This content contains material that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 9
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Out of Harm's Way is the 59th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in a conference room where the Conqueror is seated in a dim room, at the end of a long table. He has his elbows on the table and hands clasped together, rested before his mouth as he stares ahead. In the corner of the room, the droid- still disguised as his secretary- is standing, watching the Conqueror then the rest of the table quietly.

The Conqueror: So that is my plan for the future, gentlemen. I do hope that you take it into great consideration.

Before the Conqueror are several holographic screens being projected from a small circular device at the center of the table. The screens are displaying government officials and others of the sort in different offices.

Government Official, on the screen: But what about the Brandon 10 kid? He's still out there and could be a potential danger to this plan of yours.

Government Official 2: Yes. He attacked you before. Aren't you concerned he'll come after you again? The child is obviously dangerous especially now that he's lost his mind.

The Conqueror: Rest assured, gentlemen. I have contingencies for such the occasion. But please do consider what I have to say. I assure you, it's of great importance.

The government officials think among themselves for a brief moment before looking ahead and nodding at the Conqueror or simply giving a short statement of assurance before ending the transmission. As the projections fade, a man can be seen watching from the shadows by the doorway.

The Conqueror: I thought I said no visitors.

Conqueror Droid: He insisted, sir.

The Conqueror: Is it really that important, Sergeant Johnson?

Sergeant Johnson steps from the shadows as he approaches the table.

Sergeant Johnson: It just could be. You said to inform you if anything were to threaten your place in the government.

The Conqueror, sternly: Well?

Sergeant Johnson: Well, I just received word that General Gates is preparing a trip to our residential base.

The Conqueror: General Gates, huh? (beat) He worked with you on that Area 51 ordeal, correct?

Sergeant Johnson: Yes, sir. He's one of our best but he had a soft spot for that Tennyson boy.

The Conqueror: Yes, well, we sought that out, didn't we? So what could be the trouble with him this time?

Sergeant Johnson: Like I already said, he's planning on visiting the residential base. And he hardly ever does that unless it's for special occasions. I'm worried that- well- he's seen our operations, right? Well- (looks off to the side) Perhaps, he's tempted to step aside from it to give focus to something else.

A slam against the table is heard, jolting Johnson's attention back to the Conqueror; who now has his hands on the table and is stood up from his seat, looking ahead at Johnson.

The Conqueror: And what- might I ask- be more important than what I'm- (clears throat) what we're fighting for?

Sergeant Johnson: S-Sorry sir, I just assumed you knew since you had his file. Well um- to put it simply- there are rumors going around that the General is thinking of retirement.

The Conqueror's eyes widen just slightly.

The Conqueror: Interesting. So General Gates is retiring? Well then, this does change everything.

Sergeant Johnson: Sir?

The Conqueror: If he leaves the service, there's no telling what he might do. He's out of our hands and, therefore, out of our reach. And if it really is like you claim, Sergeant Johnson, then General Gates is not suitable for an ally, now is he? So he must be dealt with as our enemy.

Sergeant Johnson: But, he's about to retire, sir. He's worked so hard for us. Don't you think-

The Conqueror: What? We let him go? Like I already stated, Johnson, this is a matter of security. If we can't trust Gates, then we have to eliminate him. That's how this works.

Sergeant Johnson: I... I understand, sir. It's just- (sigh) He's a good man, Councilman.

A smile soon spreads on the Conqueror's face as he leans back and descends back into his seat, crossing his legs.

The Conqueror: And there lies the problem, Sergeant. We... are not. Now go back to your station like a good little boy. I'm going to need to make a few calls.

The Sergeant is hesitant at first but nods then turns away to leave.

Sergeant Johnson: Yes, sir...

He soon leaves the room with the Conqueror Droid watching the door cautiously. Her head swerves to the Conqueror's direction as he turns from his chair and stands over to the back of the office, hands clasped behind his back.

The Conqueror: Establish a connection. (turns to the Conqueror Droid) I'm in need of their service once again.

Conqueror Droid: Yes, sir.

The Conqueror Droid draws out its hand and a small slot opens up on its palm. Soon, a holographic projection props up from their hand. The back of the screen is seen with the view shifts behind it to show the Conqueror walking towards it.

The Conqueror: Well then, I have a job for you.

Theme Song

After the titles, the Phoenix Labs facility is seen in the evening. At the back area by the dumpsters, the employee door can be seen opening with Eli Wright stepping outside. His ears are plugged as he listens to some electronic music. He's also carrying a trash bag as he tosses it into the dumpster. As he dusts his hands to head back inside, he stops upon seeing something. He takes out one of his ear buds and leans ahead, seeing a leg sticking out from behind one of the dumpsters. As he approaches the leg, some faint breathing can be heard as well. Eli then looks behind the dumpster, some surprise soon coming to him.

Eli Wright: Brandon?

Before him, Brandon looks up from Lucy's body at Eli. She remains unconscious and he looks pretty distressed, as she clutches onto her.

Brandon: Help me.

Eli looks bewildered by what's occurring before him but, soon enough, the scene cuts forward to the inside of Eli's laboratory where he- with the help of Brandon- is inserting her inside of a pod, of some kind. The pod closes shut and liquid rushes easily into the pod. Brandon places his hand on the glass and looks inside at Lucy. She has sensors attached to different parts of her suit and respirator over her mouth. The liquid soon covers her completely and she floats slightly within the pod. As Brandon continues looking at the pod, his reflection soon covers Lucy and he appears to be looking back at himself with a worried expression. He then turns slowly away from the pod, hand still on it, and pushes off to look over at Eli.

Brandon: What's going to happen to her?

Eli: I placed her inside a recovery pod. It's not fully tested but it's designed to treat people who test our inventions in case, well, they need to recover from them. The liquid inside the pod is a recovery gel mixed with water to soothes the nerves and relax the body, triggering a quickened pace of healing within the inhabitant.

Brandon: Wow, that's- really smart.

Eli: This is a place for scientists, after all. (sigh) Brandon- (turning to him) What the heck is going on, man? I mean- first, you show up out of the blue which is great because we're such close friends and it was nice to see you but then you bring up an evil crime lord who is after the place I work at. Then you attack a Councilman and then the place is being threatened by lawyers. And now you show up with a girl dressed up like a cosplayer who needs medically attention!

Brandon: I know. I know. It's crazy but I just really needed your help. You said if I needed something to come. And well, I just didn't have anywhere else to go. People are after me, Eli. You're the only one I can really trust out here.

Eli sighs after, wiping his hands against his face.

Eli: I'm sticking my neck out here for you, man. If someone were to catch me helping you out, I'd lose my chance at getting a proper, solid job here. No- I'd lose my internship. No- I'd get thrown in jail for aiding and abetting a criminal!

Brandon: Come on, man, you don't really believe that, right?

Eli: Does it really matter what I think?

Brandon: Maybe not. But it really does to me.

Eli: I know... and I trust you too. I know you're not a bad guy. But still- what's with the girl?

Brandon looks behind him at the pod. He sighs and looks down.

Brandon: It's uh complicated. But I really need you to see what's wrong with her? (turning back to Eli) There was an experiment gone wrong and, well, she just collapsed on me a little bit afterwards.

Eli: Dude, I'm not a biologist. I work with inventions- y'know machines. I wouldn't know a thing about alien DNA and all that stuff. All I can tell you is she's physically exhausted. Not like she's exerted herself but, almost as if she's lacking nutrients or something. Like I said... I wouldn't know.

Brandon: But I might... Can I borrow your set up?

Eli: Sure but, please, be careful. This stuff ain't cheap.

Brandon: I promise, I'll be gentle.

Brandon makes his way over to a microscope and examines the sample underneath. It looks like some of her cells are drained while others appear red and green, surging with energy.

Brandon: Interesting.

Eli: So?

Brandon: You were right. She was definitely lacking in something but not nutrients. Cells.

Eli: Cells? Don't tell me she's having some kind of cellular disintegration or something.

Brandon: No, thank goodness. Half of her cells appear to be drained of the genetic make up that the Ultimatrix provided. And since that is apart of her genetic structure- aka her DNA- she could have easily broken down; just in a far worse way. We were lucky that I stopped that experiment early, otherwise she could've been drained completely. Right now, it looks like her cells will recharge over time but she just needs to rest.

Eli: In that case, there's nothing I can do for her.

Brandon: Right. But still, can she stay here? If she goes out with me, there's a chance she'll get caught up with whatever I'm dealing with. And so far, no one knows that she's well- associated with me. Please, Eli.

Eli: Alright.... she can stay but only in the lab and not for too long, alright? By the way, you can't stay long either. I may be tight with security around here but they're even tighter with protocol. They will find you if you stay here.

Brandon: Don't worry. I don't plan on wearing out my welcome. I still have to stop the Conqueror. Erm- Mr. C. The Councilman. Whatever he's calling himself nowadays.

Eli: So that's what you're up to. And she's involved in your mission as well?

Brandon: Yeah. That's kinda why I need you to- I dunno- science her up.

Eli: Brandon, I can't just science someone up and make them feel better. Didn't you want to be a scientist back when we were in school?

Brandon: Fair enough but still.

Eli: I'm starting to think we should have said you would wind up being a technician or website designer in the future rather than some kind of hero. It was a crime-fighting hero, right?

Brandon: Something like that. Heh.

Eli: Alright. I might actually be able to do something science-like, after all. Just give me some time. And don't worry, I'll make sure she's alright. You can count on me.

Brandon: Thanks. Seriously. You have no idea how much she means to me.

Eli: I've seen you with Sarah, remember? I think I have some idea. Just be careful out there, alright? We want her to see you when she wakes up again, yeah?

Brandon: Yeah.

Brandon smirks then turns to the door. He stops at the door once more and looks over at the pod, seeing Lucy again. His smirk fades but is soon replaced by a determined look as he leaves the laboratory. The scene cuts over to the hideout in the abandoned building. Brandon soon enters, seeing Coco and Sarah looking over at him from their technical set ups.

Brandon: What's going on?

Sarah: Didn't you see our messages?

Coco: Yeah, we've been trying to get a hold of you for a while now, dude.

Brandon: Sorry, I was going through something. What's up?

Sarah glances over at Coco who glances back at her.

Sarah, looking back at Brandon: We may have found a way to defeating the Conqueror. Or, at least, getting a foot hold into a plan of some kind.

Brandon: You guys managed to figure something out?

Coco: What do you think we were doing this whole time?

Brandon: Well, hey, it's a start, right? So what do you guys have so far?

Sarah: You're probably not going to like it.

Brandon: Look, I already don't like the current situation we're in so it can't get any worse, right? At least this is a step we can take towards taking the Conqueror down for good.

Coco: He's got a point.

Sarah: Alright... So we've been trying to access as much information as we can and we discovered something. It looks like- well- I should probably just get to the point already. We realized that there isn't a direct way of accessing the Conqueror without first accessing his systems.

Brandon: But we can't do that. Not without getting close to him and he wouldn't let us. Not him or the security he'll have or even the police for that matter.

Sarah: Exactly. Which is why we would need someone on the inside working with us. But the only person we might actually have a chance at convincing is... well-

Coco: General Gates.

Brandon: What? Tell me you guys didn't actually consider this.

Sarah: Brandon, we don't exactly have a choice to be picky right now.

Brandon: This isn't about being picky, Sarah. This about someone who betrayed us and our trust and is now probably working for one of my greatest enemies!

Coco: Our greatest enemies. We're apart of this too, man.

Brandon: Right... Sorry, guys.

Sarah: I realize that this is difficult, Brandon. And I realize that he did betray us. But he was also doing his job and following orders. We can't hold it against him completely even if he did agree with those orders. But we still have so much history together. We can't ignore that... and neither can he.

Brandon: So you really think that we can just reason with him. Think about the good ol' days and convince him to work with us, sacrificing the career in the military that he worked so hard for just for a bunch of kids he hardly knew?

Coco: Well, when you put it like that....

Sarah: We have to give it a chance. It's a risk but if we sit around playing it safe, well- doing nothing is bigger risk than doing something... doing this.

Brandon sighs and looks down, scratching the back of his head in thought. He then turns to Coco then back to Sarah.

Brandon: Alright... I just hope you're right. We can go along with this plan but, I mean- do we even have a way of reaching him?

Coco: Well, there's some good news in this, at least.

Brandon: Oh?

Sarah: We know where he'll be staying at for a short period of time. Enough time for us to convince him to help us.

Brandon: Where's that then? Charlie Base? Bravo Base?

Sarah types on the keyboard of the laptop she's currently using and pulls up a diagram plan of the facility that he'll be staying at.

Sarah: It's actually a residential base of some kind. It's where they house the families of military and government operatives as well as special guests and members. Since it was a former black-site, the security is pretty high but the location isn't as much of a well kept secret as, say, Area 51.

Coco: Which probably explains how we were able to find it.

Sarah: Come on, give me a little bit more credit than that. I am a skilled hacker.

Coco: Good point. Guess it's just been a while since you've put those skills to the test.

Brandon: So we know what to do and we know where to go. We can always think of something else, guys.

Coco: We don't have the time to think about it. Sometimes you just have to go with your instincts.

Brandon: Yeah, but we need to think too. Have a plan, a strategy.

Sarah: But we also have to take some risks, Brandon. We don't run the same kind of operations anymore. The world is changing around us and if we don't change with it then it'll consume us. And then he'll win.

Brandon: ...Okay. Let's do it. To stop the Conqueror.

Sarah: Together.

Coco: As a team.

The three of them smile at each other with determined looks. The moment seems to drag on, however, until Brandon glances between the two of them.

Brandon: Uh- so how are we gonna get there again?

Coco and Sarah then start to look between themselves as well. The scene cuts ahead, to later on, at the facility later into the night. The facility, itself, looks like a campus of some sorts with a fence surrounding the area and some obvious military buildings poking out from behind it. There are also spotlights on the fence, pointing down before the entrance area. Through the lights, several military vehicles are be seen moving into more exclusive parking with soldiers guarding and patrolling the perimeter. The team watch the area from a safe distance and look out from behind a large rock.

Brandon: Looks like this is the place, alright.

Coco: As you can see, it's reasonably guarded. The guests come in through the entrance and that fence keeps out any intruders. Probably hooked up with all sorts of sensors.

Sarah: Yeah. Going inside won't be a picnic and neither will getting out.

Brandon thinks for a moment, stroking his chin slightly. He then turns to Sarah with, at least, a part of an idea.

Brandon: Hey, do you think you can teleport us inside?

Sarah: What? Here? Now?

Brandon: You've done it before.

Sarah: Yeah, but it also took a lot out of me.

Coco: We can't ask her for too much.

Brandon: No, you're right. But still- 

Coco: Don't you have a teleporting alien?

Brandon: I just can't use him all the time. I have to have a clear idea of where I'm going, otherwise I can just end up anywhere. Besides, Portal isn't exactly a discreet alien. If I open up a wormhole in the middle of an army base, people are going to notice- residential or not.

Coco, turning back to the facility: Fair enough. Well, it's not like we can just walk in through the front door.

Brandon thinks more on it then turns to the facility, looking at the large entrance.

Brandon: Actually... we just might be able to.

Sarah: What?

Brandon: Listen, I think I have a plan.

Coco: Oh boy. Here we go.

Brandon: No really. This is probably one of the greatest ideas I've had in terms of plans.

The scene then cuts- abruptly- to the entrance of the area where the spotlights on the fence shine down on Brandon. Armed guards rush out and surround him and Coco who slowly raise her arms up. Soon enough, two guards come over to them and knock them to their knees.

Soldier: Don't move! Stay where you are! You are under military detainment!

Coco, getting cuffed: This is by far one of the dumbest ideas you've had in terms of plans.

Brandon, getting cuffed as well: Well, it was an idea after all...

The two are then lifted up from the ground and escorted inside by guards and soldiers of the like. The scene then cuts again to General Gates who is rushing down a corridor inside one of the military buildings. One of the soldiers turns from conversation with another and attempts to stop Gates.

Soldier: Sir, I'm afraid you really shouldn't be back here.

General Gates: Move, soldier. This is urgent.

He pushes past the soldier and continues rushing down the corridor until he reaches a room. He turns the door handle and pushes the door in, seeing a briefing room with military operatives, GEIT soldiers and agents watching through a glass window. Gates turns to the window from the doorway, seeing Brandon and Coco seated at a table, cuffed to the table.

General Gates, walking in slowly, stunned: Well I'll be...

One of the GEIT soldiers approaches Gates from the sidelines.

GEIT Soldier: General Gates, I was told that you shouldn't be here.

General Gates: So what I heard was true. You actually captured Brandon 10.

GEIT Soldier: Yes, sir. Well, it was technically the military but since we're all working together then yes, sir.

General Gates: I see. I see... Where's the girl?

GEIT Soldier: Sir?

General Gates: Well, there's two of them in holding, right? Well, where's the third one? They always travel together... like a pack.

GEIT Soldier: There were only those two at the gate, sir. It looked like they were turning themselves in. And since the girl doesn't have a warrant out for her arrest, it makes sense that she wouldn't be here.

General Gates: Yes, well, the question still remains... why did they choose to come here? Especially at a time like this.

GEIT Soldier: No offense, sir, but- I believe the answer is obvious.

General Gates: Yes... They're here for me.

GEIT Soldier: That's why we were told to keep you from the area. We didn't want any harm to come to you... or the prisoners. After all, there is believed to be a rivalry between the two of you and we don't want this situation to escalate out of our control. Our orders are to wait for Sergeant Johnson to land so he can question the prisoners himself then we can send them over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sir.

General Gates: Yes, well, I didn't care much to speak with them anyways. Just make sure they remain here, understood? I have a very urgent meeting to attend to here and I can't have them disturbing it.

GEIT Soldier: Understood, sir.

General Gates: Good. Well, I'll be off then.

Gates turns to leave but stops at the door to turn back to the soldier.

General Gates: Mikes, was it?

GEIT Soldier: Yes, sir. Franklin Mikes.

General Gates: Yes. Well, tell me, Mikes- who do they have questioning Br- er- the prisoners right now?

Mikes: Right now, sir?

General Gates: Yes. Yes, now, before the Sergeant arrives. I know they're prepping them up, aren't they?

Mikes: Yes, sir. They have the Captain of the Alpha Team doing the questioning, sir.

General Gates: Well, great. He's going to be rough with him... Oh, no matter, I suppose. I'll be off.

Mikes: Yes, sir.

Gates leaves the room. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, both Brandon and Coco are seated by a table, cuffed to it as well. Brandon looks around the room while Coco pushes against the cuffs; he also happens to have some kind of device wrapped around his neck in the form of a collar.

Brandon: Huh, guess they really did have an interrogation room. Kinda like those shows... (turning to Coco, seeing him struggle) What are you doing?

Coco: I hate cuffs. They hurt.

Brandon: Maybe it's because you're struggling against them.

Coco: I'm struggling against them because they hurt!

Brandon: Well, cool it. Pretty sure there are like bunch of guys watching us right now and listening to every word we say.

Coco: Yeah? Well, I don't care what anybody thinks.

The door behind them then opens and the Alpha Team Commander enters with another member of the Alpha Team following him inside.

Alpha Team Commander: Well, you'd ought to. After all, we're the ones looking after you... for now.

Brandon: Oh great, it's you. You know I was expecting to talk to someone else actually.

Alpha Team Commander: Too bad because now you're stuck in here with me. Oh you have no idea how long I waited for this. I always knew you would betray us and side with those aliens but now the General sees it too and it looks like I'm the one who's going to get rewarded for it. Because now I get to do with you as I wish. (chuckles)

Alpha Team Soldier: Remember, we're only here to inform them of their situation and keep them in control in case they stop cooperating.

Alpha Team Commander, turning to him forcefully: Are you trying to ruin my moment?

Alpha Team Soldier: Look, I'm just telling it how it is. I don't want to get stuck mopping to mess hall with you just because we decided to stop following orders again.

Alpha Team Commander: Gr! Fine. There's always another time, brats. Besides, you could always give me the excuse and try breaking out of those cuffs.

Brandon: Speaking of which- are these even necessary?

Coco: Or special? We do have powers, you know.

Alpha Team Commander: Oh yeah, we came prepared for you two. Can't reach that fancy bracelet of yours if your hands are bound, now can you? As for you in the blue, that accessory around your neck ain't just for decoration. It's a device the boys in the lab have been whipping up to test of specimen with similar powers to yours. Ain't that, right?

Alpha Team Soldier: I guess.

Alpha Team Commander: Well if "I guess" is your reaction then how about you tell them the science behind it then.

Alpha Team Soldier: (sigh) The device is outfitted with sensors that detected a twitch in the neck for the alien specimen when their powers were in use. Their neck would then relax and the tension would vanish when reliving themselves of the absorbed material or energy. In addition to the sensors, there are also circuits capable of delivering a shock to the specimen.

Alpha Team Commander: Basically, you so much as even sneeze and you go zap. The voltage increases in the douses the more you act up, got it?

Coco: Heh. Please! Like I need powers to break out of these things.

Alpha Team Commander: Come on, who are you kidding?

Coco: I'm serious. I can break these cuffs!

Alpha Team Soldier: You can't break those cuffs.

Coco, pulling against the cuffs: Argh!

The Alpha Team Soldier looks annoyingly at Coco before stepping back from the table. As Coco continues to struggle, he starts tensing up and a minor shock is delivered from the collar, electrocuting him.

Coco: Gah!

Alpha Team Commander: Are you finished? ...Are you done?

Coco: Y-Yeah... I was just... (huff) testing to see if it really worked or not. (huff) Guess you guys know your stuff after all.

Alpha Team Commander: Whatever. You guys are just wasting my time and everyone else's. Just stay put and don't cause any trouble. Otherwise, you won't hear the end of me.

Coco: Pretty sure, we've heard enough of you already.

Alpha Team Commander: Heh. You'd think so.

Alpha Team Soldier: Alright, we should go. They probably want to brief us.

Alpha Team Commander: ...Yeah. Alright. Come on already.

The Commander moves over to the door and opens it. He looks back at the two of them cuffed to the table.

Alpha Team Commander: All you had to do was give up that power of yours. Easy as that. A real man needs control like that, power like that... real men like me. You and your little group are nothing but miserable stains that get in the way of people like us. So think about that while you're stuck in this little hole. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time to think it over. Heh.

The Commander turns back to the door and leaves with the soldier following behind. As the door starts to close, Brandon turns to the door- vexed. He then turns back to Coco.

Brandon: Hey, you alright?

Coco: Yeah... Yeah. I was just thinking that ought to buy us some time.

Brandon: Yeah, I hope so. After all, it is all according to plan.

He says this with a slight smirk as the scene soon transitions over to earlier where the three of them were behind the rock.

Sarah: Wait, what's your plan exactly?

Coco: Forget it, this isn't going to work. It makes no sense.

Brandon: Come on, Coco, think it through. Sarah can't teleport us all inside without exhausting herself and we can't sneak in- the security is too tight, we'd all get captured. So why not get captured on purpose?

Coco: Just how does that help us in the slightest? If we're all captured, then how are we going to get out? They'll probably have something for our powers since they know how we work by now.

Brandon: That's the thing. We won't all be captured. (turning to Sarah) Just us.

Sarah: But what about me?

Brandon: The guards will come and capture us-

The scene shows Brandon and Coco approaching the entrance for the spotlights to come down on them and the guards to show up surrounding them soon after.

Brandon, voicing over: which will distract them on the outside... and the inside.

The scene cuts over to Sarah who watches this transpire from behind the rock. She then turns to herself and chants a spell before vanishing in a wave of pink energy.

Brandon, voicing over: So while they're distracted, you can use that teleportation spell for just yourself. The strain shouldn't be as high, right? So you should be able to manage once you get inside.

The scene cuts again to the inside of the facility where Sarah reappears as the wave of energy fades away from her. She leans against a wall in alleyway-like structure to catch her breath. She then looks up and looks before the wall, only to see Brandon and Coco being taken into the facilities by the guards and soldiers in the short distance. She then looks ahead at them determined.

Coco: So once she's inside, we can hold them off while she goes after Gates.

Sarah: That would be my next move, yes. But it's also a move they'll be expecting. Remember Gates knows how we operate. He'll be curious as to why only the two of you showed up rather than the whole team. So if I make it seem like I'm breaking you out-

Brandon: Then he wouldn't suspect you that you're going to find him!

Sarah: Exactly.

The scene cuts back to Sarah in the alley. She turns her head and follows a trail of hidden wires with her eyes. She then carefully sneaks off to the side in the same direction as the wires. In a small area, there is a generator which wires connected to it. The generator is locked down in a metallic cage and guarded by a patrolling soldier. Sarah crouches down by the corner of a cabin and peeks to observe the soldier. His patrol route seems basic and also repetitive, a back and forth motion with a little delay. Sarah squints slightly and backs away. The scene back to the soldier on his patrol. He moves back, then forth, then back, then forth- but on his way back and small pink light floats before him. The soldier stops and takes a step back in surprise. He reaches for his weapon but stops, watching the light carefully as it floats upwards and downwards in a soothing motion. He follows it with his eyes then his head as it rises and descends more than before. Soon the light floats over his head and travels behind him. The guard is quick to follow after it by turning back however, rather than the light, he is met with Sarah's foot as it comes down onto his head from a swift kick delivery. The guard drops to the ground, unconscious, dropping his weapon as well. Sarah then huffs and the pink light returns to her hand. She then turns to the door for the generator cage and amplifies the energy in her hand into a concentrated spark. She then burns through the cage's lock and the door swings open, revealing the generator through the opening. Sarah then shifts the spark into an energy disc in her hand and throws it ahead at the generator.

Sarah: Yah!

The generator then sparks up and the power throughout the entire facility starts to go down. Back in the briefing room, the soldiers and operatives are talking among each other while Brandon and Coco remain seated in the interrogation room as seen through the window. However, the power soon cuts off- throwing the scene into darkness; even the room inside of the window is pitch dark. The operative look around and scramble for answers.

Alpha Team Commander, activating his radio: Mikes. Mikes, what's going on?!

Mikes: Sorry, sir, but the generator seems to have been damaged- we're trying to get power over to the civilian homes now.

Alpha Team Commander: What? But we need power here!

Mikes: What about the back-up genera-

Alpha Team Commander: You're not hearing me, Mikes. There's no power in here which means there's nothing powering the- the-

The Commander looks ahead at the window and sees the glow from the Ultimatrix's central column.

Alpha Team Commander: Oh no...

The central column is soon pressed down and the window is engulfed in a green flash that shines into the briefing room. The operatives and agents shield their eyes and soon lower their arms to look inside the window.

Alpha Team Commander: ...Everybody stay on your guard! Power should coming back to us soon.

He approaches the window slowly while reaching for his weapon. He is now standing a couple of feet from the window, weapon in hand. The moment is silent as he faces the window in the dark. The lights can then be heard powering up again as the Commander continues looking straight the window. However, as the power returns to the room and lights do come back on, a table can be seen coming straight for the window much to the Commander's acute surprise.

Alpha Team Commander: Get down!

The table then crashes through the window and slams against the Commander, knocking him against the wall as the table collides with chairs and tables. The force of the throw alone must have been enough to pin most of the operatives and agents in the room up against the wall. Some are knocked down to the ground or pushed aside. Coco then leaps through the opening, holding something in his hands. The agents then scramble to their feet and fire at Coco. However, their projectiles don't do much against his metallic exterior. When the agents need to reload, Coco quickly turns around and presents what he had been holding; Wildpup. Wildpup then releases a sonic bark that knocks the remaining agents back.

Coco: Nice one. Now let's get out of here!

Wildpup: Bark!

Coco then runs out of the briefing room, carrying Wildpup. The Alpha Team Commander pushes against the table pinning him down, clearly angered.

Alpha Team Commander: Argh! Get up! Somebody stop that kid and his stupid dog already!

Elsewhere, at an earlier moment, Gates is walking over to the section of the base where the homes are located in the distance. The power then cuts off in his area and he looks around, confused then worried.

General Gates: Oh no!

He then rushes into the community. Inside, there are homes similar to one another; in fact, the whole residence appears like one of a gated community. Gates runs into a cul-de-sac area when the power suddenly comes back on. He continues rushing over to one home in particular. He hurries over to a keypad on the door and swipes his badge before imputing a security code into the lock. The lock then activates and the door unlocks. He swings the door open and rushes inside the dark home. He looks around but there doesn't appear to be any sign of someone there.

General Gates: Hello? Anyone here?!

Gates walks forward only for the sound of crunching to be heard. He then looks down at his feet and beneath it are pieces of a shattered object. He then looks up and walks further into the house. The lights then come on inside the house, much to Gates' surprise. He then turns around and sees a young girl standing by the light switch. She looks ahead at the man before her concerned. The young girl, who looks to be in her early teens, is also wearing a soft yellow blouse underneath an olive green halter vest. Her skirt is black with grey and white stripes. Her outfit appears like something a school girl would wear.

General Gates: Jennifer...

Jennifer: Is everything alright, father?

General Gates sighs in relief before walking over to the young girl.

General Gates: No, no. Everything is fine. I was just worried that you'd have gotten hurt.

Jennifer: I'm fine, father. I was worried about you. The lights had gone out and you weren't home. So I went to check on you by the window and I- erm knocked into the table and dropped that bowl. I'm sorry, father.

Gates kneels down before her and places his hand against her cheek, comforting her gently.

General Gates: It's alright, sweetie. I'm glad you're fine. You weren't scared, were you?

Jennifer: I'm stronger than I look, father.

General Gates: Heh. I know, buttercup.

Jennifer: And one day, I might be stronger than you!

General Gates: (chuckles) Yeah, you just might be kiddo. But it's alright to show some feelings once in a while, y'know. Especially around your old man.

Jennifer looks off the side.

Jennifer: I know, father, but- I want to make a good example. Besides, it wouldn't be polite to act differently in front of the nice woman you know.

Gates looks at Jennifer with a confused look.

General Gates: What nice woman?

Jennifer then looks past Gates, causing him to turn behind him. Sarah then stands there, looking at the two of them. Surprise suddenly comes to Gates as he gets to his feet and stands before Kelly, blocking her from Sarah.

Sarah: I'm sorry to intrude but I really needed to speak with you.

General Gates: You have no right to be here.

Sarah: I can understand why this meeting was important to you now... but I assure you, I didn't know who you meeting with. Otherwise, I might not have came here at all.

General Gates: Why are you here then?

Sarah: To talk. Believe me, I know we've all had our differences in the past but we're trying to push past that. It's not why we're here.

General Gates: Isn't it? You break into a military facility, you break into my personal home with my daughter inside? I swear if you touched her-

Sarah: No. No, I didn't. We just talked, I promise.

General Gates: Jennifer, is this true?

Jennifer: Y-Yes, father. Why? Is something wrong? Who is she? She said you know each other. Did I do something wrong, father?

General Gates: No, Jennifer. It's fine. I just need to talk to her for a moment, would you mind heading to your room for now?

Jennifer: I can stay if you want, father. I can help with this.

General Gates: That's brave of you, sweetie. But I think I've got this one in the bag. You just head upstairs, alright? Please? For me?

Jennifer looks at her father for a moment before nodding. She then turns to the stairs and moves upwards. Gates then watches her leave the room while Sarah looks ahead.

Sarah: I didn't know you had a daughter...

General Gates: There's a lot you don't know about me. And I intend on keeping it that way.

Sarah: Like I said, I'm just here to talk.

General Gates: About what?

Sarah: Our situation.

General Gates: ...Go on.

Sarah: We're hiding out, we're on the run. We can't even go to our homes, see our families-

General Gates: Last time I checked, there wasn't an APB out for you. It seems you can go wherever you want, Miss. Tennyson.

Sarah: But what about Brandon and Coco? I can't just turn my backs on them.

General Gates: No? Because birds of a feather flock together, right?

Sarah: What?

General Gates: You're a group, a little posse. You follow each other to the end but you can just as easily turn your back on someone like me.

Sarah: That's not what happened.

General Gates: I saw good in you and you threw it away to do what? Live in your situation? All those things that are happening to you, those are called consequences, dear. You need to learn to live with them instead of coming over to me to fix your little boo-boo.

Sarah: That's not the case, General, and you know it! Do you really believe we would just drop what we're doing to what? Become criminals? We were framed... set up! Isn't that easier to believe or have you truly lost faith in us? Is everything that we've been through for nothing?

Gates looks ahead, taken aback. He looks down- about to say something- when an explosion is heard and the house shakes suddenly. Both Gates and Sarah hold out their arms to balance themselves as the shaking halts.

Sarah: What was that?!

General Gates: Wouldn't you know? It's probably your boys trying to kill me or something!

Sarah: Just shut up and keep your daughter safe.

General Gates: You don't get to order me!

Sarah: You really want to argue with me on that?

Gates is silent.

Sarah: Yeah, that's what I thought. Make sure to keep your head down. I'll go see what it is, sir.

Sarah approaches the door and steps outside while Gates turns to the door before turning to the stairs and heading up them. Outside, Sarah stops as a few explosives are thrown before her. She takes a step back and looks up in surprise. The silver Bounty Hunter flies by, dropping explosives from his arms then turns to the entrance of the home and sees Sarah standing there. The Bounty Hunter hovers in the air whilst looking down at her.

Bounty Hunter, in a robotic voice: You are not my target.

Sarah: Let me guess- your target is inside this home, isn't he?

Bounty Hunter, in a robotic voice: Your assessment is correct.

Sarah: Well then, I can't let you get to him.

She throws out her arms with pink energy warped around them.

Bounty Hunter, in a robotic voice: Statement Acknowledged. Generating Response...

Sarah looks up at the Bounty Hunter, with a mix of slight curiosity and confusion.

Bounty Hunter, in a robotic voice: Response Acquired. You will need to be destroyed as well!

The Bounty Hunter then charges up a blast and fires a laser beam from his hands at Sarah who throws up her hands to form an energy shield around her. However, as the beam continues with no sign of stopping, Sarah starts to struggle to keep the shield up; her foot even starts to skid against the ground as the force pushes her back slightly. Just as the laser fire keeps up, a concentrated wave of flames hits the Bounty Hunter, knocking him back in the air. He turns his head and looks ahead. A large, bulky and metallic arm can then be seen with a faint smoke leaving the central cannon hole. The view then zooms out to show that the arm belongs to Magnesium who stands besides Coco who is absorbing the pavement to gain a pavement form.

Coco: Hey, it's that Bounty Hunter from the court house!

Magnesium: Well, at least we know who hired him the first time which means the Conqueror must be behind this attack as well!

Coco: I'm not even worried about that right now. I just want to give him a piece of my mind for blasting me into some stairs before!

The Bounty Hunter then boosts himself ahead at the two of them and blasts them with rapid laser fire from his hands. The blasts deflect off from Magnesium's armor but wind up chipping away at Coco's pavement form.

Coco: Ack!

Coco manages to swing but misses as the Bounty Hunter flies through the two of them, swerving around the cul-de-sac as if coming in for another go at them. Coco waves his arm aside angrily and turns to Magnesium.

Coco: Can't you just blow this guy out of the sky?!

Magnesium: I don't know if you noticed this but we're in a residential area. Which means there are people in those homes. We have to secure the area and make sure no one can get hurt before you really let this guy have it. Sarah?

Sarah, gathering herself: Yeah, I think I read you.

Sarah then closes her eyes and throws her hands up into the air. She then releases her pink energy to form a large energy barrier around the cul-de-sac. The Bounty Hunter then stops the edge of the energy barrier and looks around, noticing his entrapment. He then turns back to the three.

Coco, getting ready: Nice. Now he has nowhere to run!

Magnesium: Yeah... but now he has somewhere to fight. Get ready!

The Bounty Hunter boosts ahead towards them. Magnesium extends out his arms and releases a wave of explosives at the Bounty Hunter. They appear to make contact- however, the Bounty Hunter flies through them.

Magnesium: What?!

Coco: He's a Bounty Hunter. Their gear must protect them from their own explosives.

Magnesium: Weren't you the one who wanted me to blow him out of the sky?

Coco: That was just a spur of the moment choice of words.

Magnesium: Right...

Magnesium runs up ahead and slams down against the ground by the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter, however, blasts the air with his laser- redirecting him upwards before coming back down, onto the ground before Magnesium, and blasting him in the back with heavy laser fire.

Magnesium: Gack!

Coco runs over and strikes the Bounty Hunter back. He then swings again but the Bounty Hunter evades that punch. Coco strikes again and again but the Bounty Hunter continues to side-step him. Coco throws yet another punch but- this time- the Bounty Hunter catches his fist then his other one with Coco throws one more punch. The Bounty Hunter then starts to squeeze down on Coco's wrists, cracking his pavement form.

Sarah, worried: Coco!

Magnesium then gets up from his knee and throws up his arm, releasing another wave of explosives- this time they tear up the ground before him. The force of the explosives as well as the fire and debris from the ground blow forcefully over towards the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter turns while still grabbing onto Coco and lets go of him as he jets upwards into the sky. The explosive force and the debris then hit Coco, slamming him into the energy barrier. Sarah nearly drops down to her knee as she struggles to keep the shield up.

Magnesium: Whoops... Sorry!

Sarah shoots Magnesium an annoyed look as the Bounty Hunter flies overhead, dropping more explosives- this time at the base of the shield. Sarah continues to struggle to keep the shield up.

Sarah: I don't think I can hold this up for much longer. There's too much force against it.

Magnesium: Maybe that's a good thing.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Magnesium: On my signal, drop the shield.

Sarah: What?

Magnesium: I've got an idea.

Sarah: ...Alright. I trust you.

Magnesium slaps down the Ultimatrix symbol and, within a flash, transforms into Telecraft.

Telecraft: Telecraft!

Telecraft then analyzes the area and observes the movements of the Bounty Hunter.

Sarah: Brandon?

Telecraft: ...Alright, now!

Sarah then lowers her hands and the energy shield around them fades. The Bounty Hunter comes in for another explosive attack at the shield but pulls back with the shield vanishes. He then flies upwards and turns away, flying from the cul-de-sac. Sarah steps back and watches the Bounty Hunter leave as Telecraft focuses on something else.

Sarah: He's uh- leaving...

Telecraft: Wait for it.

Telecraft then uses his telepathy to pull apart a tree house, a street light and an unused military vehicle. The Bounty Hunter continues flying further and further away from them.

Sarah: He's getting away, Brandon.

Telecraft: Wait for it...

Telecraft then starts to form an object out of all the pieces. The Bounty Hunter then starts to curve back towards them, using the jets in his boots to boost himself ahead at top speeds.

Sarah: Okay, now he's coming this way.

Telecraft: Well, at least he's not leaving.

He says this as he continues crafting the object before him using his telepathy. The Bounty Hunter then approaches closer and closer, each second increasing his diving speed. He then extends his arms forward and arms them with explosives. Sarah readies herself with pink energy discs.

Sarah: Brandon!

Telecraft: And...

The Bounty Hunter is then right before them with Telecraft lifts the object he had been building- a racket made from the objects he took apart- from one of the yards. Before the Bounty Hunter can properly react, the racket smacks against him- slamming him down to the street which he skids and tosses across to the other side until he slams into a mail box. His armor then sparks up as he lays against it. Sarah then lowers her hands as Telecraft places his hands on his hips.

Telecraft: Boo-yah.

Sarah: That was close.

Telecraft: You should've waited for it.

Sarah: Alright, smart guy- what now?

Telecraft: Now? I'll just turn this mail box...

He raises his hand out and breaks the mail box apart into pieces. He then closes his fist as the pieces come together around the Bounty Hunter. Soon enough, the pieces form some sort of containment cube that locks the Bounty Hunter into place.

Telecraft: ...into a jail box.

Sarah: That big brain of yours might give you the ability to come up with puns on the spot like that, but it was still pretty weak.

Telecraft: Ugh- well at least we're done with that. We don't have to deal with any more surprises.

Just as he says that, military vehicle pour into the cul-de-sac and surround the team. Coco looks up from the ground, dropping his pavement form, as GEIT soldiers get out of the vehicles. They raise their weapons at them and both Sarah and Telecraft raise their hands; the latter more so out of annoyance than surprise. Within a flash, Telecraft transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Right... Military base. Almost forgot about that.

The men then approach them and detain each of them, even getting Coco up from the ground and holding him steady. Gates then steps from his home, radio in hand.

General Gates: Alright, bring them in here, boys.

GEIT Soldier: Sir?

General Gates: You heard me. Get them into the house. I need to question them personally...

GEIT Soldier: But sir, the Sergeant is supposed to-

General Gates: The Sergeant isn't here right now, son. Besides, I'm the one in charge right now. Now these fugitives have attacked me and I personally want to get to the bottom of this. Whatever the Sergeant wants to do with them after is up to him. Now is this going to be a problem?

GEIT Soldier: No, sir.

General Gates: Good. Now get them in. And watch the carpet, will you?

GEIT Soldier: Y-Yes, sir.

The GEIT Soldier rallies up the other men to bring the team inside of the house. Gates watches from the yard at the Bounty Hunter captured across the street. He squints slightly before turning back to the house. Gates then approaches the door but stops suddenly. He then ponders for a moment before pulling out his radio once more.

General Gates, activating his radio: Mikes, do you read me?

Mikes, over the radio: Yes, sir. Are you alright? What's your status?

General Gates: Chipper. Listen, was this incident reported yet?

Mikes, over the radio: No, sir. Everyone else aside from the men with you are clueless as to what happened over there. All we know is that there was an intense attack on the base. We also gathered by the escaped prisoners were responsible. Is that correct, sir?

General Gates: Yes. Just about.

Mikes: Should we evacuate the homes, sir?

General Gates: No, I don't think it should come to that but make sure everyone keeps their heads down. I doubt the night is over.

Mikes, over the radio: Yes, sir.

General Gates: And another thing, Mikes.

Mikes, over the radio: Sir?

General Gates: The report must only say Brandon 10 and his associates attacked the base. Nothing else.

Mikes, over the radio: Like the power outage, sir?

General Gates: ...Yes. And others of the sort. I wouldn't want to the Sergeant to over-exaggerate. The situation is delicate enough.

Mikes, over the radio: Understood, sir. It's as good as done. Mikes out.

The transmission then ends with Gates silently standing there, radio in hand. Inside, the GEIT soldiers put Coco and Sarah onto the love seat and Brandon onto one of the chairs across from the coffee table.

Brandon: Hey, watch the jacket!

Some of the GEIT Soldiers then move off to the side, watching the team from a distance while the rest of the men leave the home. Coco looks down at his handcuffs again while Sarah watches the soldiers. Brandon, on the other hand, looks around the home.

Brandon: Nice place. The decor really ties the room together.

Coco: I'm in handcuffs again. Ugh...

Sarah: It's definitely not a comfort.

Coco: They hurt.

Sarah: Maybe it's because you're struggling against them.

Brandon: That's what I said.

Coco: Whatever. I just want to get out of here already.

Sarah: Coco might be right here. This might be a risk we've overlooked.

Brandon: What? No. We're here, this is what we wanted.

General Gates: Is it now?

Brandon turns his head and sees Gates enter the home and approach the sitting room. Gates makes a signal with his finger and the GEIT soldiers inside head outside, closing the door behind them.

General Gates: Pretty soon, you're going to wish you never came here.

Gates then takes a seat across from Brandon, looking him straight in the eyes.

Brandon: Well then... I'd say it's nice to see you again but I'm not really feeling that right now.

General Gates: The feeling is mutual.

Sarah: Is this really how this going to go down? The two of you need to stop thinking about this emotionally and start thinking this through rationally.

Brandon: ...She's right. We have to put the past behind us.

General Gates: Really now? I'm sorry but is it national lose your head day? Do you just expect me to forget that you three are wanted criminals? No, hang on- I'm not talking about a simple robber or day of the week super villain. I'm talking about America's most wanted, probably the most dangerous fugitives in the world. And you what? And me to pretend that's not a fact right now.

Brandon: It's not. Come on, Gates. Think about this.

General Gates: What do you think I've been doing? I'm trying to think about how you came down this path. After everything that happened and now this. I want to say I'm surprised but... I'm really not, now am I.

Brandon: We sent Sarah ahead to talk this through to you, to explain everything and you still won't listen? (scoff) Sarah, did you bring up the situation we're in?

Sarah: Uh... yeah. I- I did.

Brandon: Oh. Wow, and he still didn't take it? Okay um, how about our history? Did you mention our history together?

Sarah: No. I don't think I had the chance to do that.

Brandon: Alright then how about our history together, General Gates? Remember all the times we worked together, is your mind changed now?

General Gates: Do you think this is a game, son?! Because it's not and a game. This is a security of the nation we're talking about here. If you think you can just send one of your operatives and try to persuade me into working with you, well you can forget it. In fact, you should start thinking about how things really work in the real world instead the fantasy one you chose instead.

Brandon: I'm not an idiot, Gates.

General Gates: That's General to you, boy!

Brandon: That's a title that deserves respect, don't you think? I'm pretty sure you lost mine a while ago.

General Gates: No. No! You don't get to turn the tables on me. I'm the one in the right here. Not you! You disobeyed orders, you disobeyed me- went against me! Even when I had my trust in you. I entrusted you with a secret project that you shouldn't have known about and this is the thanks I get. Do you realize how wrong you are or are you that delusional?

Brandon: I'm not the one whose delusional here. You're following these orders and doing these projects without even giving them a second thought!

General Gates: How naive of you. This isn't some bad guy, this is the system. And it works. It ensures the safety of our citizens... of the people of the world from extraterrestrial threats. We can underestimate them. You and I both know that left unnoticed these threats can escalate to world-ending situations. Now if these orders and projects and whatever else lead to the safety of the world then who am I to complain? Who am I to look the other way? Who am I to say no to success? What do you take me for? A coward?

Brandon: No. I saw a brave and respectable man. And sure I didn't give you that respect at the time but, tell you the truth, I actually admired you. (beat) Not in the same way as an idol or icon or something but, well, you just had control of the situation, and you lead people effortlessly. Weird stuff happened to you, things you never seen before and you brushed it off with a side comment and call to action. And sure you made a lousy call once in a while but you took the time to reflect on it, to consider the situation and think it through. That's the part of you that I really admired. The man who can see things from another side and understand the circumstances well enough to make the right decision. But I guess, on that day, you stopped being that man. So that's why I left. That's why I don't respect you anymore. This isn't about hate or revenge or a mission to ruin the life you have here. This is about us trying to put our differences aside and ask for your help.

General Gates: ...My help? You want my help? Now? Now that you're on the run, now after you turned away from the government, now after- after what? After you have no where left to go? You betrayed me, Brandon, and now you have to right to come into my home and down right insult me?!

Brandon: Gates-

General Gates: No, you listen to me for once, you traitor. If it weren't for the law, I'd lock you up in a cell right now. Take that power of yours right away from you. I knew- I knew from the day we met, even before that- once I heard about a boy with the power to transform into aliens, I knew he would be dangerous. But I put my instinct to the side and trusted you. And now, it would seem like you would prefer to work with them over us.

Brandon: ..."Them over us"? Really?

General Gates: You know it's right. You're siding with the aliens over us. That's what this is all about. There's no other way to see it.

Brandon: No.

General Gates: You're working with the enemy, Brandon!

Brandon: No! There aren't any sides here! I'm a Human- just like a you! I live on this world, just like you! Just like everyone here... And sometimes, that's the only life that people know. But not us. Not for us. We know about the life beyond the stars. And sure some of them hostile, some of them are problems and some of them... are threats to Earth. But the rest-

Brandon takes a minute to gather himself.

Brandon: Look, when I was younger, I was given a power and a responsibility. That power allowed me to save lives... Human lives, yes, but that power also allowed me to walk in the shoes of aliens from far here, from beyond the stars and experience their lives. And I've been to space and I've seen their worlds. And most of them are different and unique and beyond your imagination but some of them are just the same as ours... worlds in need. Worlds that need someone to save their families, their friends, their lives. I can't ignore their needs, just like I can't ignore the needs of the people here. I live on this world but I see both worlds. That's my responsibility. So when I saw what happened there, with those experiments- how do you think I felt?

General Gates: It killed my men.

Brandon: I know. I know what it did. And I don't stand by it. I never would. But you took its child, Gates. You experimented on her child and then you killed her. And that child is being used for some plot, some scheme somewhere and looking into it is what got us here. Framed for criminals for trying to do the right thing. I believed in the system but then I questioned it... and for good measure too because now the system is corrupt and the one corrupting it is planning on using that system, not just against me but everyone else so that he can take over... everything. I have to stop him before that happens. And you're the only one with the power to help us.

Jennifer: Father?

Gates turns from the chair to the hall and sees Jennifer standing there, watching them. Gates gets up from the chair and walks over to Jennifer, kneeling down before her.

General Gates: Jennifer, sweetie, what are you doing here? I thought I said to stay in your room.

Brandon looks at the girl and Gates with a hint on confusion on his face.

Jennifer: I know but I heard shouting and got worried.

General Gates: It's alright, buttercup. I didn't mean to scare you. We were just talking about-

Jennifer: No. I wasn't scared, father. I just- I was worried for you. But I can see that was mistake now, you've got this handled, right?

General Gates: Yes, sweetie. I do. (chuckle)

Jennifer looks over at Brandon. Brandon smiles and she smiles back.

Jennifer: Is that your friend? The one from the stories?

General Gates: Uh... yeah. We're just talking about some things right now. You probably don't want to hear any of that.

Jennifer: Oh, um- yeah, it's just- I don't mind. I can listen if you want me to.

General Gates: It's fine, sweetie. Just stay in your room for now. I'll check on you later, alright, sweetie?

Jennifer: Alright then...

Jennifer turns to walk away but looks over at Brandon once more.

Jennifer: It was nice meeting you.

Brandon: Uh- yeah, same here.

Jennifer: I hope my father helps you with what you need.

Jennifer climbs the stairs and soon leaves their sight. Brandon's gaze then lowers before turning away to look at Gates, standing there.

Brandon: So you have a daughter.

General Gates: ...Yes. I do.

Brandon: I'm sorry. I don't want her to get involved in this.

General Gates: Me neither.

Brandon looks up, surprised.

Brandon: Really?

General Gates: What?

Brandon: Sorry, no. I just meant- I thought you would have showed her what it's like to do what you do. She seems pretty proud of the man you are.

General Gates: I can't show her this. Aliens and other planets isn't made for her. She closes herself off from this world already, now just imagine other ones. That's why I sent her off to boarding school. So she can be with kids her age and learn about the world.

Sarah, looking off to the side: I thought that outfit looked familiar...

General Gates: But it doesn't matter. Like you said, she shouldn't get involved. End of story.

Brandon: I meant that as a courtesy. She seems really into what you do around here.

General Gates: Don't be ridiculous. I'm trying to give her a life to call her own, where she can be whoever she wants to be in a world that I'm making safe for her. But it's getting harder and harder to see her. It's like we're pushing away from each other and I can't help it. That's why... I want to retire.

Sarah: From the intel I gathered, I had a feeling you were going to but I thought it was because of the responsibilities from GEIT and the sudden increase in government intervention.

Brandon: But it actually so you could spend more time with your kid...

General Gates: I can't even talk to anyone about this. They wouldn't understand the joys of parenthood, you see... (sigh) After all our trouble and I'm still telling you things I shouldn't. Another superpower of yours?

Coco: He just has one of those faces.

Brandon: Heh... General Gates, maybe the reason she's closing herself off from the world is because she wants to be apart of yours. And you two are drawing apart because, well, you won't let her be.

General Gates: Wha-?

Brandon: I had to go through something similar recently actually. There was someone close to wanted to do the things that I do but I wanted her to grow as her own person. So I pushed her away... but, after seeing you with your daughter, I'm thinking maybe it'll be better if I was there for her to show her the ropes properly rather than pushing her away. That's what happening here in a way.

General Gates: You can't possibly know that.

Brandon: I've seen the look, Gates. The look in her eyes. (beat) You know when I first realized I was, well, famous and that my secret was leaked to the public- I wasn't really thinking about the money and the fame at first. It was scary. But being out in public, doing what I usually do, and seeing the look of kids calling me their hero. That was what sealed the deal for me. It was the look in the eyes, their admiration- it made me feel like I was someone they could look up to. That they can go home and follow their dreams about being heroes in their own ways because I was there for them. That's the same look your daughter had. You're her hero, man. She wants to be in this world of yours. It might not be made for her but maybe, just maybe it was meant for her.

Coco: I was set down a bad path for a bit but I managed to turn that around and work with the Mechanics. Turns out, I was doing what my mom was doing before she vanished. I'd have been nice to have her there for been when I was getting into it. I'm sure it's the same for her.

Brandon: And you're right about before. I don't know for sure. But she does. All you have to do is ask.

General Gates: Why? Why are you trying to help me?

Brandon: It wasn't that long ago that we used to be friends. Besides, it's your daughter we're talking about. She's important to you and that's important to me. I won't let whatever's going on between us affect her. Even when I'm faced with trouble like this, it's always important to show a little feeling.

Gates' eyes widen slightly but then he turns his head away from them.

General Gates: So you didn't change. It's still you.

Brandon: Yeah. That's what I've been trying to tell you. And that's why we need your help.

General Gates: Yes. You probably do, don't you?

Gates steps closer to the door. Brandon watches him walk ahead, his smile slowly dropping. Gates stands there for a minute before looking back at the three of them.

General Gates: But I'm afraid you won't be getting my assistance.

Coco: What?

Sarah: How come?

Brandon: ...You don't believe me.

General Gates: All this time, I thought you changed sides and left the Human race behind. But I can see that I was wrong about that. You're still Human in mind. But... I just can't accept that our system is corrupt. I've worked hard for this system, Tennyson. I've worked hard for my country and I've worked for my family, especially. You attacked a Councilman and now you're dealing with the consequences. I'm only sorry that it's gotten this severe. But I'll talk with the Sergeant. I'll put in a good word for you. But I still have a duty. I'm sure you'll understand.

Brandon: Wait, Gates. Please! The Councilman is the one behind this. He's the one setting us up! Gates. Gates!

Gates continues leaving the home until the door closes behind him. Brandon then lowers his head and lets out of a deep sigh.

Coco: So now what?

Brandon: ...I don't know.

At the commnuity's gate, Gates can be seen leaving the area- looking down in a thoughtful manner. He then looks up, with slight surprise.

General Gates: Sergeant Johnson!

Before him, the Sergeant approaches.

Sergeant Johnson: That's right. It's good to see you're alright, Gates. I heard the report.

General Gates: Yes. It was... eventful to say the least. I'm surprised you arrived so quickly.

Sergeant Johnson: Yes, well this base was just attacked- of course, I would be here.

General Gates: Yes, I see.

Sergeant Johnson: Not to mention, Brandon 10 attacked you. The worst kind of criminal if you ask me. Never trusted him since I heard he would be working with us. And to use space mercenaries at that. Absolutely despicable.

General Gates: Space mercenaries, sir?

Sergeant Johnson: Yes, that armored soldier he must have hired.

General Gates: I don't remember mentioning that in the report.

Sergeant Johnson: What does it matter? That's what happened right?

General Gates: Well, yes, I suppose so...

Sergeant Johnson: Don't worry. I won't hold it against you. A personal attack on our soil is enough to throw even me off. You're lucky I'm here to cover for you. After all, the Councilman will be visiting the grounds.

General Gates: The Councilman? Here? Is that even regulated? He doesn't even have a high enough government position to access government facili-

Sergeant Johnson: Listen, Matthew, that's just how things work, alright? We don't think about the orders, we just follow them, yes? Unless, of course, you want to take it up with the Councilman. He might not have a high enough rank but his ties to the government are nothing to be trifled with... unless you want to be accessed by the President himself.

General Gates: No, sir.

Sergeant Johnson: Good. Now I hear you captured the prisoners again. Any reason why they're in your home and not in a cell?

General Gates: ..The power is currently unstable, sir. Transporting them back to the cell could lead to their escape again. Besides, I wanted to attempt to squeeze answers out of them.

Sergeant Johnson: And did you learn anything?

General Gates: No. No, sir. Nothing but trivial nonsense.

Sergeant Johnson: Yes. I figured you'd say that, Gates. Well, I believe it should be fine now to transport them back to their cells so that way I question them myself. Especially with the Councilman dropping by to check on them personally.

General Gates: Yes, sir... I understand completely now. I'll just retrieve the prisoners for you.

Sergeant Johnson: Good on you, Gates. And do be careful with them, will you?

Gates nods and turns back to the community as Johnson watches him leave. After a moment passes, Johnson retrieves a earpiece and places it into his ear. He then activates it.

Sergeant Johnson: He's still alive, sir. (beat) Understood.

The scene cuts back to the inside of Gates' house where the door opens quickly and Gates rushes inside, closing the door behind him. He then locks the door and enters the sitting room.

General Gates: We have to go.

Brandon: Can you at least consider what I'm saying. I've been telling the-

As Brandon continues, Gates goes over to him and uncuffs him.

Brandon, rubbing wrists: Truth?

General Gates: I know. It's exactly as you said. The system is corrupt. I didn't want to believe it but Sergeant Johnson just confirmed it for me.

Coco: That guy is here?

General Gates: Yes.

Brandon: Wait, how did he confirm it?

General Gates: He knew about that armored space man despite me keeping it out of the official report. Which means he knew about it before hand.

Coco: But if that's the case then he's working with the Conqueror.

General Gates: Conqueror?

Brandon: The Councilman.

Sarah: And if they're working together and Sergeant Johnson just discovered that Gates is still alive then the Conqueror would also know. Which means-

Brandon: He'll be sending more Bounty Hunters to make sure the job is done!

General Gates: Now might be a bad time to mention that he's also on his way here.

Coco: We're running out of time then. The Bounty Hunters will be on us sooner than we know.

Gates continues to uncuff and unfashion the power dampeners from both Coco and Sarah.

Brandon: And we can't head out of the front door, otherwise we'll be stopped by your guys outside.

General Gates: And I'll be court-marshaled if they realize I'm helping fugitives escape.

Brandon: Fair enough.

Coco: Is there another way out of here?

General Gates: There just might be actually. Each home is equipped with an escape hatch that leads to a tunnel. The tunnel connects to a series of panic rooms as well as an emergency exit that'll take you to a safe point a few miles away from the base. It was built in case of any serious attacks or take overs performed on the base- to ensure the safety of the people living here.

Brandon: Right. That should be able to work.

Coco: Well then, let's go! We don't have time to waste.

General Gates: Wait, my daughter. I can't just leave her here.

Sarah: Won't she be safe here? They won't hold anything against her if she's not involved.

General Gates: Tell that to the Bounty Hunters.

Brandon nods to Gates and he rushes upstairs.

The scene then cuts to later with the Sergeant approaching the house with some military men.

Mikes: Sir, you can't come here.

Sergeant Johnson: Son, I am your superior.

Mikes: I understand but General Gates has given me specific orders to wait until he moves the prisoners outside. It's a delicate process.

Sergeant Johnson: I've been waiting for too long, wouldn't you agree? Now, I'm ordering you to move aside.

Mikes reluctantly moves aside. Johnson then swipes his card on the lock and the door unlocks. He then opens the door and walks inside. However, the sitting room is clear of any people.

Sergeant Johnson: Gates? Gates?! Men, search the place!

The soldiers rush in and search around. The Sergeant walks off to side, activating his earpiece again.

Sergeant Johnson: Sir, he got away. I don't know what's happening but the prisoners have escaped again.

The Conqueror, over the earpiece: My Bounty Hunters are coming in now. They'll find them.

Soldier: Sir!

Sergeant Johnson turns to face the soldier.

Soldier: The escape hatch appears to have been used. They're most likely in the tunnel. Should we pursue them?

Sergeant Johnson: Negative, soldier. But I want men at both exits in case they come back around. We won't let them get away!

In the tunnel, the team can be seen running with Gates and his daughter.

Brandon, running ahead: How much further?

General Gates: Shouldn't be long now. The emergency exit should be just down that way.

They continue running ahead when the tunnel shakes. They then stop and look around.

Coco: What's that?

General Gates: No idea.

Jennifer: Father, what's happening?

General Gates: It'll be alright, sweetie.

The shaking happens again until a part of the tunnel collapses. From the opening, two more Bounty Hunters descend. One drops down forcefully, landing in a crouching motion; this Bounty Hunter is in red armored with bulky arm guards and a black pack on its back. The second Bounty Hunter descends gently using its jet boosters on its boots before touching down for the landing. This Bounty Hunter is blue with simpler armor. The two look ahead at the team.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, threateningly)

Red Bounty Hunter: What he said. Now prepare to get slaughtered... thoroughly.

Sarah: More Bounty Hunters?

Coco: There's no limit to these guys!

General Gates: Well, that makes getting to know the enemy considerably more difficult.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, annoyed)

General Gates: What?

Red Bounty Hunter: (sigh) He said he's the fourth one. You've faced him before. He's actually peeved that you didn't recognize him. But more importantly, I'm the eighth addition to the Bounty Hunter legacy.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Muttering in an alien language)

Bounty Hunter VIII: And it'll be my honor to finish off what Bounty Hunter VI started and end a target like you, a military man and group of former heroes.

Bounty Hunter VIII throws out his arms which activates the arm guards, retracting an energy saber-like weapon. Bounty Hunter IV whips out some blasters from his side straps.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in alien language)

Brandon: Sorry but you won't find us to be easy targets.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He then transforms into Shredder, throwing out his arms and extending his metallic claws.


Coco, absorbing the concrete wall: Count me in too.

Bounty Hunter VII: This almost feels like a challenge. Almost...


Shredder charges forward, claws extended, while the Bounty Hunter with the arm guards does the same- though in much more controlled motion. Shredders slices down but the energy sabers slash back, colliding on impact. Bounty Hunter VIII kicks off from Shredder and spins 'round, slashing down on Shredder's arm, scraping off some of the metallic armor on the surface.


Shredder rages forward, slashing away but the Bounty Hunter evades. Shredder then crashes into the wall, causing the tunnel to shake again. Bounty Hunter IV fires at Coco who charges through the laser fire. He then goes to strike the Bounty Hunter who slides out of the way using his jetpack and fire at his back, knocking Coco down to the ground. Coco gets back up, only to get shot in the face, knocking him back down again. An energy disc then hits the Bounty Hunter in the back of his head, causing him to turn around quickly to see Sarah approaching him. Just as Sarah is about to throw another energy disc, Bounty Hunter VIII crashes for her, causing her to block his energy saber attack with a small shield. Coco then tackles him from the side just as Shredder pulls him arm free from the wall. The tunnel shakes ever so slightly with small pieces of debris dropping from above.


Sarah: It's too unstable for the explosive they set. We can't use heavy attacks in here.


Coco: No! That's exactly what we don't want, otherwise we'll just trapped in here with these guys!

Bounty Hunter VIII smacks Coco off of him and gets back up.

Shredder: Argh! Erm- FINE!

Shredder smacks down to the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and changes back into Brandon.

Bounty Hunter VIII: Had enough? I'm just getting started. And so is he.

The Bounty Hunter IV aims his blasters at Brandon and fires. Brandon throws up his hands for cover but Sarah throws up a shield around him, blocking the incoming fire power. The Bounty Hunter then turns to face her and fires at them, only for Sarah to throw up another shield. The one around Brandon vanishes and he quickly makes his way behind Sarah's new shield, where he helps Coco up to his feet.

Brandon: You alright?

Coco: Peachy. We're outmatched by these guys.

General Gates: Is there anything I can do?

Brandon: I'm not even sure if there's something we can do without this tunnel falling down on us.

Gates looks off to the side but then looks around, panicked. The Bounty Hunter then stops firing and chuckles to himself.

Sarah: He stopped firing... and he's laughing.

Coco: What? Why?

Brandon thinks for a moment but finds himself looking over at Gates.

Brandon: General? What's wrong?

General Gates: Jennifer? Where is she? She was just here a moment ago!

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, tauntingly)

Brandon and Gates turn ahead, soon gaining surprised expressions. The Bounty Hunter VIII soon steps over to the other, with his hand on Jennifer's shoulder.

General Gates: JENNIFER!

Brandon: So that's what you were up to while we were fighting blade guy over there. Kidnapping tactics again, Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, angrily)

Bounty Hunter VIII: He says to call him IV but what difference does it make. We have this girl. And we know how important she is. She might not be our target but that doesn't mean we can't bend the rules a little to get what we want. We are Bounty Hunters after all.

General Gates: So what is it that you want?

Bounty Hunter VIII: Isn't it obvious? You. You're our target. We can deal with those so-called heroes some other time.

Brandon, Coco and Sarah grunt.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, in a demanding tone)

Bounty Hunter VIII: He says you're going to surrender yourself to us so that way we can fulfill our arrangement with the Conqueror. We'll get to end you and your daughter gets to live. At least, that's what he was saying. But me, on the other hand, well- I have a better idea.

Bounty Hunter IV, surprised: (Speaking in an alien language)

Bounty Hunter VIII: I noticed that weapon on your person, chump. I want you to draw that weapon of yours... on Brandon 10, himself.

General Gates: What?!

Bounty Hunter VIII: A true test of character, isn't it? I mean- you do want to be around for this young creature, don't you? The only way you survive this... the only way you survive us... is by ending him for us, for the Conqueror... for your daughter.

Brandon looks ahead at the Bounty Hunters, with a determined look, as General Gates' hands shake. Brandon's gaze then turns to Gates, his expression slowly turning to surprise as his eyes widen. Gates' hand then reaches his weapon and draws it. He then aims the weapon at Brandon, triggering a shock for him.

Brandon: Gates!

Bounty Hunter VIII: Yes... just like that. So now- what'll it be Gates? Will you dirty your hands for the one you love or stay loyal to your ally and lose your family?

Brandon: ...Gates, you don't have to do this. There is another way.

Bounty Hunter VIII: I'm sorry, Brandon. But it's my daughter that they have! I have to!

Bounty Hunter IV watches as Gates' hand trembles with the weapon. He then turns to the other Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, with a distasteful tone)

Bounty Hunter VIII: What do you mean this is a bad idea? He's going to do it and we'll still get paid for it. I mean- it's not like he's going to say no, right?

Gates starts to get a better grip of the weapon, his hand creeping towards the trigger. Brandon looks at the weapon before her, worryingly but his eyes shift over the Bounty Hunters.

Brandon: Paid for you said?

Bounty Hunter VIII: Eh?

Brandon: So that's what this is then. Easy money, right? Y'know I faced Bounty Hunters before you, what was it, Eight? Heck, I even fought the Bounty Hunter Boss himself. And never did I see any one of them steep so low before.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, offended)

Bounty Hunter VIII: Yeah, are you judging us?

Brandon: Look, I'm just doing it in your best interest. You can't be great Bounty Hunters if you're going to pull off stuff like this. Having him kill me for you? So indirect... not to mention, lazy. I mean- what ever happened to just blowing us up? I'm telling you, if you can't even tell who's the best among the two of you, you'll never reach the top compared to the other guys.

Bounty Hunter VIII: Just what are you playing at? We know who the top Bounty Hunter is around here and it's obviously me.

Bounty Hunter IV: (Speaking in an alien language, angrily) Bounty Hunter VIII: You?! You didn't even do anything!

Bounty Hunter IV: (Arguing in an alien language)

Bounty Hunter VIII: Oh yeah? How about you say that again and we'll see where you end up.

The two continue arguing with each other while Brandon turns to Gates again.

Brandon, whispering: The jet packs on their back.

General Gates: What?

Brandon, whispering: You have to aim for his back. The blue one.

General Gates, whispering: But what about my daughter? I can't mess this up, she's too important to me!

Brandon, whispering: Gates, I know you can do it. I believe in you. She believes in you. If we don't take this chance then you'll have to kill me... and I know that if following orders for someone you can't trust hurts then this will destroy you. I can't let that happen to you. So please- just believe in yourself. For yourself, for me... for your daughter.

Gates looks at him, taken aback but his demeanor soon returns to him. He then turns to the Bounty Hunters who continue going back and forth with each other. He then aims the weapon slightly away from Brandon. The wall that had been broken off from Shredder's collision now has an exposed metallic pipe. The reflection on the pipe, displays the back of Bounty Hunter IV. Gates then concentrates for a brief moment and finally takes the shot. The bullet flies ahead, ricochets off from the pipe and impacts with the Bounty Hunter's jet pack, allowing it to malfunction and spark up. The jet pack then throws the Bounty Hunter backwards, causing him to drop Jennifer as well. Bounty Hunter VIII turns to face his fallen comrade and Brandon rushes over, shoving him into the panic room as well. Just as he is forced down, the Bounty Hunter turns, drawing out his energy saber once more. Brandon takes a step back and Jennifer rushes to her feet, hurrying over to the door lock. She then inputs some sort of override code into the keypad and the doors shut just as the Bounty Hunter launches towards Brandon; sealing the two of them inside. Brandon then sighs with relief as Gates hurries over to Jennifer.

General Gates: Jennifer! Are you alright?

Jennifer: Ye-Yes, I'm fine.

General Gates: ...You used the override code that I told you about. I'm surprised you remembered.

Jennifer: Of course, I remembered. I love listening to your stories and everything about your work. I- I want to do what you do.

General Gates: You... You do?

Jennifer: (nods) This types of things interest me. Besides, I want to be just like you and save people, no matter what anyone tells you. You're my hero, dad.

General Gates, smiling with watery eyes: Jennifer...

The two then embrace with one another. Brandon smiles at the sight of this then turns to Coco and Sarah.

Brandon: You guys okay?

Coco: Fine.

Sarah: At least we can get out of here. We got what we came for after all.

Brandon: Yeah... And maybe just a little bit more.

Coco: That'd be all fine and dandy but this is a military base. The exits are probably gonna be swarming with soldiers. We'll never get away without getting shot at.

General Gates: Actually... I have an idea for that.

The team look at him, confused and curious. The scene then transitions over to the tunnel's exit which resurfaces in a barren area with a worn out road. The exit is surrounded with military men and GEIT soldiers. Sergeant Johnson watches the tunnel exit carefully. Inside, figures appear to be moving.

Sergeant Johnson: Someone's coming through! Get ready!

The figures then step into the moonlight from the tunnel's shadows. Nova can then be seen holding his arm around Gates' neck. Johnson looks ahead, surprised. The soldiers suddenly become unsettled.

Nova: Alright, nobody move unless you want General Gates to be evaporated with my uh- laser eyes!

General Gates: Please- just do what he says. My daughter is in there!

Sergeant Johnson: Alright, people, hold your positions. Nobody fire!

Nova then backs away into a clearing where there aren't any soldiers, followed by Coco and Sarah- who have Jennifer in an energy sphere.

Sergeant Johnson: Come on, boy. We know you have a history with Gates. You don't want to do this.

Nova: You didn't give me a choice. Now... lower your weapons or he gets it!

Sergeant Johnson turns to the soldiers and nods. They soon lower their weapons. Coco and Sarah then move over to Nova, standing behind him. Nova eyes the soldiers carefully before lowering his energized hand.

Nova, whispering: Thanks for the help, General.

He then pushes Gates ahead.

Nova: Now, we're going to escape or the girl gets it.

Sergeant Johnson: You won't get away with this. We will find you and hold you accountable for your actions!

Nova: It's you that needs to look out, Sergeant.

Coco and Sarah then grab onto Nova's shoulder pads as he flies upwards. The energy shield around Jennifer lingers for a moment before fading. She then drops gently to the ground.

Sergeant Johnson, turning to the soldiers: Alright allies are cleared, open fire!

The soldier raise their weapons again and open fire on Nova who boosts ahead, blasting through the night skies with Coco and Sarah; no longer within range.

Sergeant Johnson: Cease fire!

The soldiers stop firing and turn to the Sergeant.

Sergeant Johnson: They got away. But this isn't the end.

The Conqueror, unseen: Quite so, Sergeant Johnson. Quite so.

Johnson looks ahead and Gates turns around to see the Conqueror approaching them from the military convoy at the side of the road.

Sergeant Johnson: Councilman Kord. You're here.

The Conqueror: Yes. And just witnessed that little situation we had encountered. A hostage situation, huh? Quite the change of pace, isn't it?

General Gates: Unexpected for him, yes.

Sergeant Johnson: Yes. Really unexpected, might I add. Perhaps they were getting some assistance from a defected operative.

General Gates, surprised: Sergeant...

The Conqueror places a hand on Gates' shoulder and chuckles to himself.

The Conqueror: Looks like someone's paranoid. Relax, Sergeant. General Gates here has been through quite a lot with so many enemies out to kill him...

He turns his head and sees Jennifer looking out him, with a concerned expression.

The Conqueror: And his kin, of course. Besides, did you not see him fighting back against him? Truly a loyal asset that we need to have.

Sergeant Johnson: But sir, I thought you-

The Conqueror: Yes. Yes, I changed my mind. We could always use loyal men on our side. Especially... former allies of Brandon Tennyson. The pain caused to him knowing that he's forced to hurt those that he had previously cared about would be... rewarding to see in motion as we bring him to justice, wouldn't you agree, General?

General Gates: ...Absolutely, sir. He deserves every second of it especially after his betrayal. Against us, the country, the world... and myself.

The Conqueror looks at him with an analyzing look before smirking dastardly.

The Conqueror: Good... Good.

The Conqueror then walks off.

The Conqueror: Don't worry, General. You and your daughter will be safe in a matter of time. Soon enough, my next move will be one that'll ultimately defeat Brandon 10... once and for all.

He then starts to chuckle to himself as he walks off with Sergeant Johnson following behind. Gates watches at they leave with Jennifer holding his hand soon after. He looks down at his daughter, smiling softly to comfort her before turning his gaze to the stars above. The view follow his gaze to the starry sky.

General Gates, unseen, to himself: Good luck, Brandon.




Aliens Used


  • G.E.I.T. Soldier, Franklin Mikes, is a reference to the character, Mike Yates played by Richard Franklin from 70's Doctor Who.
  • When the Alpha Team Commander explains the shock collar around Coco's neck, Coco claims that he doesn't need powers to break through his handcuffs. To which the Alpha Team soldier claims, "You can't break those cuffs" followed by Coco yelling as he tries to. This is an allusion towards an iconic scene from the show, Cops.


  • Lucy wasn't planned on appearing in this episode but because the Phoenix Labs scene from the previous episodes were cut, she needed to make an appearance in this one, even if it's a short one at that.
    • This is similar to the analyzing scene from The Awakening which was meant to appear in the episode before.
  • Ultimate Crusher, Shadow and Flex were considered to appear in this episode.
  • Gates' wife was to appear in this episode along with their daughter however, thinking back on the original plans for the episode, only Jennifer Gates had any real significance in the story so she was the only one to appear in the episode as it was pushed into production.
  • Amanda Song was to also appear in this episode but was soon replaced by Franklin Mikes as to not contradict with the personal leave from GEIT that she took in Trial by Ordeal.
    • Song was also going to be mentioned by Brandon when the Alpha Team Leader was leaving as some form of snide comeback, only for the door to have closed already much to Brandon's relief as he was in no position to actually pick a fight with him being handcuffed and all. This joke would've been added in but it was considered unnecessary.
  • Bounty Hunter VII was planned on making an appearance in this episode however he was replaced with a new Bounty Hunter entirely. This was because the Writer thought it would add more to the lore of the Bounty Hunters since they appear in this episode and that it would better to have a new Bounty Hunter show up as Bounty Hunter VI was already making his re-appearance from the previous series, Alien Force.
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