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Owen 10 is a series by Big Chill 333. It follows the adventures of Owen Johnson as he has a supernatural adventure with his childhood friend and a device known as the Omnitrix.


Season 1 follows the adventure of 15 year old Owen Johnson and his best friend Jade Green when Owen finds the omnitrix. The two must protect their hometown of Bellwood.


Owen 10 currently only has 1 season planned. Each season contains 20 episodes. For the list of episodes go here.


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Xylene
  • Cash
  • J.T




  • This series was originally going to have a completely different original 10, with only Big Chill, Cannonbolt and Goop being the same.
  • Max Tennyson was originally planned to be a main character.
  • The series will take elements from all 5 series in the Ben 10 franchise.