Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date 12/20/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Crawling Terror
Outage is the tenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, this evening, the buildings stand tall as the view of the buildings lowers from the view of the dark, starry sky to the street level. By the streets, the shops are seen as the people walk by on the sidewalk. Two cars pass by in opposite directions; one red, one blue. Among those people are Kate and Drake walking together. 

December 14, 20:23 EDT
 Drake is wearing his shirt only, no disguise or hood.

Drake: I still don't get it. You go to these "stores" and "buy" things.

Kate: Yeah. Money, things, buying, it's yours. Shopping in a nutshell. You like it so far?

Drake: Not really. It was-

Kate: Nice.

Drake: No the w-word.

Kate: Weird?

Drake: Yes. It was weird.

Kate: What's so weird about shopping?

Drake: We did go to that place with the uh-

Kate: The what?

Drake: The smells.

Kate: Oh. You don't like perfume.

Drake: No.

Kate: Typical boy. I still can't believe you never went to a mall before.

Drake: I've been locked up in a facility that focuses on containing Mutant threat so a mall wasn't the first place I wanted to go when I escaped. I do- like it though.

Kate: Ha.

Drake: What?

Kate: You actually like something.

Drake: I like things. Yeah. Isn't that what people do?

Kate: Yes. You're improving. So what things did you like?

Drake: Um- I liked the place with the bricks and the soft small Mutants.

Kate, correcting: Toys 4 U.

Drake, continuing: The place with the shirts with numbers and sticks and helmets. It was like a training room but it was more people-like.

Kate, correcting: That was probably Good Sports.

Drake, continuing: And then there was this place that made me um- (searches for the word) confused. It was a place with small cloths with spots that these females wore in the glass pictures.

Kate: Yeah let's keep you away from that store. It's meant to be a secret.

Drake: You never told me why we're shopping.

Kate: Holidays are coming up and I've been busy with reporting Mutant threats that I didn't get anyone anything. And by anyone I mean my Dad. And I guess you.

Drake: Why would you get me something?

Kate: Are you kidding? You've been there for me so many times. You deserve it. And don't tell me you don't busy you're a bad person or whatever. You're good in my book. (smiles)

An electric discharge is heard, zapping, coming from a streetlamp near by. The lights to the stores then go out, all together. The streets are in the dark now. Talking is heard starting up as well as small startles and screams. Drake and Kate look around.

Kate: Well that's odd. This never happens. Must be some type of power outage.

Drake: Is this good or bad?

Kate: Well it's not good.

The televisions in the glass behind them then turn on. A static image appears on the screens, making a static noise. Drake and Kate turn around, facing the televisions, as some people gather around the window with them.

Television: People of the city, your power is gone and soon this island will be mines.

The static then cuts off as the street lamp flickers on but then sparks up, shutting back off soon after.

Drake: I think that's not good too.

Title Sequence

The street is seen with a car stopped in the middle. The driver exits the car as its headlights flicker in and out. Drake and Kate cross the dark street as the civilians are seen walking aimlessly around on both pavements. Kate is seen on her phone.

Kate, trying her phone, walking forwards: My phone's still working but there's no signal. Can't reach out to Dad.

Drake, walking forwards: Communicator isn't working too. I'm sure it doesn't need a- what do you call it?

Kate, walking forwards: Phone line?

Drake, walking forwards: Yeah.

They both successfully cross the street to the other side, on the other pavement. They then walk down that pavement in the same direction they were going before.

Kate, walking: So what do we do?

Drake, walking: Nothing.

Kate, walking: Wait what?

Drake, walking: Kate, there isn't anything I can do.

Kate, stopping: Wait, no, shut up. What do you mean? Someone is threatening us.

Drake, stopping: It was a TV, Kate. Like you said, there's a power outage. I don't know what that means but I think it's not for a long time. I can't stop a TV from taking over the city.

Kate: You can't?

Drake: I mean I can punch it but-

Kate: Yeah. We should probably let the police handle it then since it's not a Mutant problem.

Drake: Yeah.

An crashing sound is heard followed by a car alarm. They turn to the noise. Drake then proceeds to run after the noise.

Kate: Or not.

Kate follows after Drake. The scene cuts to Drake looking down a street which holds two cars collided with each other. The traffic light is seen flickering, mainly on the green light. The cars on the intersection are constantly honking their horns at each other. Drake walks over to the traffice light and places his hand on the pole. He looks around then hacks the traffic light using his abilities which causes the traffic light to function normally again. 

Drake: If there's no power, how come to traffic lights still work?

Kate: I don't know. Something about rerouting electricity. I didn't listen much to what my Dad when he was fixing the generator at the police station. (looks around) How big of the area is affected?

Drake: I don't know. Only one way to find out.

Kate: Which is?

Drake: Come on.

Drake runs off leaving Kate to follow behind. The scene cuts to an alleyway, focusing on a trashcan. Drake then enters the alleyway and throws the lid of the garbage can off. He then reaches into the garbage can and removes his black hoodie. The scene cuts again to the roof of a building, later on, where Drake flies past it, moving more upwards, with his wing form while carrying Kate.

Drake, flying: A lot of the lights have gone out.

Kate, looking down: Uh Drake?

Drake looks down. A view of the city below is shown.

Kate: I think the whole city is affected.

The scene cuts to the MCA Building. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
December 14, 20:45 EDT
 The Lobby of the MCA Building is then seen as Drake and Kate enter the building. The lobby looks pretty standard but the room contains pieces of furniture such as comfortable-looking chairs and glass coffee tables, a counter located in the center of the room towards the back, away from the door, and the walls are grey/blue while the titles of the floor are simply grey. The main doors are glass/metallic and automatic. At the counter, Agent Owens is seen leaning against the counter while a female member of MCA, judging from her outfit, is seen moving papers behind the counter. Owens turns his head and notices Drake and Kate entering.

Owens: Drake, what's the meaning of this? She's not allowed here.

Drake: I was going to have her wait here, anyways. That's not the problem right now though.

Owens: No, but it is still a problem.

Drake glares at Owens.

Owens: There's been a power outage throughout the city.

Kate: Obviously.

Owens: That may be the obvious thing, Ms. Wilson, but the not-so obvious thing is the fact that many neccessary devices that require electricity are now offline. The majority of MCA services runs on such technology.

Kate: Wait how did you know my name?

Owens: Like he said, that's not the problem here.

Kate: But it is still a problem.

Owens raises an eyebrow.

Owens, changing the subject: Anyways, we can't function properly without electricity. The unexplained element is that the technology affected isn't connected to a source of electricity but simply the electicity within the devices is drained. 

Drake: How?

Owens: Like I said, it's unexplained. I assume our scientists are working on it as we speak considering they have no option. The access lifts to the facility are offline, our only way to the operations room and labortory is through the maintance hatches.

Drake: So this "outage" is an MCA problem.

Owens: It is now.

Kate: Oh my gosh. What about my job or the hospitals?

Owens: We're the Mutation Containment Agency. We contain Mutant threats and that only.

Kate: People could be dying right now.

Owens: ...I'll see what I can do.

Drake: How do I fix the power outage?

Owens: Apparently there's a new threat out there. I'm sure you've seen it. It's safe to assume he's responsible for the power outage and while we are unable to do anything on our end, you might be able to locate the source of the transmission with your hacking abilities.

Drake: Ok.

Owens: I know you just got back to MCA, Drake, but you're on your own again.

Drake: At this point, I'm used to it. (to Kate) Come on.

Drake then leaves the Building. Kate is about to follow him when Owens grabs her arm. She stops and looks at her arm, then at Owens.

Owens: Watch him.

Kate: Isn't that your job?

Owens: I have other jobs to do right now. I can't be everywhere... Obviously.

Kate glares at Owens then forces her arm out of Owens' grip. She then follows Drake by exiting the building. Owens then looks out at the main doors for a moment.

The scene cuts to Drake flying above the city, carrying Kate. They then land in front of a shop with a sign above reading "Vigma Electronics".

Vigma Electronics
December 14, 20:56 EDT
Drake deactivates his wing form and walks to the window of the store.

Kate: What are we doing here?

Drake: I need to hack a TV.

Kate: Why didn't we just go to my place?

Drake: Because I didn't want to ruin your home.

Kate: How exactly were you going to-

Drake activates his flaming hand form and smashes the glass to the window, shattering it into pieces.

Kate: Nevermind.

Drake then deactivates the forms and places his hands on the TV, proceeding to hack it. As Drake hacks the television on display, the machine turns on and shows static on its screen until numbers appear as the static fades, only seen behind the numbers. The numbers read out "".

Kate: Drake, there's some numbers on the screen?

Drake: What does it say?

Kate, reading them out loud: "" Maybe its the ID number of the person who sent the message. We can track those.

Drake: We can?

Kate: Well not us but a hacker can.

Drake: My communicator is down. Do you know another hacker?

Kate: Actually, I do.

The scene cuts to the CN Building. 

Central News Corporation Building
December 14, 21:17 EDT

Adam, unseen: No. I'm not going to do it.

Inside, Drake and Kate are seen standing in front of a seated Adam by his desk.

Kate: Please, Adam.

Adam: I don't want to get involved. I really just- don't. Everytime he's anywhere near me something happens. First we're ambushed by two monsters then plants control my body and then my fear of heights escalates.

Kate: Why would your fear of heights escalate?

Adam: He put me in a very high place.

Drake: I needed to know where she lived.

Adam: Yeah and you got lucky. If I wasn't afraid of heights, I would have died with that information.

Drake: I wasn't going to kill you. I don't kill people.

Adam: Sure thing. Dark and Brooding with nothing to do but hurt others for enjoyment. That's what you are.

Kate, to Drake: We'll talk about this later. (to Adam) Look, Adam. I know you don't like him and I know you want to protect me but right now the city needs your help. So don't do this for him, do this for the city. Do it for me.

Adam moves his eyes around with his arms folded.

Adam: I- I might be able to do something but I need a working computer and there's no power.

Drake: Where's your computer?

Adam: Right here. On my desk. In front of me.

Drake: That's a computer?

Kate, to Adam: He doesn't get out much.

Drake grabs Adam's laptop

Adam: Hey. Hey! What are you doing?

Drake hacks the laptop with his abilities.

Drake: Giving you some power.

The computer then turns on but flickers as if not fully charged. Drake then places the laptop back on Adam's desk.

Adam: Oh... Thanks. (looking at the screen) Okay. The numbers you told me were an IP Address. I have a program installed that can not only track IPs but give me a detailed description of their location.

Kate: Why would you need something like that?

Adam: Well when someone uploads a picture or some information, I can track there IP, go to that location and take some pictures of what's going on down there. Plus I can threaten the noobs on BlockQuest.

Adam opens his program and types in the numbers from the television set. The numbers then run through the system which is still flickering until an address appears with a satelite image of a substation.

Drake: What's that?

Adam: It's um an electric substation. Whoever sent the transmission must have sent it from there.

Kate: Makes sense since there's no power in the city.

Drake: Okay. Let's go.

Drake starts to walk away.

Adam: Are you sure you want to do this, Kate?

Kate: Someone has to save the city.

Adam: Yeah and someone might get hurt doing it.

Kate: If I want to be a reporter, I have to learn to take risks, Adam.

Adam: Yeah...

Kate: You should probably get home.

Adam: I would if the buses were working.

Drake, unseen: Kate?

Kate, calling out: Coming!

Adam: Go. I'll- I'll be fine.

Kate: Thanks, Adam.

Kate then turns around and exits the room. Adam then leans back in his chair and sighs. The scene then cuts to the substation which is releasing some electric discharges. 

Manhattan Electrical Substation
December 14, 21:27 EDT
 Drake then lands close by with his wing form, deactivates it and lets Kate go as she steps on the ground.

Kate: Looks like the place.

Drake: This doesn't look safe, Kate. You should stay here.

Kate: Hey. The only reason why I'm here is because I want to take the risk.

Drake: What risk? The risk of you being killed?

Kate: Maybe.

Drake: Kate, just stay here. If it's safe, I'll call for you.

Kate: What if you're in trouble.

Drake: Then you'll know what to do.

Drake then proceeds to enter the substation which is still releasing electrical discharges. Kate then puts her hand on her hip and watches as Drake enters. Inside, Drake looks around, still hooded up, he passes by some generators until he sees a figure bent over, adjusting one of the generators.

Drake: What are you doing here?

The figure stops and gets up. He's bigger than Drake. His arms look buff, his nerves are blue and purple which are bulging from his arms. His skin is slightly grey. He has no shirt on and brown pants with black boots. His hair is black and his face isn't seen yet. He then turns around, facing Drake. His face is now seen. His left eye is much larger than his right eye and scar wounds on his face. His eyes are a white/blue color.

Man: I must feed.

The man then throws his arm out, extending his fingers out. An electric beam then fires from his hand, impacting with Drake and throwing him into a generator. The generator dents upon impact and Drake falls to the ground. He then attempts to get up as the man approaches him. Drake turns his head to face the approaching man.

Drake: You're a Mutant...

Man: If that's the term you want to use.

The man grabs Drake by the hoodie and holds him up with a single arm.

Man: You are different too. I sense something inside you. Something... powerful.

Drake: You have no idea.

Drake then activates his enlarged fists and strikes the man into two generators. Drake then lands on his feet and prepares to fight. The man then opens his eyes and looks to his sides, seeing the generators. He places both hands on both generators and starts to drain the electricity from them. Drake then steps back a step as he watches this. The Man then steps forwards from the generators and extends both arms out, releasing some type of lightning from his fingers. Drake blocks by crossing his arms but is still blasted back into some generators, knocking one over from the impact.

Man: You are defenseless against me.

Drake: I don't care. As long as I hurt you.

Man: You are stalling me. There is more electricity within this city to digest. Then I will expand beyond that.

The Man then starts gathering energy within his hands, charging it up. Drake then gets up and leans against one of the generators behind him, seeing the energy building up within the Man's hands. The Man then releases the energy which appears as a wave approaching Drake. Within the blast, the Man appears to have disintergrated. Drake then limps away from the blast, activating his hovering form as he rides away at enhanced speeds. He exits the substation, speeding down the street as the blast catches up with him. Drake is then caught in the blast which doesn't seem to harm him however his hovering form including his legs seem to break apart. Drake yells out in pain as he no longer hovers and starts falling onto the street. He rolls over until his body stops at the pavement. His legs appear to be fine but the hovering form is broken into pieces of flesh and metal leaving a trial to Drake's body.

Kate, unseen: Drake! Drake!

Kate then runs over to Drake and kneels down next to him. She tries shaking him but Drake doesn't wake. She turns him over so his face is seen.

Kate: Drake!

The scene zooms in on his face which appears lifeless. The scene then cuts to darkness. After a moment, the darkness starts opening up into the light like someone opening their eyes weakly until they are completely open and the scene is showing Kate, from a side view, looking straight with a glass wall behind her. The scene is now out of Drake's view, showing him leaning against a glass wall on a metal bench. Drake attempts to get up but groans in pain. Kate then turns to face Drake.

Kate: Oh my gosh. You're okay.

Drake: Yeah.

Kate: What happened?

Drake: I- I don't know. I feel- weak.

Kate: Just stay there. I don't want you to fall on your face again.

Drake: I was hit by this blast and I couldn't use my form anymore.

Kate: What does that mean?

Drake: I don't know. There was a Mutant there. He was causing the power outage. 

Kate: I checked the area, no one was there.

Drake: He escaped. We have to find him.

Drake gets up from the metal bench. Kate looks up at him.

Kate: Where are you going?

Drake: Looking around for him.

Drake extends his arms out and attempts to activate his enlarged fists which start to take form but revert back to their normal versions. Drake looks down at his hands then attempts to try again but with no result.

Kate: Drake? What's wrong?

Drake: I'm... powerless.

Kate: What do you mean?

Drake: I can't use my forms, Kate. My Nanogenes, they're- dormant.

Kate: What are you saying? You don't have any powers?

Drake: Yes.

Kate: Drake, what are we going to do?

Drake: Walk.

Kate: (exhales) I meant about the Mutant.

Drake: I don't know. I'm getting my powers back though.

Kate: Well he's not here so where are we going to find him?

Drake: He said there's more power in the city. Somewhere in the city wasn't affected by the power outage.

Kate: Or they recovered. Used an alternative power source.

Drake: Then he's going back in the city. That's where most of the power is.

Kate: Right now we know where he is. How do we ge there? You can't fly and everything with wheels stopped working.

Drake looks around then sees something.

Drake: That has wheels.

Kate, noticing: No. No we are not riding that.

Drake looks at Kate. The scene then cuts to Kate riding a bike with Drake seated behind her. They ride past broken down buses and taxi cabs as they enter the area. 

December 14, 22:36 EDT
 The buildings are seen, dark, unlit as the night remains in the atmosphere of the city.

Kate: I can't believe we biked to Midtown.

Drake: We're here. That's all that matters.

Kate: Say that to my legs. Everything here is dark. There's no power.

Drake: He has to be here.

A electric discharge is then seen slightly from down the street.

Kate: What's that?

Drake: It's him. (gets off the bike) Come on.

Kate exhales and gets off the bike slowly. The scene cuts to Drake and Kate running into view as they approach the unseen discharge.

Kate: Wait. What? I thought they didn't have power.

Drake: They lied.

The scene then shows the MCA Building with electric discharges sparking from the building and its lights on. Drake then runs over to the building followed by Kate. Inside, some MCA Officers are seen laying on the floor. Drake walks next to them, looking at them, blankly with defined eyebrows. Kate enters the building after him and looks around.

Kate, seeing the bodies: Oh my gosh. Are they-

Drake: Maybe. Come on.

Kate: We have to make sure they're okay.

Drake: We don't have time for that, Kate. Come on.

Kate then follows Drake as they enter the facility. Drake presses a button for the lift but then button doesn't respond.

Kate: The elevators aren't working. Is there another way down?

Drake: Yeah.

The scene cuts to Kate climbing down a ladder in a service shaft.

Kate: I don't get it. If there's power in the base, why can't we use the elevators?

Drake: He doesn't want us down there, maybe. Or he doesn't want anyone leaving.

Kate: That's good, right? You have dangerous Mutants in there.

Drake: And people who work here.

Kate: Oh right.

They reach the bottom of the shaft. Drake jumps off of the ladder and looks around. Kate then gets off of the ladder.

Drake: This way.

Drake then exits the maintance room and enters one of the white corridors followed by Kate.

Kate: So this is your home. Looks clean.

Drake: The Mutant should be in the power room.

Kate: You know where that is, right?

Drake: No. Owens might be in the Briefing Room. He'll know.

Drake then continues down the corridor followed by Kate as she looks around. They make their way down the corridor as the walls spark up behind them and a panel comes loose. Drake then makes it to a door where he places his hand at its side, hacking it. Half of the door then opens while the other half remains locked in place. Drake then squeezes through the opening and enters the room. He helps Kate in as they enter the Briefing Room. There are more Officers laying on the floor.

Drake: He was here. We're close.

Kate: Drake.

Drake turns around and sees Kate kneeling on the ground, over a body. He walks over to the body and sees that its Owens holding one of his blades in his hand.

Drake: Owens...

Kate places her hand on his chest.

Drake: What are you doing?

Kate: Checking his pulse, I think.

Owens then grabs Kate's hand causing her to scream out. Owens then groans.

Drake: Owens, it's Drake.

Owens then lets go.

Drake: What happened?

Owens, weakly: He's after the power source. It's- (coughs) in the (coughs) Containment Room.

Drake turns around and starts to head out.

Kate: Drake. Drake, we can't just leave him here.

Drake: If we stay, he gets away again. I need my powers, Kate. He'll be fine.

Kate then gets up from besides Owens. The scene then transitions to the corridors again. Drake and Kate are then seen running from around the corner and into the corridor the scene is focused on.

Kate: Why would they put a power source in the Containment Room?

Drake: I don't know. (stopping) Here it is.

The scene cuts to the inside, where the door is seen being half opened. Drake squeezes inside followed by Kate.

Kate: Whoa.

The scene then shows off the room which is a large area underneath the balcony that they are standing in. It appears like a dome which contains grids. Each grid contains an environment within it. One grid has large trees while another has a sealed roof which wires coming out of it. 

Containment Room
December 14, 22:58 EDT

Kate: This is where all the Mutants are?

Drake: Yeah.

Kate, noticing something: One of the grids. It's sparking.

Drake turns his head and notices a grid in the middle of the Containment Room which is sparking like Kate said.

Drake: That must be him.

Kate: Yeah but how do we get down from here?

Drake looks over the edge.

Drake: We jump.

Kate: Wait what?

Drake then climbs over the railing.

Kate: Drake, what are you doing?

Drake: Are you coming?

Kate: Are you serious?

Drake glares at Kate.

Kate: Of course, you are. Are you sure about this?

Drake: I wouldn't hurt you, Kate.

Kate then reaches out as Drake helps her over the railing.

Drake: Ready?

Kate: Yeah but let's jump on 3, okay?

Drake: Sure.

Kate: Okay. (exhales) 1.

Drake then jumps off the balcony with Kate.

Kate: (screams)

They then crash into a tree, falling through the leaves until they land on a branch.

Kate: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I can't believe we actually survived that.

Drake, groaning: Yeah. We did.

Kate: Are you okay?

Drake: My back.

Kate: Oh.

Drake: I'm fine. We can jump from here.

Drake then turns towards the fence and jumps from the branch, sticking the landing. He looks around as Kate lands on him, knocking him down.

Kate: Sorry!

Drake and Kate then get up as Drake holds his back.

Drake: I'm not healing like before.

Kate: What does that mean?

Drake: It means I need my powers.

They walk down a pathway which divides the grids. Kate looks around and sees a crab Mutant with mechanical features including its claw in one of the cages. They then arrive at the center cage. Inside, the Man from before is seen approaching a generator with a small, yellow Mutant within. Wires are connected to the generator which is sending out electricity into the facility.

Kate: They're using a Mutant to power the facility.

Drake then runs to the cage.

Kate: Drake, what are you-

Drake: Stop the power. I have him.

Drake then hacks the cage door and kicks it open. He storms in and the Man notices him.

Man: You again.

Drake: I want my powers back.

Man: And I want to feed.

Drake: I'll stop you.

Man: Ha! If you have no powers, then you are not worth fighting.

Drake: Who are you? You're not a regular Mutant. You're too-

Man: Smart? I'm a Professor. Dr. Victor Blank. Or I was.

Drake: What does that mean?

Dr. Blank: I was fired. Before that, I was just a boy. I had a sibiling and he would make fun of me because of my eye. He would call me Brother Big Eye or something like that. I don't remember. My mind hasn't been too clear reccently. (Grunts) (ignoring that pain) It became a problem in school so I saved money for an operation. My parents didn't want me to get one but I insisted. I should have listened. The operation failed and I became blind in one eye. Chemicals have also ruined my face. No one wanted to talk to me after that. When I graduated, I tried looking for work and no one wanted to hire me despite the fact that I knew generations of science. Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology. I knew it all but to no prevail until a company hired me. They needed my genius on a project that would change the world forever.

Drake: What does this have to do with anything?

Dr. Blank: Everything. The project we were working on was the Nanogene Project. I developed most of the research as well as the engineering but they I gained a hunch from servere lifting which caused distress in the facility. Former employees were digusted by me so much that they convinced my former superiors to fire me. After all the work I put into the project, I can see now why it was a failure. You body is filled with Nanogenes, boy.

Drake: I know.

Dr. Blank: No. You don't. Deep inside you, there is something powerful. Not a group of them. A single one.

Drake: What's so special about a single Nanogene?

Dr. Blank: Everything, boy. Everything. (grunts)

Drake: You're in pain.

Dr. Blank: I need to feed. Please, help me.

Drake stands in front of the generator.

Drake: You can fight this. You can control your mind, you can control your body too.

Dr. Blank: Some of us aren't as strong as you.

Dr. Blank then clutches his fist and strikes Drake with a backhand sending him flying into the cage walls. He then goes unconcious upon impact. Dr. Blank then turns his head and sees Kate approaching the generator. Kate then looks up and sees Dr. Blank approaching her.

Kate: Drake.

The scene shows Drake, still unconcious. Her words start to echo off.

Kate, unseen: Drake!

The scene transitions into a flashback scene set in Drake's Garage. 

Drake's Garage
7 Years Ago
 Young Drake then opens the door to the garage and enters. He makes his way to a cardboard box and starts looking through it. However he doesn't find what he's looking for. He then sees the same briefcase. Drake then looks behind him and turns back to the Briefcase. He opens it and looks inside. He pulls out a folder and opens that folder. Inside, there are many papers. He flips through a couple and sees graphs and charts. He flips again, seeing data. He turns through some more pages, seeing a list of names.

Young Drake, reading the list: "Potential Testers: A. North, J. Mann, G. Fang, P. Fang, D. Walker, B. Karlo, P. Meechum-

A noise is then heard behind him.

Young Drake then quickly puts the papers back in the folder and puts the folder back in the briefcase. He closes it and throws it in the corner. Drake's Mother then enters the Garage, her detail is still not accurately seen but better than the last time.

Drake's Mother: Drake, what are you doing here?

Young Drake: Nothing.

Drake's Mother: You're going through your father's things again, aren't you?

Young Drake looks down, defeated.

Drake's Mother: Why do you keep doing that, Drake?

Young Drake: I just want to see what's so important?

Drake's Mother: Well you're going to tomorrow.

Young Drake: I'm not sure if I want to go anymore.

Drake's Mother: Why not?

Young Drake: I don't know. I don't think I should go.

Drake's Mother: Well I think you should. If it's about science, you don't have to be a scientist like your father but you could be. Whatever he has, you have it too. Deep inside you. And when you tap into it, you can do anything.

Young Drake: Really?

Drake's Mother: Come on. Let's get you a snack and we'll watch some TV then you're going back to bed.

Young Drake: Okay...

Drake's Mother grabs Young Drake by the hand, helping him up from the floor. They then walk off together back inside the house through the door they both entered. The scene then transitions back to the current time.

Kate, unseen: Drake!

Drake then starts to wake up. He is weak. He turns over and sees Dr. Blank approaching Kate. Dr. Blank then grabs her causing her to yell out.

Drake, weakly: Kate?

Dr. Blank: You want to stop me from feeding? I will destroy you!

Kate: DRAKE!

Drake: Kate!

The scene then focuses on Drake's eyes. They glow with a bright orange and the noise the Nanogenes make is heard again. Drake is then seen getting up from the floor and activating his enlarged fists. He then strikes Dr. Blank into the cage's walls causing him to drop Kate. Drake then kneels down, keeping his arms away from Kate.

Drake: Kate, are you okay?

Kate: Yeah, I'm- I'm fine.

Dr. Blank: I thought you were helping me, Drake.

Drake: I'm done helping people like you.

Dr. Blank then fires another electric beam at Drake who gets hit by the blast but isn't thrown by impact. Instead, Drake stands there, holding his ground. He then steps forwards, towards Dr. Blank.

Dr. Blank: Your energy. It won't stop.

Drake then reaches for Dr. Blank.

Dr. Blank: Why aren't you falling?


Drake then manages to strike Dr. Blank in the face, knocking him out. Drake then breaths heavily and deactivates his arm form. He then grabs Dr. Blank's head and starts to cure him. Dr. Blank then transforms back into a regular man as Drake looks down, standing over him. The scene then cuts to the city which is regaining its power. After a transition to later on, Drake, with no hoodie on, is seen siting in the Briefing Room with Kate as Owens is standing in front of the table. 

Briefing Room
December 15 24:02 EDT

Owens: You violated a direct order which was to keep yourself concealed, Drake. Now a civilian knows not only the location of our outpost but the content in which is inside.

Drake: If I didn't, things would have ended up different.

Owens: I suppose you're right. We were under an emergency situation so not all rules apply but she still knows and she is media.

Kate: She's also in the room. When is it going to get through your thick skull that I'm not going to say anything. If I was, I would have already done so.

Owens: You attempted to get a story published about Drake.

Kate: And where does it say anything about you or your organization or your base whereabouts.

Owens is silent for a moment.

Kate: I'm here to help but I don't want this. I have a life of my own and sometimes this is too much.

Owens: Are you saying that you'll cease all interactions with Drake?

Kate: No. I'm saying I'm ceasing all interactions with you. And there are things that you don't tell him.

Drake: Kate-

Kate: If he knew about the power source, it would have saved time.

Owens: That's on a need to know basis. You're getting out of line, Ms. Wilson.

Kate: I'm just leaving.

Drake: I'll take you home.

Kate: Thanks.

Kate then leaves the Briefing Room as the door opens automatically for her, closing behind her as she leaves. Drake remains in the Briefing Room.

Drake: What happened to Dr. Blank?

Owens: He's in containment.

Drake: But he's not a Mutant anymore.

Owens: Yes. But he knows your identity. We can't risk exposure in the world.

Drake: He has information about the event. The project that John and I were looking for at that data center.

Owens: All the more reason why we should keep him here. Until he is secured, he is not leaving the facility.

Drake: I need to go.

Owens: Drake, just remember who you're working for.

Drake looks at Owens then turns back to the door and leaves the room. Owens then turns away, approaching an MCA Officer.

The scene cuts to the outside of the MCA Building where Drake and Kate are seen leaving.

Kate: Thanks for um- saving me again.

Drake: Yeah. Sure.

Kate: What's wrong?

Drake: Dr. Blank was saying things to me about the Project that made the Nanogenes inside me. I want to know how many people were involved and what they were really working on.

Kate: Sounds like the something Owens would say.

Drake: I'm not asking for the MCA, Kate. I- feel like this involves me somehow.

Kate: That was probably years ago. You couldn't be involved in this.

Drake: I don't know, Kate. I don't know.

Drake looks up and sees a lamp post, which is fully functional.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The City experiences a major blackout
  • Drake's Nanogenes become dormant for the first time

Minor Events

  • MCA runs its secondary power source for the first time
  • Dr. Blank is kept in Containment



  • Dr. Victor Blank (First Appearance) (Cured)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x2) (x2; Failed Attempt)
  • Techno-Speed (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x3)


  • In the beginning of the episode, Kate takes Drake to a mall in which he visits various stores including Toys 4 U, Good Sports and a "secret" store. These stores are references to actual stores found in malls.
  • Vigma Electronics is a reference to Slix Vigma.
  • The IP Address, "", is an allusion towards the date 12/27/2005 with, simply, the number 10. This references the air date of the first episode of Ben 10, And Then There Were Ten, with the number 10 referencing the title of that very episode.
  • BlockQuest is a reference to the video game, Minecraft.
  • During the flashback scene, Drake comes across a list of names. Most of which are references to certain characters from other franchises, with A. North being a possible exception:
    • J. Mann is possibly a reference to Joel Tennyson and Camille Mann from Ben 10.
    • P. Fang and G. Fang is a reference to the Fang family from Ben 10; P standing for Porcupine and G standing for Gaterboy.
    • D. Walker is a reference to Drury Walker, better known as Killer Moth from DC Comics.
    • B. Karlo is a reference to Basil Karlo, better known as Clayface from DC Comics.
    • P. Meechum is a reference to Peter Meechum, a scientist from Generator Rex.


  • The concept of this episode was originally created by Sif.
    • He was meant to guest write this episode, being the first ever guest writer on the series, but he was dismissed from being guest writer.
    • Bat was then later meant to co-write the episode but, due to poor planning on the main writer's behalf and other unknown circumstances, he was unavailable.
  • The episode's title would have be changed to a different one if an alternative (original) title was avaliable.
  • While making the episode, the Writer started to realise that the situation Drake is in would have worked better if he was stuck with John rather than Kate.
  • According to Kate, Detective Wilson knows how to repair a generator.
  • The Lobby of the MCA Building is seen for the first time.
    • It was, however, meant to appear in a previous episode but the edit was removed for some apparent reason.
  • Instead of rolling against the street after the Techno-Speed breaks apart, Drake was originally going to use his Stealth Wings which would have caused him to drop from a certain height, raising tension.
  • This episode was inspired by The Flash episode, Power Outage.
  • Another version of the episode was that Drake would only be able to use each of his forms once so he would have to learn to use them moderantely.
  • Originally, Dr. Blank was meant to die from overloading on Drake's Nanogene energy however the plot was altered for a more positive outcome.
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