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Osmos V
Season 5, Episode 3
Air date 5/9/2012
Written by Ahmad 15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Hathor (Ahmad 15)

Osmos V is the third episode in Ahmad 15's fifth season.


Ahmad: What next?

Camera shows Scene: Ahmad, Oussama, Leypod, Alan Albright, Max Tennyson, and Azmuth were in a Plumber Ship.

Azmuth: Osmos V, We are going to get the DNA of an osmosian now.

Oussama: Doesn't My DNA work?

Azmuth: Not exactly, We need a sample of a full Osmosian and you're only 1/2.

Suddenly, The Ship was hit and the Ship was quaked.

Theme Song!

A ship sent a beam at The Team's ship. The Ship was quaked making a big whole. Oussama was sent away flying from the ship. Jetray saved Oussama and landed on the Osmos V ground. The Ship landed too. Suddenly Osmosian Policemen attacked the Team. Ahmad went Humungousaur and started punching the Policemen. A Policeman shot a beam at Ahmad changing him back. Cut to scene: Osmosian Jail.

Ahmad: Why did the arrest us?

Oussama: We were trespassing.

Delete Later

Ahmad went Four Arms and wanted to destroy the Bars with no luck. An Aerachimpian (Spidermonkey) interrupted.

Aerachimpian: They are made of Osmoium coated Taedinite. Name's Asad.

Oussama: I prefer to call you Spydi.

Oussama tried to absorb the Osmoium but couldn't

Spydi: Osmoium is the only Material you can't absorb. and Taedinite is unbreakable, Conclusion The Bars are undestructible.

Ahmad: Wait! Are they Flamable?

Spydi: Maybe.

Ahmad went Swampfire and burned the Bars. The Team (and Spydi) ran away. Policemen attacked them. Swampfire burned them. As the Team wanted to enter the ship, Other Policemen came close.

Poilceman: Wait, that Aerachimpian is called to be killed by the Osmosian Goverment! Hand him and you're done!

Azmuth: (Comes Suddenly) I collected the DNA, let's go!

Oussama: I woudn't give away Spydi (Goes Humungousaur) Humungousaur! (attacks Policemen)

A battle took place. A cop fired at Spydi wounding him. Oussama got angry and took Spydi.

Spydi: I swear, I didn't do anything! I am wounded, leave me! They will aid me. Let go!

Oussama reverted back handed over. The Policemen directly fired three shots killing Spydi. Oussama roared. He jumped on the Officer and started punshing. Ahmad (still Swampfire) carried him to the Ship. Oussama cried and blood came from his nose. Spydi started bleeding and died.




  • Policemen

Aliens Used[]

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  • Spydi (Asad) was introduced and killed.
  • The Policemen tricked The Team.
  • The Team got arrested.
  • The Team regained Absorber's DNA.