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General Information
Species Millganite
Home Planet Anur Millgan
Body Humanoid Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Elastic Physiology
Eating Empowerment
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Powerful Tail
Double-jointed Limbs
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Swimming
Enhanced Agility
Underwater Breathing
Weaknesses Temporary Empowerments
Used By Albedo
Techtrix wielders
Appears in Ben 10: Road Trip

Overbite is the Negativitrix's DNA sample of a Millganite from the planet Anur Millgan in an Earth-1010 timeline where the Anurians of Millgan were never wiped out by the Vladats.


Overbite is a humanoid shark wearing dark-blue plated armour on his face, upper-arms, and upper-legs. His skin varies from being pale blue and dark purple, and he has eight fins covering his body: Two per arm, one on each leg, one on the upper back, and a large tail fin.

Powers and Abilities

Overbite is a close-combat alien with elastic physiology, capable of stretching out his various extremities quickly and effectively to fight and reach beyond his normal range. He has incredibly powerful jaws that he is capable of unhinging.

He can consume matter rapidly and digest it just as fast. He can consume most matter that he's strong enough to bite into- inorganic matter will increase his strength and organic matter will increase his speed. Both types of boost are temporary.


Overbite is comparatively weak and slow without eating, and his boosts do not last very long.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Overbite was first used in Time Trials. He killed Time Breaker Vilgax, but allowed Ben to defeat him with MindMatter. Albedo used him in The Only Good Necroterran to demonstrate a timeline where the Millganites were never wiped out to a crowd of Anur G'rrnay natives.

Overbite's DNA was used in the Techtrixes created by the Blacksmith in Life On Earth. Albedo tricked one of them Techtrix users- then transformed into a Millganite form- into defeating one of its allies before defeating and accidentally killing it by using Intersect to destroy its Techtrix.


Ben 10: Road Trip


Techtrix Wielders



  • Overbite's DNA is not currently present in the Codon Stream. Given that the Negativitrix has an anti-scanning mechanism and Millganites do not exist in the Prime Timeline, it is unlikely that Ben would ever be able to access this form.
  • As all Anur System aliens are references to classic horror movie monsters, Overbite represents the more modern horror movie Jaws.