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T2 Omnitrix.png
General Information
Species Galvan Artificial Intelligence Interface
Age 0 years
Residence T2 Omnitrix
Dimension Dimension 10
Timeline Prime Timeline
Occupations Omnitrix Computer
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Universal Translator
Alias Omnimatrix Self-Aware Interface (technical name)
O.S.A.I (abbreviated name)
Relatives Azmuth (Inventor)
Friends Ben Tennyson
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
In The Shadow Of Vilgax

O.S.A.I, dubbed Ozai by Ben, is a Galvan-type Artificial Intelligence Interface built by Azmuth to assist Ben in his operation of the T2 Omnitrix. He exists in the prime timeline of Earth-1010 and appears in the series Ben 10: Road Trip.


It is currently unknown if Ozai has a unique appearance of his own or if his only representation of himself is his body- being the white and green T2 Omnitrix.

His voice is that of Ben Tennyson's.


Ozai is very straight-forwards and to-the-point without realising it. He seems to be unaware of concepts such as humour, sarcasm, and deception and often views these characteristics are misinterpretations of the truth that he desires to correct thanks to his helpful nature- even if his input is neither helpful nor appreciated.

Powers and Abilities

Ozai has complete control over the T2 Omnitrix, able to operate it with much more finesse than Ben and even countermand Ben if he so desires. An example of this is shown in In The Shadow Of Vilgax when Ben attempted to transform into Hightide only for Ozai to turn him into Vertebrain instead.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Ozai was first alluded to in Burning Bridges by Sadie, who was aware that the T2 Omnitrix had an AI within it however it appeared to be dormant. Ozai first came online after Powerhouse broke down in In The Shadow Of Vilgax, causing the Omnitrix to reset as a side effect.

Ozai's tendency to choose Ben's aliens for him was a cause of conflict between the pair. This lead to Ben exploding at Ozai in Life On Mars shortly before Ben's wekk-long time limit set by Azmuth expired. Ozai rebooted later in the episode, having completely altered his own personality, and unlocked the Omnitrix again by telling Azmuth he thought Ben was worthy.