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Oussama 15
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 26/3/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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In your Dreams
Final Battle pt. 1

Oussama 15 is the seventh episode of Ahmad 15.


Ahmad woke up in the morning and looked at the Caleneder to read its 1/1/2012.

Ahmad: What?

Oussama Came.

Oussama: Ahmad! Come on lets see our gifts.

Ahmad looked at his wrist and saw nothing!

Theme Song!

Ahmad: What?

Oussama come on.

Oussama: I'll go first!

Oussama Opened his gift. A sudden lighting appeared from it. A Black ball was in it. The Ball Opened and a watch like Device Appeared. He put his hand on it to see it jump to his wrist! Everbody Screamed except for Ahmad.

Ahmad: Give it to Me!

Oussama: No! Its my Gift!

They started fighting. Imad stood in the middle stopping them. But Accidently, he slammed the Ultimatrix making Ahmad Four Arms! Ahmad took the Ultimatrix symbol from Fourarms putting it on his wrist. He was now wearing the ultimatrix. And Oussama was still Fourarms.

Ahmad transformed into Fourarms and started fighting. Imad took the Ultimatrix symbol from Fourarms putting it on his wrist. He was now wearing the ultimatrix. He transformed into Fourarms, too! Oussama took the Ultimatrix from Imad and timed out. Suddenly Vilgax Attacked. Both Fourarms went to stop Vilgax. They kept fighting him until Way Big threw Both Fourarms and kicked Vilgax Away. Oussama Way Big held both Fourarms.

Ahmad: Give me the Ultimatrix!

Imad: No give it to me!

Vilgax ran and pressed the symbol with his strength. Ahmad Fourarms punched Vilgax and started fighting him. Meanwhile, Oussama messed with his Ultimatrix and transformed into Ditto. Ditto went to Vilgax's ship and added Auto Destruction. Ahmad and Vilgax were at the ship. Ditto called Ahmad to leave. He left. Just Before Vilgax exited, The Whole Ship destructed.

Paradox: This was to happen if Oussama took the Ultimatrix.

The End


  • Oussama (main character)
  • Ahmad
  • Imad


  • Vilgax

Aliens Used[]

By Oussama[]

By Ahmad[]

By Imad[]


  • This episode was the first "IF" by Paradox.