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The Osmosain Sleeve is often refered just as the "Sleeve". It is used by Ben in Ben 10: Fusions when the Fusamatrix isn't functioning properly.


The Sleeve just looks like a beige cloth sleeve with a glove on the end. It comes to Ben's shoulder. It is worn on the right arm.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is infused with Osmosian DNA. The Sleeve can absorb matter as Kevin does. Once the matter has been absorbed it can be manipulated in any way, just like Kevin can. The Sleeve cannot be removed while in absorbed form. It reacts to the user's thoughts and actions. It has been programmed only to respond to those who know what it is and how to use it.


Ben Tennyson (main user)

Kevin Levin (creator and tester)


  • It is unknown what would happen if Ben transformed while wearing it. (I actually know, but I'm saving it)
  • Only Ben and Kevin have been seen using it. It is unknown what would happen it Gwen tried to use as she helped design it.
  • It is unknown if it can absorb energy. Also, if energy is absrbed it is unknown if it makes the user insane.
  • If an Osmosain or Osmosain Hybrid uses the Sleeve it strengthens thier powers. (they can absorb more matter from less substance)
  • It, along with the Anodite Glove, was a present from Kevin and Gwen to Ben for his 18th birthday.