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Pablo: HyperDuoForce GO! is planned to have 12 episodes (16 if you count the movie, which can be split into 4 parts), 1 movie, 1 crossover/special and 1 season, but as long as we get good reception, that could be subject to change.


  1. And Then There Was 10 x 2, Part 1 - "Pablo gets his Duotrix and starts the adventure of a lifetime!"
  2. And Then There Was 10 x 2, Part 2 - "The team crashes on Kelachi Beta and fights face to face with Professor Cynister!"
  3. Fast As Lightning - "A strange being is causing blackouts around Galvin Mark II, and the team checks it out."
  4. Rath In Black - "Rath and a few other aliens escape the Codon Stream, and Pablo has to track them down before they take on enough independence to permanantly leave!"
  5. Ballroom Bash - "The HyperForce must go undercover during a Necrofriggian ballroom party in order to find a bomb!"
  6. Clone Zone - "Some girl who looks like Pablo has stolen the Duotrix, and it's up to the others to find out who she is."
  7. The Bed Bugs Bite - "Pablo is having nightmares, but will they lead to a new alien being unlocked for him?"
  8. Diamondhead, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes - "Ruub is turned into a toddler by some unknown force, so Solo babysits while Biurn and Pablo face with a new foe!"
  9. You Get The Horns - "A rodeo is being investigated by the HyperForce after some Vulpimancers are spotted nearby."
  10. X, Y, Zetus - "Ben asks for help from the HyperForce when Zetus is growing stronger- our crossover with Ben 10: Hacked!"
  11. Drastic Measures, Part 1 - "Cynister's making his final move, but will the HyperForce make it through without losing some things in the process?"
  12. Drastic Measures, Part 2 - "When all sacrifices are over and Cynister's plan is clear, Pablo must become the hero the galaxy needs him to be."


  1. Pablo: HyperDuoForce GO!: Heart, Mind, Soul (split into 4 episodes with the names "Farewell to Limits", "The Ends Justify The Means", "Too Far", and "Loose Threads" sometimes) - In this epic finale to Season 1, Pablo discovers the strength he needs to beat Cynister, and nothing will be the same afterwards!


  1. Unnamed Crossover with Sierra 10