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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date July 10th 2020
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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[The camera fades into Angel playing video games on his computer and listening to music. He is just about to complete the match when suddenly his screen goes black. Angel panics as he tries to shake his computer back on.]

Angel: “No! Come on!”

[Angel is unable to get his computer turned back on. He pulls out his phone looking for a reason for this to be happening. He manages to pull up a breaking news report on his phone.]

Chet: “It seems a strange power outage has just occurred across the city. No one knows for sure where this came from or what is exactly is causing it. More as the story updates.”

[Dalton walks into the dorm after just hanging out with Iris. He sees Angel not on his computer as usual and is curious.]

Dalton: “What’s up? Shouldn’t you be playing video games?”

Angel: “I can’t because the power went out for some reason. The news says no one knows why.”

Dalton: “Really? How strange. I mean I can check with Codon to see if they can pick up anything strange.”

[Dalton puts his shoes back on and heads out the door making his way out of the dorm building on his way to the wooded area by the school.]

-Opening Theme-

[The camera zooms back in on Dalton talking to the Codon Collective. Albedo and Myaxx are at the center console typing away while Tetrax and Xylene stand idly.]

Albedo: “You say this strange power outage is happening all over town?”

Dalton: “Yeah, and in this day and age that’s not good if it’s gone for a long time. People will start to get restless. Angel was immediately panicked.”

[Albedo finishes his scan as the roar of the Cortex is heard running the scan. A peep is heard as a blip appears at the power plant.]

Myaxx: “Well it is certainly strange. The power planet isn’t shut down. It is still fully operational.”

Albedo: “Here. This is where the signal is coming from. You should find the source of your power outage in this place.”

Dalton: “Sounds like a mission. Tetrax, are you ready for some fun?”

[Tetrax nods as he heads out the door with Dalton following behind him. They traveled to the power plant slowly entering and looking around.]

Dalton: “It’s quiet. A little too quiet if you ask me.”

Tetrax: “I was not asking you.”

[Dalton looks over at Tetrax a little annoyed, but before he could make a snarky remark, a roar of a machine could be heard. The two rush over to the noise only to find a robot destroying the place.]

Dalton: “Oh yeah! It’s hero time!”

[Dalton smiles as he slams down on the Omnitrix transforming in a green light.]

{Lodestar Transformation: Brown magnetic rocks start to form onto Dalton’s body until he is a brown rock. The rock morphs into a little controller shape, spitting out clawed arms, legs, and a head. A crest grows on his metal head as some rock falls off his stomach.}

Lodestar: “Woah, nice! I wasn’t even going for this guy. This will be some quick work.”

Voice: “Oh it most certainly will not.”

Lodestar: “That distorted voice? Tetrax this might be the guy behind the Omni-Droids!”

Tetrax: “Or another creep with a voice modulator.”

Lodestar: “I mean yeah. That’s a fair point.”

[Lodestar sent out a white magnetic blast from his claws that opened up the robot a bit. The robot swung its arm at Lodestar sending him flying. Tetrax formed his hands into cannons and started blasting.]

Lodestar: “That one’s going to hurt in the morning.”

[The robot started to tear away at the building they were in causing some debris to start falling above them. Lodestar held out his claws to send out a magnetic pulse to stop it and moved it aside.]

Lodestar: “Tetrax, we gotta stop this thing before it brings down the whole building.”

[Tetrax nods as he morphs his hands into blades. Lodestar sends a magnetic blast towards Tetrax allowing Lodestar to guide him along thanks to the metal soles in his boots. Tetrax flew onto the robot and started slashing away at the insides of him from the small opening that was made. The robot whirled down as it started laughing evilly.]

Control Freak: “Greeting creatures from another planet!”

Lodestar: “That definitely doesn’t sound like the usual guy.”

Control Freak: “No, I most certainly am not some lame ass cliche villain. I am CONTROL FREAK!”

[Control freak starts laughing evilly as both Tetrax and Lodestar look at each other in disappointment.]

Lodestar: “So…. your point being?”

Control Freak: “Oh,don’t worry. You will know when you know and when I figure out who you are, then you truly will know.”

Lodestar: “That sounds cliche as hell.”

Control Freak: “No one asked you Magneto.”

Lodestar: “Do I look like an old Jewish man that hates non-mutants? The name is Lodestar.”

Control Freak: “Whatever, I got better things to do than argue with you.”

[The logo of Control Freak left the robot’s screen and moved across screens as Lodestar and Tetrax looked in confusion. The logo left completely leaving Lodestar to change back to Dalton in a red flash of light.]

Dalton: “That was, that was weird.”

Tetrax: “Just a regular day in paradise.”

[The scene transitions to Dalton coming back into the dorm room and closing the door. He sees Angel sitting on his bed the opposite way as he tosses a ball against the wall repeatedly. He looks bored out of his mind.]

Dalton: “Still nothing?”

Angel: “Nope. Been doing this since you left.”

Dalton: “Damn that must have sucked.”

Angel: “I mean you got it to work right?”

[Angel got up from his bed and went over to his computer to turn it on. Instead of the usual load up screen, he got a black screen. He turns to Dalton who just shrugs his shoulders.]

Dalton: “Not excatly. I found out the cause and the dude behind it. He calls himself Control Freak. He’s a bit heavy on the pop culture references.”

Angel: “Well I guess we just wait until he leaves then”

[Angel sighed as his screen turned blue and started to make a high pitched laughing noise. Angel looked at it in confusion]

Angel: “What the hell?”

[Angel tried to mess with his computer but to no use. Suddenly the screen started to shake until Control freak’s logo vibrated onto the center of the screen.]

Dalton: “It’s Control Freak!”

Angel: “It’s a machine?”

Dalton: “After Hex and my watch, you are really going to question strange shit that happens.”

Angel: “That’s besides the point”

[Noises started to pour out of Angel’s speakers as Control Freak cleared his throat preparing to speak.]

Control Freak: “Greetings, students of Paradise University! It is I, Control Freak! Your Master of the Remote. The Man Behind the Slaughter of Your Screens. I am here to make my demands. I have seen that there are some heroes in this town that protect it from guys like me. I want them to meet me on the rooftop of the downtown theater multiplex for a showdown of the century. Then maybe, just maybe, I will turn the power back on for all of you losers.”

[The screen shook again as the logo disappeared with laughter. Angel hit the side of his computer out of frustration. Dalton smirked as he headed for the door. ANgel watched him as he realized Dalton is going right away to face Control Freak.]

Angel: “You have a plan or are you running in blind like usual?”

Dalton: “Yup.Exactly.”

Angel: “Wait, you know he has probably seen a shit ton of movies right? You can’t underdog your way out of this one.”

Dalton: “When there is a will, there is a way. I’m a hero after all, there is always going to be some villain to take down. I’m not that stressed about it.”

Angel: “Dude now you are asking for it.”

Dalton: “I’ll be fine.”

[Dalton continues out of the dorm room and with a slam of the door the scene transitions to a rooftop with Control Freak who appears to be a heavyset 20 something year old with long brown hair in a pony and a scruffy beard. He was wearing a trenchcoat and all sorts of show merchandise from various franchises underneath it. In his hand he was holding a remote of some sorts with glowing red components. He seemed to be humming the theme of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as he fiddled with his remote.]

Control Freak: “This dude is taking a long ass time to get here.”

[Control Freak looks at his watch as he stares at where a watch should be. He pulls his sleeve back down and sighs.]

Control Freak: “I guess I will give him fourteen more minutes.”

[At street level, Dalton arrived and made his way into the back alley. He climbed onto a closed dumpster as he jumped to the ladder causing it to slide down as he climbed. He made his way onto the fire escape as he checked above him. Seeing nothing, he closed his eyes as he allowed Malware to form his suit around him. He then continued his ascend. He made his way to the top of the fire escape and aired before jumping up onto the roof.]

Dalton: “I got you now asshole.”

Control Freak: “That’s what you want the audience to think, anway.”

[Control Freak suddenly appeared behind Dalton grabbing him in the process.Dalton struggled to get free.]

Dalton: “Damn, this was supposed to be the other way around.

Control Freak: “Not in MY episode”

Dalton: “What?”

Control Freak: “You wouldn’t understand even if I dumbed it down for you.”

[Dalton huffed in anger as he fiddled the Omnitrix against his body getting it to pop up before slamming it against Control Freak, transforming him in a green light.]

{Brainstorm Transformation: Dalton’s hands turned into claws as the camera zoomed in on his brain as it burst from his skull. Hard shell coating covered his body as six crab legs grew at the bottom of the shell. Whiskers sprouted all over his face and head. He opens up his head in three different parts to expose his brain as he produces electricity.}

[Brainstorm gives Control Freak a little shock causing him to let go of his hold on Brainstorm as he teleports back onto the actual rooftop.Brainstorm climbs up to join him in a showdown.]

Control Freak: “Oh, a good ol’ fashion western showdown.”

Brainstorm: “Not really, but sure.”

[Control Freak sends Brainstorm an angry glare to which Brainstorm’s eyes narrow in response. Brainstorm’s head opens a bit as electricity starts to generate from his brain. Control Freak’s hand spazs near his remote in his holster.]

Control Freak: “Draw!”

[Control Freak grabs his controller which has turned itself into a gun. He is about to shoot, but is stopped by an electric blast from Brainstorm. Control Freak looks over at Brainstorm who gives him a small grin.]

Control Freak: “Cheater!”

Brainstorm: “Not necessarily. I predicted the moment you would say draw from timing and you were already drawing for you gun before you said draw. Wait, that’s a remote not a gun?”

Control Freak: “Oh this little thing? Just a device of my own creation. Quite brilliant, if i say so myself. It allows me to hop into electronics and do whatever I want, recently I made som- OH! OH! You son of a bitch! You got me doing the evil villain monologuing cliche. Disgusting.”

[Control Freak laughed at him as he disappeared into digital effects. Brainstorm looked shocked and looked around for him. As he was looking around Control Freak appeared above him and Brainstorm took notice. As he did he tried to open his brain to shoot Control Freak, but Control Freak forced his weight onto Brainstorm’s head forcing it closed short circuiting him. Brainstorm winced with pain as Control Freak jumped back in laughter.]

Control Freak: “Don’t overthink yourself.”

Brainstorm: “I really didn’t wanna have to win this way dude, but frankly I am getting sick of your movie tropes.”

Control Freak: “What do you mean? You can’t go wrong with the classics!”

Brainstorm: “Malware, it’s time to give Brainstorm, a brain booster.”

Malware: “As you wish”

[The Omnitrix on Brainstorm’s belt glowed yellow as the hourglass symbol turned into a four pointed star. Black ooze leaked out of it making its way to Brainstorm’s brain giving it an upgrade. Now his head was see through to look at his brain which had black spots all over it.]

Control Freak: “Dude, that’s disgusting. It looks like your brain is on meth or something. Close it up. I might barf.”

[Brainstorm laughed as his brain rapidly fired electric blasts at Control Freak. Control Freak panicked and tried to dodge but was hit with three electric blasts back to back. He fell to the ground hard dropping his remote which skidded over to Brainstorm. Brainstorm picked it up, analysing it before pressing a few buttons on it. This caused a beam to shoot out of the remote and onto Control Freak’s hand forming handcuffs. Brainstorm changes back to Dalton in a red flash as he is now wearing his Malware suit holding the remote.]

Dalton: “Just hang tight, cops will be here soon to take you away.”

[Dalton smiles as he absorbs the remote into his suit and jumps off the building swinging away. The scene transitions to Control Freak being arrested and taken to jail as Codon discusses the dangers.]

Albedo: “This remote is alien in origin. Who knows how he got the materials or instructions for this thing.”

Tetrax: “What I do know is, it's a danger to everyone and needs to be locked up.”

Myaxx: “Agreed, but this makes one wonder if there is potentially more alien technology out there in the world.”

Dalton: “Yeah and who sent them here.”

Tetrax: “I have not even the slightest clue, but we will find them and stop them.”

Dalton: “Yeah, it's what we do.”

[As the iron bars close to Control Freak’s cell, the scene transitions to Dalton’s dorm room as Angel notices the power come back to his computer. He walks over to it and selects Runescape. As it loads up, Angel gives a soft smile at the screen as the loading music once again, pours from his speakers.]

Angel: “He did it”


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Control Freak makes his debut.
  • Brainstorm makes his debut.
  • Codon discover the first of many alien devices besides the Omnitrix.

Minor Events

  • Brainstorm upgrades himself.


  • Angel helps out Dalton after learning his secret the previous episode.



Aliens Used


  • Control Freak makes references to several movies.


  • This is the first episode that Blake has helped write.
  • Control freak breaks the fourth wall a total of three times in this episode.
    • He also breaks the fourth wall to change his villain section to be called "The Hero of the Story"
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