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Otto Maton x100
General Information
Species Spaciosapien
Powers and Equipment
Powers Spaciokinesis
Pokémon Info
Types Steel
Moves Metronome
Mirror Move
Doom Desire
Mind Blown
Ability Trace
Voice Actor John Oliver

Otto Maton x100 is a villain in Pokémon Sky. He is a Shadow Spaciosapien from the Perplexahedron


He is predominantly made of cubes. His head has square with black sclera. His pupils are red. His torso has a red 9800 on it. His legs are made of rectangular prisms. He has an antenna with a red LED light on it.


I’m so pleased! I’m such a sleaze! This bad guy thing’s a breeze!

–Otto Mato x100

Otto x100 is as deranged as Dimentio from Super Paper Mario or Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, and very petty too. He is just as prone to mocking people as Otto Prime though. He has a big thing for showmanship, and always performs a musical number when fighting.

Powers and Abilities

He has powers like Charles Zenith without budgetary constraints. He can manipulate space as easy as a Chronosapien manipulates time. He is as strong as a metaphor.

As a Shadow Pokémon, he can use Shadow Moves.

He can see beyond the fourth wall, and uses this to physically cut down on others screentime. His ways of doing this include:

  • Cutting to something else.
  • Starting a musical number.
  • Entering a battle.
  • Having someone flub a line.
  • Covering up the camera.


He is a overconfident showbot.

Interestingly, matterless environments is not actually a weakness. There is still their own matter, and anyone else’s matter, so there is nothing stopping him from teleporting one’s buttocks to Hoag’s Object, which actually happened.

Antimatter will explode if manipulated.

He is very small, about 3 feet tall.

He is prone to slapstick.


In Pokémon Sky: Mystery Dungeon, Otto Maton x100 is the final boss.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Hidden Mace/Blaster, Otto Maton is a minor boss, then turns into the final boss, Super Otto Maton x100.


  • He is the closest thing Pokémon Sky has to a main villain.
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