General Information
Species Teloseean
Home World Gekkourus
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Orpheus is the Omnitrix's DNA samle of a Teloseean from the planet Gekkourus.


Orpheus takes the form of a large, humanoid creature, coming in at over 6 feet tall. It usually has a hunched stance, however, due to the nature of the large, metallic wings that stretch along its shoulders and back. The body itself is covered in a simple green and black bodysuit, with the Omnitrix symbol located on its chest.

Powers and Abilities

Orpheus possesses enhanced strength and durability, and carries around a small hilt, which can be thrown and activated at any moment to expose an energy blade, the length of which can be decided by Orpheus itself, though there is a hard limit of three feet. The alien can also rip off pieces of its metallic wings to use as a shield or as a blunt-force weapon.

Orpheus also possesses minor energy absorption, and can redirect any energy absorbed as a beam from its mouth.


Due to the large size of its body, as well as the weight of the metallic wings that rest upon its shoulders, Orpheus is a rather slow alien that does not possess the ability to fly. Though it can rip off one of these wings, this forces the Omnitrix to allocate resources to genetic repair, and has in the past proven to present issues with stability. Its shoulders are also a weak point, partially why it has the wings to shield them in the first place.


  • Along with Riganagi and Arsenica, Orpheus's name is taken from the name of the starting Personas in Persona 3, 4, and 5 respectively, Orpheus, Izanagi, and Arsene.
    • Despite this, Orpheus's design is heavily inspired by that of Thanatos, the ultimate Persona of the Death arcana in Persona 3.
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