An alien who is covered in a Galvan technology suit which helped their species survive a war. Overload is Discharge's counter and more powerful self.


Flight-The wings flutter like a hummingbird. They could fly before the Galvan technology, but it enhanced after the upgrade

Armor-The Galvan technology upgrade that now allow this species to shoot spikes, be more defended, shoot lasers, and has a grappling hook arm. The grappling hook arm can turn into a regular arm. The armor can dissolve at his command to show his original looking. The suit also allows tech hacking as well as artificial intelligence, like a computer.

Energy-This species could also control energy, as well as fly, before the upgrade suit. The name 'Overload' was inspired by him holding in energy and basically becoming a energy bomb. He can also shot out energy as beams, arrows, spears, etc.


His original name was Nova.

His species before the suit is unknown to anyone except themselves and Galvans.

They mostly wear their suit because their planet was attacked by a group of superior aliens and Azmuth created armor for their species to survive, especially after what happened with the Aburian Perlotas.

He has an alter form named Discharge



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