Hotdawg, a notable Oscarmeyeran.
General Information
Home World Grillus
Body Hot Dog
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance Power Jamming

Hot Dog Creation

Oscarmeyerans are Hotdawg's species in Pokémon Sky. They live on the planet Grillus.


He is a humanoid hot dog with four-fingered hands and boot-like feet. A hot dog bun encases his body.

Powers and Abilities

Oscarmeyerans have a mysterious energy that when used, will mess up the powers of those they touch, much like a speech jammer. They can also imbue this energy into inanimate objects, so that the powers of anyone who touches the thing next gets jammed. They can reactivate the charge once used, though.

They can produce sausages of various sizes, from a tiny appetizer, to a large bratwurst. Normally, using them to attack is as useless as you’d think hitting someone with a sausage could be. However, they are great conduits for the power jamming, and can be used to increase its range.

They are naturally immune to having their powers affected by outside sources.

They are quite nimble.


Oscarmeyerans can not stand still, and will constantly bop and shimmy around when not doing anything.

When they prime their power jamming, they will lose their charge if it hits someone they don’t intend. This doesn’t affect inanimate objects charged with the power, so they can just pick it back up.

His foes’ powers aren’t always going to glitch out in his favor.

If they fight a non-living thing, like a robot, they can not jam its powers. If they try, the’ll just charge it with the power.


Oscarmeyerans come from the planet Grillus. Said planet is filled with various types of superpowered megafauna that prey on the Oscarmeyerans. Thusly, the Oscarmeyerans developed the peculiar ability to make power mess up, so they can run away. Quite a few of them cultivate a tomato like fruit for both consumption and hurling at predators using their powers.

Notable Oscarmeyerans

  • Hotdawg (Omnitrix DNA sample)
    • Game Wiener (Hero Watch DNA sample)
    • BBQ (AntiTrix DNA sample)

Notable Oscarmeyeran Fusions

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