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Doctor Osiris
Adria and Osiris.png
Osiris being hugged by her wife Adria
General Information
Species Necroterran
Residence Anur Vladias (formerly)
Anur G'rrnay
Dimension Dimension 10
Timeline Prime Timeline
Occupations Doctor
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Life Force Manipulation
Mana Immunity
Space Survivability
Relatives Nurse Adria (Wife)
Friends Ben Tennyson
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
The Only Good Necroterran

Osiris is a Necroterran doctor living on the planet Anur G'rrnay with her wife Nurse Adria in Earth-1010. She appears in Ben 10: Road Trip.


She has a lopsided face with three eyes on the right side and none on the left. She has scars all down one side of her body. She is short, and her skin is ash-black. Her eyes are a light violet colour.


She is a very caring individual. She has always wanted to help people, and goes to great lengths to ease the suffering of her patients.

Powers and Abilities

Osiris uses the life force manipulation of her powers to great effect in her hospital. She moves the life force from healthy patients to sustain the dying. She will offer to allow the unhealable to die by her hands for a painless death, these are the only patients she allows to see her face.


She was born on the planet Anur Vladias before at some point moving to Anur G'rrnay. She met Adria here and the two become very close. Adria bought her a hospital as a marriage proposal, which Osiris accepted. She has worked as a doctor since.

Ben 10: Road Trip

She helped heal Ben after his defeat at the hands of Time Breaker Albedo in The Only Good Necroterran. She left just as he woke up, but was pursued by MindMatter. Her wife managed to help diffuse the situation, since Ben assumed Osiris must be evil given what little he knew of her powers. After talking things over, Osiris helped Ben learn about Triedge's powers, whom Ben renamed to reflect his better understanding.


Ben 10: Road Trip


  • She is the titular "Only Good Necroterran" of her debut episode