Owen Johnson is the main protagonist of Owen 10.


Owen is 15 years old, with pale skin, light brown short hair and an average body structure. His eyes are blue. He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist, covered by a grey hoodie which he usually wears a black shirt underneath. His trousers are blue and he wears black-and-white trainers.

Powers and Abilities

Owen can use the Omnitrix to transform into several aliens.


Owen is an average human, so he is unable to singlehandedly defeat many opponents who are physically stronger than humans in hand-to-hand combat.


Owen was born and raised in Bellwood. When he was 4, he met his best friend Jade Green. When he was 15, he found the Omnitrix and became a hero, choosing to use it to protect his hometown and eventually the entire earth.


All episodes of Owen 10


  • Owen's favourite alien is Big Chill.
  • Owen lived in the same house in Bellwood his whole life.
  • Three of Owen’s grandparents and one of his great grandparents are still alive.
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