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Over The Rainbow
Over The Rainbow.png
General Information
Species Superiris
Home World Insulam
Body Humanoid Water
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Aspect Division
Classification Aqua
Alien Number 4
Namesake Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole

First Appearance The Rainbow Connection (Star Spirit)
Gold Digger (Blood Monkey)

Over The Rainbow is an alien from the series Tech 10: Star Spirit.

His evolved form is Ultimate Over The Rainbow.

He appears as a playable alien in the BTFF RPG.

He also appears in Simien 10: Blood Monkey as one of Vender's aliens.


Whole Form

Over The Rainbow's abilities in his whole form include:

  • Hydrokinesis
  • Aspect Division
  • Amorphous Body

Over The Rainbow's Aspect Division allows him to split into seven smaller versions of himself, known as 'Droplets'. Each Droplet has an aspect unique to them that's unavailable to their whole form.

Droplet Red

Droplet Red's water is filled with microscopic particles of iron, giving him limited metal control.

Droplet Orange

Droplet Orange's water is constantly boiling, and can burn whatever it touches.

Droplet Yellow

Droplet Yellow's water intensifies light to an extreme degree, causing him to blindingly glow.

Droplet Green

Droplet Green's water is rife with algae, giving him limited plant control.

Droplet Blue

Droplet Blue's water is exceedingly cold, and can freeze whatever it touches.

Droplet Indigo

Droplet Indigo's water can put people to sleep by merely making skin contact.

Droplet Violet

Droplet Violet's water can heal wounds and sickness.


In his whole form, Over The Rainbow is a watery, humanoid alien with four fingers, two eyes, and no mouth. His water has a black pigmentation, due to being a combination of all the colors. The StarTrix symbol is on his chest.

While in Droplet form, each droplet takes on one of the colors of the rainbow, resembling small, chibi-esque versions of their whole form.


While split into Droplet form, Over The Rainbow's hydrokinesis isn't nearly as powerful, and must be used in a more strategic way.

In addition, each Droplet has overwhelming personality flaws that correspond to the seven deadly sins; Red has issues with Lust (though this is tempered for the most part, seeing as there aren't any other of his species on Earth), Orange with Wrath, Yellow with Pride, Green with Envy, Blue with Gluttony, Indigo with Sloth, and Violet with Greed.

While split up, Over The Rainbow's Droplets gain an instinctual knowledge of each other's properties, but lose any instinctive knowledge on how their main body works, including how to reform into it, making reforming largely a trial-and-error process for an inexperienced user.

As seen in Window Shopper, the water making up Over The Rainbow can be absorbed by other sources, incapacitating him.

Planet and Species Information

Over The Rainbow is a Superiris from the planet Insulam.

The Superiris are a reclusive species, beginning their lives in Insulam's expansive ocean. Once they grow old enough, they exit the ocean and move onto the planet's large, singular landmass and take up residence in one the many lakes, ponds, and rivers that dot the surface.

If they do happen to meet another of their species, they'll usually be rather disinterested, passing each other without much notice. Thanks to this, despite their ability to speak, no real language has evolved among them, and they communicate mainly through some commonly understood hand gestures, if at all.

Projection Transformation

When used as a Projection Transformation, Over The Rainbow's primary directive is to perform a flanking strategy, surrounding and overwhelming a single target.


Tech 10: Star Spirit

Simien 10: Blood Monkey


$overtherainbowface.pngOver The Rainbow

Stat Details
Species: Superiris
User: Cartoon44
Weaponry: Staffs
Signature Move(s): Aspect Split


  • Over The Rainbow was the first alien for the series not to be sketched out on paper before being digitally rendered.
  • In The Rainbow Connection, it is revealed that Over The Rainbow's slot on the StarTrix was originally planned to be taken by Overtide.

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