General Information
Species Amprey
Home World Volron
Body Electric Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Electrolite
Electrolite (Tech 10: Rebooted)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Lightning Travel
Enhanced Swimming
Alien Number 30
Namesake Overdrive by Lotus Juice

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency 「Musik」- 21 Overdrive

First Appearance Not Yours

Overdrive is an alien expected to appear in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Overdrive's abilities include:

  • Waterproof Electrokinesis
    • This ability allows him to safely and accurately use his Electrokinetic abilities underwater.
  • Lightning Travel
  • Water Breathing
  • Enhanced Swimming
  • Pressure Resistance


Over time, Theo has developed a few techniques for his aliens. Overdrive's include:

  • Aquatic Cling: Overdrive uses an enhanced form of static electricity to envelop himself in nearby water, giving him his underwater mobility even on land. Requires a large nearby water source to use.


Overdrive is a tall, glowing blue humanoid alien with spikes jutting out of his head and arms and a large dorsal fin on his back. He has one blue eye shaped like a pair of goggles, and his outfit resembles that of a swimmer. The StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his chest.


Overdrive's legs, being built for swimming and not walking, are not usually able to support him on land.

Planet and Species Information

Overdrive is an Aquavol Amprey from the planet Volron.

The Aquavol subtype of Amprey evolved to live in the oceanic regions of Volron, where there is very little land to go around. They've adapted well to life underwater, having built grand cities underneath the ocean. The high-pressure environment also keeps them safe from most external threats, with the only real dangers being the occasional hungry sea life.

Volron itself is somewhat similar to Earth in size and diversity, and shares some similar environments; however, there are various differences in terrain sets. The planet's environments do not have generally transition into each other, but instead abruptly begin and end along certain electromagnetic patterns in the crust. These electromagnetic patterns also cause regular lightning storms across the planet, making it relatively hostile for most species that have not evolved there.


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