Over Mt. Zion
Over Mt. Zion
General Information
Species 1/2 Unknown
1/2 Praesignis
Home World N/A
DNA source 1/2 Over Now
1/2 Silver Mt. Zion
Body Armored Angelic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Reset Fire
6 Angel Guard
Alien Number N/A
Namesake See Over Now and Silver Mt. Zion
First Appearance If: Part 2

Over Mt. Zion is a fusion comprised of Over Now and Silver Mt. Zion expected to appear in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Over Mt. Zion's abilities include:

  • Reset Fire
    • Reset Fire is an odd type of fire that eats away at its target's current state, burning it back to "zero". This can apply to a target's physical state, reverting it to how it began existence, or an individual aspect of it, such as taking away its abilities.
  • 6 Angel Guard
    • Over Mt. Zion's 6 Angel Guard functions similarly to Silver Mt. Zion's 13 Angel Guard, but with one critical difference.

      Instead of simply protecting the designated targets from misfortune, the effect of the 6 Angel Guard will cause that misfortune to rebound and affect the cause of the misfortune instead, albeit not necessarily in the same way.

      For example, if someone's attack was deflected, it would hit them instead, or if a gust of wind was going to blow the target off a cliff, the wind would stop blowing (since ceasing to exist would count as being hit with "misfortune").
  • Flight


Over Mt. Zion is a tall, winged humanoid with white skin. Its body is covered in silver, blue, and golden armor, with two braces resembling Silver Mt. Zion's rings circling its hands. Reset Fire slowly flows from its wrists, ankles, and neck, and the majority of its face is obscured by a blue and silver helmet with a golden heart on its forehead. The StarTrix Requiem symbol is on its upper belt.


Over Mt. Zion loses the ability to summon over half of Silver Mt. Zion's angels.



  • Over Mt. Zion's official art is the first art created for the series combining both soft and hard shading methods.

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