Overcast is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Weather Manipulation
Cloud Manipulation
Powerful Fists
Enhanced Condition
First Appearance New Horizons


Overcast basically looks like a big robot that is blue and white and red all over. He has two eyes and a mouth and a medium sized nose. He hasred stripes all along his back and two small horns on his head that do not connect or bend. He has two big arms with four fingers on them and they are dark blue with black stripes going horizontal on his shoulders. He has three toed feet which are blue as well and black stripes on his knees and white around his hips. He has bolt-like things on his torso (8 of them on his sides). He a rised plat-type object in the center of the torso and white colours on his back. He has circular big bolts on his cheeks (like Way Big did in OS) and has those on his shoulders (three of them). He has rised trapezoid-type platforms on both sides of his legs. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his chest with three green wires connecting from them and go to his neck.

Powers & Abilities

Overcast can basically do anything that has to do with weather. He can cause certain types of weather, has climate control, climate manipulation, and can actually adapt easily to any enviorment he comes across. He can speak all alien languages (that aren't English) and can shoot out cosmic rays like Way Big can. He can also turn intangible, has enhanced agility & strength, and can fly around with his special jetpack.


He has no known weakness at this time.


In New Horizons, Overcast debuted and was used to stop Cork's unstable mechanism in the sky. 

In The Rules of Frozen Yogurt, Overcast attempted to save Mr. Yogurtine's but failed. 

In Hour of Darkness, Part 1, Overcast fought Deristroll. 



Mig X


  • He is a better version of and/or Alien M.
  • His original working name was Omega X and also Cosmos. 
  • Even though he is robotic, he has no robotic voice and it sounds normal and smooth.
  • According to Mig, Overcast and Flish-Flash won't be in the first arc (season 1) of the series. 
  • According to Mig, Mig finds Overcast as very powerful and will not use him oftenly. 
  • Alongside Appearition, Gemspade, and Lavalamp, Overcast returned in Mig X.
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