fingered hands and small three-toed feet.

Painstaker's outfit consists of dark-gray, segmented armor covering her head in the form of an abstract, striped helmet, with a U-shaped crest on the center of her forehead, neck, collar-bones, chest, elbows, pelvis, and knees, alongside a black pair of gloves and loincloth. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the center of her sternum atop her armor.

Powers and Abilities

Painstaker's primary ability is her willpower empowerment, able to boost her enhanced strength, comparable to that of a Tetramand, to extraordinary levels through sheer ambition desire to complete a specific goal, such as winning a battle or rescuing an individual. Although the boost is limited dependent on the situation and user's own mentality, the boost can typically grow powerful enough to allow Painstaker to release punches that can effortlessly shatter human bones, to punches that can literally fracture the tectonic plates of a continent, making Painstaker a borderline lethal powerhouse.

Painstaker is vastly durable, able to withstand a vast amount of physical trauma normally fatal to the average human, and additionally proves entirely immune to the effects of naturally-harmful substances, such as extreme radiation, paralyzing venom, corrosive acid, and poisonous liquids and gases, and being so resistant to heat that Painstaker can swim through magma and survive being inside the molten core of a small planet.

Painstaker possesses a limited degree of energy manipulation, able to create solid constructs of pure energy that seemingly also stem from her current degree of willpower and ambition. She mainly uses said solid constructs for either defensive means, creating basic force-fields and shields, but also covering portions of her body with them to manifest highly-durable armor plating to add her own pre-existing armor.

Painstaker's four eyes grant her a natural degree of enhanced vision compared to average species, and her specific means of the creation of her species leave them with naturally-pure souls, additionally granting a strong resistance to the possessive forces of alien species such as Ectonurites, and the electrokinetic mind control of Cerebrocrustaceans.


Painstaker's willpower empowerment entirely stems from her own emotion, and although highly resistant to simple forms of manipulative forces such as possession and mind control, she is not completely immune to them, meaning that if her willpower is somehow extinguished by an outside force, or she loses the chance to complete her goal, her empowerment will vanish alongside it.

In addition, the amount of empowerment Painstaker receives greatly depends on the situation she has ambition toward, meaning the smaller and less significant the situation is, even as perceived as something crucially important by Painstaker, she will only be empowered a small amount.

Very commonly, Painstaker vastly undermines her own strength, even if not empowered, and can accidentally break frail objects she doesn't intend to.

Painstaker's base-level energy manipulation can be absorbed through alien species such as Crystalsapiens and Conductoids, typically through them being able to grab hold of her energy armor plating.

Despite having naturally-pure souls, Painstaker is prone to extreme forces of corruption, whenever physical or spiritual, such as the mutagenic properties of Corrodium.




Painstaker is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • Painstaker is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.



  • Painstaker's name derives from the word "painstaking" which itself means "done with or employing great care and thoroughness" and acts as the origin of Painstaker's empowerment through completing her desired goals.
  • Painstaker's species name of "Gloriaviribus" is a combination of the Latin words for "glory" and "strength" which references how Painstaker's species were built to fight in the Xenowars, made obvious from the "War Machine" portion of their species name, their metallic armor, their abilities, etc.
  • As referenced above, Painstaker does not at all originate from one set planet, having been created by multiple alien species to fight in the galactic wars. When the wars ended, the War Machines were confusedly left without purpose, and caused mayhem as a result through misjudgment, leading them to be hunted and exterminated, until most were rescued and cared for by preservation acts.
    • In the Earth-216 universe, a few Gloriaviribus War Machines are stationed as royal guards throughout various Tetramand kingdoms on the planet of Khoros.
  • The Gloriaviribus War Machines are indeed an all-female species, purposefully made so by their various creators for their beliefs that strong femininity was a sign of everlasting spirit. Although typically referred to with female pronouns, Painstaker's pronouns vary dependent on the Omnitrix wielder.
  • Ben 23's version of Painstaker would be "Mrs. Ambition" and is that of one of very few aliens he has with female titles in their names.
  • Painstaker's artwork was originally created out of a concept art sketch for Princess Looma Red Wind, although with some alterations. Originally red-skinned, Painstaker was changed to a more-magenta coloration to differentiate her from Four Arms.
  • In the Earth-216 universe, Gloriaviribus War Machine DNA was one of the very few samples Myaxx was able to obtain for the prototype Omnitrix, although Ben Prime himself did not unlock Painstaker until the age of 21 years old.
    • Vastly undermining the transformation's output of strength and power with his few usages of her, Painstaker is responsible for the accidental transformation of a moon, and thus, Ben Prime uses Painstaker sparingly, typically in situations requiring the destruction of a large area with no care for collateral damage.
  • The Null Void warship from the final two parts of Multiverse vs. Tennyson's Act 1 three-parter finale, Enter The Void, originates from the creators of the Gloriaviribus War Machines, and is that of abandoned scraps of war, having so abandoned so long it has taken root within the Null Void's chaotic landscape and now remains suspended in mid-air. It was cleaned up by Inspector 13's Techadon robots, and turned into his team's hidden base of operations.