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Overheal is a Zeiggart Healbot from the planet Epoulothoun in Simien 10: Blood Monkey and Ben 10: Ruins Of Earth.

General Information
Species Zeiggart Healbot
Home World Epoulothoun
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Healing

Enhanced Speed

Anti-heal beams

Surgical Tools

Equipment Surgical Tools


Users Pegajoso
Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey
First Appearance Homecoming


Overheal is a red humanoid alien. His body is trapezoid-like, with a large red cross going in the middle of his chest, along with the Hexatrix symbol going in the middle.

His head has three eyes, with the lower middle one and upper right one functioning normally while the third serves as a scanner/X-Ray/camera. On his forehead Overheal sports a small flashlight which he can turn on at will.

Overheal can pop out medical tools from a slot near his hands at will, which includes syringes, bone saws, scalpels and certain medicines.

Overheal has yellow glowing pads on his feet, which provide him with anti-friction and anti-gravity technology allowing him to run faster.


  • Enhanced Healing
    • Surgical Knowledge and Precision
    • Heal Beams

Overheal, being a medical mastermind, knows how to heal or fix nearly every common biological species in the Milky Way Galaxy. As he is a mechanical being, he can work even under immense pressure or short time constraints.

Overheal's main strength are his Heal Beams, beams of nanomachines which can heal living tissue in a matter of seconds, which can include bones, exoskeletons, or even crystal materials in species such as Petrosapiens.

  • Anti-Heal Beams

Overheal can reverse his heal beam ability to deconstruct instead of heal beam, causing bodily damage and pain to most species affected by it. This beam will slowly destroy a person's body, and can even kill once exposed too much. 

  • Enhanced Speed 

Overheal's feet are implanted with anti-gravity/anti-friction devices, allowing him to run much more faster or jump higher.

  • Surgical Tools
    • Scalpel
    • Bone Saw
    • Syringes (including medicine)
    • DNA Scanner
    • BPM Analyzer

Overheal has a wide variety of surgical tools built within him to use at his disposal for healing purposes, although they can be used creatively as he pleases. For instance, his scalpel and bone saw can be used as weapons.

  • Flashlight

Overheal has a built in flashlight at the top of his head, allowing him to project light easily.


Overheal cannot bring dead people back to life with his healing, although he can heal their corpse to perfection.  

Overheal cannot heal mechanical aliens or undead aliens.  

Overheal also has a problem with healing rare/otherworldly aliens such as Celestialsapiens or Xormands due to them not appearing in his knowledge database.  



  • Overheal's appearance and antiheal/heal beams were inspired by Awesomenauts Voltar.
  • Overheal's name comes from the Team Fortress 2 Medic's ability.
  • Overheal's species name, Zeiggart Healbot, comes from a combination of Ziegler, Overwatch's Mercy's last name, and Stuttgart, the TF2 Medic's hometown.----
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