Overflow re
General Information
Species Cascan
Home Planet Cascareau
Body Mechanical Humanoid
Omni-Enhanced Form Omni-Enhanced Overflow
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Underwater Breathing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Agility (underwater)
Enhanced Speed (underwater)
Flight (via Propulsion)
Water Blades
Weaknesses Electricity Vulnerability
Used By Ben Delta
Delta Ben 10'000
Ben Prime
Alternate Counterparts Water Hazard
Appears in Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Ben 10: Delta Days

Overflow is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cascan from the planet Cascareau in the Andromeda Galaxy in the Delta Dimension of Earth-1010.

His Omni-Enhanced form is Omni-Enhanced Overflow.


Overflow resembles a large, red, hunched humanoid robot. He has two containers with water on his head and has black mask-like markings around his green eyes. He has two tubes of water reaching from a respirator where his mouth should be to his back, and his forearms are filled with water. He has black three-fingered hands and two black toes on each foot. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Overflow's main ability is his Hydrokinesis. He possess the ability to fire pressurised blasts of water from the canisters on his forearms, and can control them with ease. This even allows him to turn the streams of water into whips.

Overflow's armoured body is a great defensive tool that deflects most damage.

Overflow can breath underwater, swim at high speed, and withstand high amounts of water pressure such as those found at great depths.


Overflow is vulnerable to electricity, which can conduct through his water.

As shown in Ten Over Ten Thousand Part 1, he is also vulnerable to having his internal waters manipulated by creatures capable of Hydrokinesis, such as another Cascan.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Overflow was used twice in Ten Over Ten Thousand Part 1. He was used by Ben Delta to duel his future self. He was defeated by his future self, who also used Overflow.

Delta Ben 10'000 then used Overflow again later that night to try and fight Time Breaker Tetrax, but to no effect. A crystal shard was embedded in his shoulder rendering his left side too damaged to use during the short fight.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Overflow was used twice in the episode Pirates!. Ben first used him while attempting to access Stinkfly to fly out of the cave at the end of the Doomed Galleon ride. He attempted to use Overflow again later to catch up to Smugglebeard's Crew, but accidentally mistransformed into Cannonbolt. Overflow was seen again briefly when Ben transformed into Omni-Enhanced Overflow at the climax of the episode.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben Delta (Using Delta Omnitrix)

Delta Ben 10'000

Ben Prime (using Delta Omnitrix)

Ben 10: Delta Days

Ben Delta


  • Overflow is often compared to Water Hazard due to their many similarities.
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