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General Information
Original broadcast June 29, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 2
Overall episode number 02
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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Origins is the second episode of E-10: Horizons.


Recapping after the first day of Horizons, Alice discovers Ethan's secret about the watch and demands to know everything. Leading Ethan to tell her how he first encountered it and what turned him into a hero.


[The setting took place at a suburb area with a one-story house, with pine trees surrounding the sides and the back of the house. When the sun slowly began to set, Ethan and Alice had arrived to the house, walking towards the front door.]

Alice: Um, Ethan?

Ethan: Just a second.

[Ethan took his lanyard off his neck and started searching for the keys.]

Ethan: Found ya!

[He found his house keys and started unlocking the door. As soon as he opens the door, he turns on the lights and Alice begins staring at the inside.]

Ethan: I give you Le Castle Da Ethan!

[We zoomed inside to see the room the living room, while the sides of the room lead to different areas. Alice and Ethan talked in the background as the scene showcased the house. The left side lead to some rooms with the right leading to the kitchen and some other rooms. The floor was covered in wood, with a black leather couch and a beanbag chair leading to a flat screen TV hanging from the fireplace.]

Alice: Really? Did you have to say it like that? That wasn’t even proper French. Or Spanish.

Ethan: It didn’t have to be.

[Alice rolled her eyes and entered inside. She looked around stroked her hair.]

Alice: It’s quite a nice place.

Ethan: Thanks. I, uh, only had about… a couple weeks to work on it, actually days thanks to XLR8.

[The two set their backpacks down and Alice turned around toward Ethan, crossing her arms.]

Alice: So, why’d you bring me here? You know there were other places on campus that we could have spoken about this more privately.

[He sighed and turned around, facing her.]

Ethan: I couldn’t take the chances of anybody else finding out. It’s kind of a secret.

Alice: Well, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, who would believe some freaking 20 year old has the power to transform into monsters thanks to some magic wrist watch.

Ethan: They’re not monsters, they’re aliens.

Alice: Maybe, but you still owe me an explanation.

Ethan: What, you want my whole life story?

Alice: Maybe. [She cleared her throat.] After all, what am I supposed to believe anymore?

Ethan: [Sighed] Fine. We’ll start from the beginning…


May 20XX, 3 Months Ago...

[The setting took place at night and we zoom down to a backyard with a concrete floor and bushes surrounding the area and a swimming pool. Everything was dark until a light streamed out as a door began to open. Two dogs ran outside and Ethan followed them, shutting the door gently.]

Ethan: Alright, you two, let’s hurry. I got a show on in a few minutes and I would very much like to not miss it.

[He sighed, took a deep breath and started thinking to himself.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Unbelievable. How did I get stuck watching both the dogs? Not that I don’t love the two, but come on. I’m twenty years old, I should at least be able to have a house to myself, not babysit while my family goes out and has fun. But whatever.

[One of Ethan’s dogs started walking near one of the bushes on the side of the house. He was taking a look at the bush as he began sniffing around the area. He lifted his leg but stopped as he suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the sky. He looked up to the direction of the sound. From his viewpoint, he saw a flash of light which appeared to be a shooting star.]

[The scene shifted to a large, high-tech computer lab filled with worried scientists. A figure walks in, with only the back of him visible to the audience. The scientists looked at him worriedly. The figure approached one of the scientists.]

???: I was alerted of some kind of object entering our atmosphere.

Scientist 1: Um, yes, sir. An object of unknown origins is colliding with Earth at over 28,000 miles per hour!

???: Where is this unidentified object supposed to land?

[Another scientist walks up to the figure]

Scientist 2: According to our calculations, it will land somewhere near the midwest of the United States, probably Southeast, I'm not sure.

Scientist 1: What kind of action should we take?

???: That object is most likely alien, and if it is, it could be dangerous in any way, shape, or form. But before we take any action, activate the satellite, and put the footage up on the monitor.

Scientist 2: Activating the satellite now.

[From space, the satellite started flashing red. As the object made its way towards Earth’s orbit, the satellite followed its position from above. Once the object entered the atmosphere, the satellite paused and from the camera view it started zooming in where it was going to land. The scene cut back to Ethan as he hollored at the dogs.]

Ethan: C'mon you two! Let’s go!

[They didn’t come, which made Ethan irritated. His face then lit up with a light bulb appeared beside his forehead as he formulated an idea.]

Ethan: Who wants a treat? [Grinning]

[Both dogs ran to the side of the door, one of which was barking. He opened the door and before Ethan could enter inside, he too started to hear the noise as a bright light from and the two ran inside.]

Ethan: Yeah, that’ll get them going.

[Ethan slowly took a look and saw that the light was flying toward him at an alarming speed.]

Ethan: Ah!

[Ethan tried to grab the handle but the light sent him flying backwards into the ground. The crash made the whole neighborhood shake for about a good few seconds as a group of car alarms went off in the background. Ethan slowly stood back up as he went over to take a look at the crash site.]

Ethan: What is that?

[He started walking towards the crash site, located near his backyard and close to the forest. He could hear the commotion of people angrily shouting and turning off their cars.]

Ethan: Since when did meteorites decide to crash here? Don’t those things burn up in the atmosphere or something?

[Ethan reached his hands towards the smoking meteorite. It burned his hand, and Ethan recoiled.]

Ethan: Agh! Man, that’s hot!

[The meteorite started cracking through the surface and it revealed a pod was inside.]

Ethan: Is that… a space pod… Wonder what it’s hiding in there?

[Ethan tried to take a closer look at it as the pod was opening slowly. A flash of green light gleamed from inside, blinding Ethan for a second as he blocked the light with his hand. The light soon started to dim, and revealed it to be some sort of black and silver block with a badge appearing to be a green and black hourglass symbol in the center.]

Ethan: Whoa… what is that? That looks like some kind of alien homing beacon or something… But what would that be doing here?

[Ethan took a step closer and kneeled before it, but before he can reach out with his right hand, it shot out a green light and scanned Ethan]


Ethan: What the-

[The block jumped out at Ethan, and began squirming around his body. Ethan jumped back and began to panic as it surrounded him as chest armor, then into a helmet, then a belt, then a boot, then a shoulder pad, a ring, and finally it positioned into a watch onto his left wrist. Ethan stopped screaming and took deep breaths, finally calming down and raising his arm in the air.]

Ethan: Whoa…

[Ethan stood back up and looked at the watch.]

Ethan: What is this thing?

[Ethan tried moving the watch, it wouldn’t budge.]

Ethan: Agh! It’s stuck!

[Ethan tried pushing it off his wrist, he tried grabbing, but nothing; it was stuck upon his wrist, the only question that remained was the secrets that it hid.]

Ethan: Alright, if I can’t get you off, then I can at least figure out how to make this thing work! Maybe there’s some kind of alien code I can access.

[Ethan then tapped the button as the hourglass symbol popped up. The symbol formed into a diamond and revealed an alien icon was inside.]

Ethan: Icons? What is this, Power Rangers? Nah, it’s more like Kamen Rider, only it is not shouting anything.

[Ethan began turning the dial. It went from a creature with four arms to a velociraptor-like creature, to a creature made of shards, to a figure wearing headphones, to finally a creature that had a flame on its head.]

Ethan: Huh, a different creature for every time I turn it, sweet! Although this ringing is giving me a major headache. How do I shut it off?

[Ethan accidentally pressed it down with his hand as a larger noise started coming from the core.]

Ethan: Uh oh...

[Slowly, his body became surrounded in a green light, creating a flash.]

[TRANSFORMATION: Red rocky armor started surrounding his arm.]

Ethan: Whoa…

[TRANSFORMATION: His hand started to catch on fire, which made Ethan gasp. As the rocks started forming onto his body, fire started cracking beneath its surface, which made Ethan panic.]

Ethan: Agh… Aahhh!

[TRANSFORMATION: Rocks started forming around his head, and as his head changed its shape, flames started engulfing around his head, with fire coming out of his eyes, cheeks and mouth. The figure zoomed out and created a small fire wave in the transformation as he was screaming in panic. A flash glowed from the hourglass symbol and blinded the screen for a moment as the transformation had ended, with the figure continue screaming.]

[He started taking deep breaths and took a look at himself.]

Heatblast: I’m okay? But I’m on fire, how is this even possible? But whoa, what happened to my skin? Aw man, did my eczema just get worse…

[He continuously started poking himself.]

Heatblast: I started putting the lotion on just like the doctor said I should. [He stopped poking.] Okay, it’s not that! Maybe I transformed into some kind of fire headed creature. Oh, great. No one’s gonna date me when I look like a living candlestick. Then again, at least now people can say that I'm a hottie.

[Heatblast made a small geekish laugh.]

Heatblast: Well, as long as I’m in this form, I better figure out how to use it. I wonder if I have any cool special powers?

[Heatblast’s palms lit on fire.]

Heatblast: Whoa! Liking it!

[Heatblast gained control of his sparks and created a fireball. Heatblast aimed his fireball at a couple bushes and launched it from the palm of his hands. The bushes caught on fire and it slowly started to spread. Heatblast’s expression changed from excited to worried.]

Heatblast: Wait, stop!

[The scene shifted back to the mysterious figure and the scientists in the computer lab, where the scientists and agents were watching from afar.]

???: This could be troublesome.

Scientist 1: From what I’ve gathered, it seems the object has attached itself to the human and transformed into some kind of alien life form.

Scientist 2: What form of action should we take?

???: Nothing yet. Let’s just keep watching.

Heatblast: Oh man, this isn’t good. [Waving hands.] Come on fire hands, you created this fire! Now how do you stop it?

[Heatblast’s hands began to light up and the fire flew toward his direction. Heatblast made a small scream and blocked for cover, but to his surprise, the fire went back into his hands and they stopped glowing.]

Heatblast: Wait a minute… I can absorb and shoot fire? This alien is the best! I think it’s an alien… [Looks up] Well, it did come from outer space… Hmm, I wonder what else I can do?

[Heatblast tested his flames by shooting fireballs into the air. He then fired a pyro laser from his hands.]

Heatblast: Aw, yeah! Now let’s see if I can do this!

[Heatblast took a few steps back; he took a look at the sky and positioning his aim carefully.]

Heatblast: You know, with all these creatures inside, I’m definitely gonna have to give them codenames to keep track of ‘em. How about I call this one…

[Heatblast charged the flames on his hands. It began to growing to a larger size and Heatblast raised his arms until fired it into the sky. The fire exploded and created a wall of text saying "HEATBLAST", as sparks rained from the sky. Meanwhile, in a different part of the city, a few cars pressed on their brakes as people stared at the text in the sky. The name faded away as Heatblast finished gazing at his work with his hands on the side of his waist. Heatblast suddenly noticed the hourglass symbol on his chest began to flash a red color. Heatblast's body then glew in a red light and transformed back into Ethan. He took a look at himself, realizing he was back to his normal self.]

Ethan: What? I'm back normal?! Wow... That was [jumps] awesome! 

[Ethan turned and stared at the watch.]

Ethan: I wonder what other kind of aliens I can turn into.

[Ethan's stomach growled as he took notice to it. The song ended.]

Ethan: Maybe I should grab something eat. After all, I did just burn a lot of calories today, I deserve a meal! [Started walking] Oooh! Maybe I should go out, I’m sure the dogs won’t mind being alone for a few hours.

[We zoom out to the camera footage.]

Ethan: Heh, burning calories...

[The scene shifted to back inside the lab where the figure facepalmed.]

Agent 1: Let me get this straight here, an object falls from the sky, lands on some kid’s wrist, and now he’s using at some sort of play toy?

Agent 2: This could lead to disastrous consequences!

???: Check where all the stray fireballs could have landed.

Scientist 1: Right on it, boss.

[The scientist started tracking its location and the monitor pulled up several places the fireballs have landed. One place being in a forest filled with smoke, another place leaving a burnt mark on the ground. Another location revealed an apartment complex was on fire. The agents were surprised at the damage. The figure grabbed his walky-talky to speak.]

???: Tell all the members of Squad Alpha to meet me at the hangerbay in 20.

Agent: Lieutenant, do you even know where he’s going?

[The Lieutenant exited the room as he spoke.]

???: Oh, I always know where they are going. Now follow my lead!

[The door slammed behind him.]

[The scene shifted to a black car driving down the local streets as it passed a few building. Ethan was driving inside the car with an excited look on his face.]

Ethan: Man, this is awesome! I can't believe I just transformed into an alien! I mean, how was that even possible? That’s not something that can just happen, right?

[Ethan glanced for a second at the watch.]

Ethan: And one thing’s for certain, I haven’t even become the rest of those aliens. There’s definitely gotta be more inside, but I gotta be sure I know what each of them can do before I accidentally hurt someone or cause something dangerous.

[Ethan pulled over to the side of the street and parked his car. He stepped outside and began to walk down the sidewalk to head toward a restaurant.]

Ethan: I still don’t know if I should call the fire alien Heatblast. Maybe Firestorm? Nah, that’s taken…

[Ethan became frustrated and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: Eh, I’ll worry about it later. For now, I got to grab something to eat. I’m sure I saw a pizza place nearby.

[Ethan looked up to see an apartment complex was on fire and gasped. A crowd formed outside, who stood there worried about what was going on. A firefighter turned the lid of the fire hydrant.]

Firefighter: Come on, Come on!

[Other firefighters began holding the hose and as water unleashed, they tried putting the fire out, but it was doing little good. Ethan ran over to see what was happening. He gazed over with a worried look on his face. Nearby a news reporter was live as she spoke about the fire.]

Lady Reporter: We’re live on the scene as a fire has recently broken out an apartment complex on Arthur St. Eyewitnesses claim the fire started due to what some say was “sparks from a firework show”. We do not know the details of where the sudden “fire rain” came from, but we'll be sure to keep you updated once we have more information.

[Ethan overheard the news reporter and his eyes widened.]

Ethan: Oh no…

[Ethan ran from the scene to get away from the crowd and hid in an empty alleyway and started sliding himself to the ground.]

Ethan: Oh man… what have I done… This is all my fault… I’m the one who started the fire!

[He stood up swiftly and punched the wall in anger.]

Ethan: Dammit!

[Tears dropped Ethan's eyelids as he took deep breaths.]

Ethan: I didn’t know Heatblast’s firework show would cause this much an impact… I didn’t know my fireworks display was going to make the fire fall from the sky! If only I had been more careful!

[He grabbed his hair and slid back down.]

Ethan: I never wanted to hurt anybody… What am I going to do?… I can’t do anything, I’m useless, I’m completely useless… I should’ve never let this thing slip onto my wrist!

[Ethan curls himself into a ball.]

Ethan: What am I supposed to do?

[A tear sheds from his eye and slowly drips to his cheek to the ground. Suddenly a gust of wind blew in the air and he looked up at the watch as it shined in front of him, it gave him a determined look.]

Ethan: No, I can’t just turn tail and run away from this problem. I have to face this issue!

[Ethan stood up.]

Ethan: Since I’m the one who put those people in danger, I’m going to be the one to save them! It’s my problem and I can’t just sit there and watch people die because of me. If I have this sort of power, then I can’t just be using these powers for whatever I want… most of the time. I have to help them and save people, do what superheroes do in those TV shows, right?

[Ethan activated the button on the watch and turned the dial, Heatblast’s icon was shown.]

Ethan: While you would be a good solution to the fire since you can absorb heat, there’s a chance you can make things worse, and I don’t want to take the risk. So let's see if I can try anybody else on for size!

[He kept turning the dial as he was trying to decide which alien to use.]

Ethan: Let’s see… a jellyfish, an earphone jack dude, and some skinny reptilian guy? I don’t have a lot of options, but I have no other choice. No matter who I select, I'm gonna have to use somebody to stop the fire!

[The core popped up from the watch and Ethan raised his arm.]

Ethan: In other words, here we go!!! [Slams down]

[XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm up and his skin turned blue with his hands transforming into black claws. A helmet formed onto Ethan’s head and his body spun around. His head finished changing shape and his eyes lit up. He started running, and his legs sprung into the air and grew wheels from the bottom of his toes. In a spinning background, XLR8 ran from right to left then back to right, and XLR8 jumped into a pose with his arm raised. The background faded behind him.]

[He reacted swiftly by his transformation.]

XLR8: Whoa, who’s this?!

[XLR8 looked at the highway, and suddenly, everything seemed to have slowed down, XLR8 was able to process nearly every detail in his surroundings.]

XLR8: Whoa, I’m getting major Flash vibes right now. Wait…

[Everything moved back to regular speed as he rapidly moved his arms and began to look at his hands. He snipped his claws.]

XLR8: Claws? [Looks behind] Tail? [Looks at his feet] Wheels!? Apparently I have the ability to think and move fast. What am I? [Scratching neck] An Acceleraptor?

[XLR8 smacked himself in the face.]

XLR8: Agh, no time to for names right now Ethan! Stay focused, lives are on the line, and you are the only one who can do this! SO... LET'S DO THIS!

[XLR8 made a small scream as he ran with great speed towards the apartment building. He slammed his feet to the ground to stop himself from running. It created skid marks on the ground and XLR8 slid towards the crowd until he eventually stopped. The crowd looked over as XLR8 appeared on the scene. XLR8 walked over and took taking a look at the surrounding fire. Suddenly, a visor surrounded XLR8’s face and from his point of view it started scanning the area. The mask made everything in shades of dark blue and light green, and XLR8 saw DNA signatures of a group of human beings in different sectors of the apartment. The visor lifted back up.]

XLR8: Man, this is cool!

[XLR8 surrounded his face back with the visor and ran inside the burning apartment. As he was able to see through the smoke in the distance, he saw a family hiding in the corner and rushed over.]

XLR8: Don't worry, I gotcha!

[He grabbed two at a time and zoomed back and forth until they were all out. Once the family was clear, XLR8 zoomed up to grab more civilians. From outside, the crowd only saw saw blue blurs go back and forth as XLR8 saved people from the fire. As soon as the last person was out, XLR8’s visor lifted up and tried to think.]

XLR8: Now to stop the fire. Quick, gotta think…uh???

[XLR8 looked at his arms.]

XLR8: Wind tunnels! Of course!

[XLR8 repeatedly moved his arms 360 degrees very quickly. It began to clear some of the fire, but it appeared not to have done much.]

XLR8: Okay... Time for Plan B!

[XLR8 put his visor back on and ran around the apartment complex in circles. A large vacuum surrounded the complex which caused the fire to start to fade. XLR8 ran as fast as he could until the fire was put out. XLR8 zoomed back to the front of the complex, lifted his visor up, and took deep breaths. As soon as he stopped, XLR8 looked up and saw the crowd cheering for him. XLR8 smiled and then looked down to see a little girl walk up to him.]

Little Girl: Thanks for saving us, mister!

XLR8: No sweat, at least I sure hope not?

[XLR8 for that second checked under his armpits to be sure there wasn’t sweat.]

Little Girl: What’s your name?

XLR8: Uh…? Oh! You can call me XLR8!

[XLR8 dashed away from the crowd in a blur. The crowd began to cheer for him.]

Little Girl: [Waving] Bye!

[XLR8, with his visor on, and ran down in the empty streets, with his stomach growling.]

XLR8: Wow, I can’t believe I just saved all those people! Maybe I can do something with this thing. [Stomach growls.] After all that work, I really need to get some meat on them bones. With my superspeed, how about I XLR8 through a drive-thru!

[XLR8 increased his speed and made his way to a four-way street. Suddenly, a van appeared from his leftand swung around to XLR8’s position, opening the back doors. XLR8 saw this and attempted to slow down as fast as he could, but the hourglass symbol started flashing red and beeping as he was trying to stop. XLR8 slipped and flew into the van. He landed upside down and changed back into Ethan in a flash.]

SACT Agent: Go, go, go!

[The two agents sitting in the back, shut the van and drove off as fast they could, driving up the hill.]

[The van drove through a facility where the sign said “S.A.C.T.” Eventually inside, two agents walked beside Ethan as his arms were handcuffed.]

Ethan: Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on? I kind of need to be home soon. Because ya know, dogs and such?

SACT Agent: Quiet, or we’ll shoot you.

[Ethan’s face became fearful, and he made sure that he stayed quiet. Later, the agents put Ethan inside a dark green room surrounded by glass and a light shining above a table.]

Ethan: Oh, so it’s one of those things...

[The agent aimed the gun at his head.]

Ethan: [High pitched voice.] I’ll be good.

[Meanwhile, a few agents arrived in another room while a man was standing on the other side, viewing the work production from the room across from him.]

SACT Agent: Lieutenant, he’s here.

Lieutenant: Perfect.

[The Lieutenant started walking with the agents over to the interrogation room where he entered and sat down. The agents removed the handcuffs from Ethan’s wrists.]

Ethan: Ow!

Lieutenant: Give us the room, soldiers. I wanna speak privately with this felon.

[Ethan gave him a glare. The agents left the room.The Lieutenant watched them leave, and he turned over to Ethan.]

Ethan: So uh…. I guess you want to get to talking so…. How’s the wife?

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t have one.

Ethan: Right...

Lieutenant Steel: Let’s get to the point. Your name is Ethan Wellington, you’ve traveled all over the country, and as of right now, you have commited extreme arsen and violated SACT codes 13, 14 and 52.

Ethan: Who with the what now?

[Lieutenant Steel gave him a mean look.]

Ethan: Look, what do you want from me? Aside from your codes of conduct, or whatever, I haven’t violated anything! All I did was start a fire and put it out.

Lieutenant Steel: Maybe this will make things clear. My name is Lieutenant Steel, and right now you are under one of the most highly secured facilities in the country, known as the S.A.C.T.

Ethan: Huh?

Lieutenant Steel: Secret Alien Containment Team. We are black-ops military unit. Normally we don’t have to capture humans just as yourself, but you have an interesting ability that we’ve been keeping an eye on.

Ethan: Are you talking about my watch?

Lieutenant Steel: Yes, we saw it crash through Earth’s atmosphere. And thanks to our satellites, we were able to monitor its every movement. After witnessing what you’ve done with it so far, we don’t think we should allow you to use it anymore.

Ethan: I’ve only had it for a few hours!

Lieutenant Steel: Doesn’t make what you’ve done with that thing on your wrist legal. Tell me, kid, do you know what that thing is?

Ethan: No, but all I know so far is that this thing turns me into different aliens. I don’t know how many, but I’ve managed to do at least some good with it.

Lieutenant Steel: Along with the bad you’ve caused.

Ethan: That I managed to fix.

Lieutenant Steel: Doesn’t matter. It’s not safe. My best guess is that thing has bonded to your DNA, which allows you to transform into those creatures, so we can’t easily slice your arm off. We’re gonna have to use all the necessary tools to get that thing off your list.

Ethan: I’d like to see you try!

[A few hours later, Lieutenant Steel tried a power saw and the second it hit the watch, it was blown back into the wall, busted. He grabbed his gun out of rage and fired a few lasers at the watch, which bounced off it, blasting the gun off Lieutenant Steels' hand.]

Ethan: Sorry, thing’s got a mind of its own!

[Lieutenant Steel groaned, then he took a look at the watch with his magnifying glass.]

Lieutenant Steel: Not a scratch.

Ethan: Welp, guess it makes that official, there is no way that thing is coming off my wrist.

Lieutenant Steel: In that case, the only way to protect our world is to kill you.

Ethan: What if it bounces off to another host?

Lieutenant Steel: Only one way to find out.

[He aimed his gun at him, Ethan stood up and raised his arms out to lower his weapon.]

Ethan: Whoa, wait a minute! Before we start firing at anybody, let’s just talk for a second.

Lieutenant Steel: I’m losing my patience, but alright.

[He put his weapon down and the two sat back in their seats.]

Ethan: Look, I’m the only person on Earth to even have these powers. There’s a chance we can do a lot of good with this.

Lieutenant Steel: Like what, turn you into a weapon? Unacceptable.

Ethan: I’m not saying to turn me into a weapon, hell no. But look, this thing came to me and fell out of the sky for a reason. I may not know why, but out of anyone’s wrist this thing could’ve jumped onto, it jumped onto mine. We should use this device to help people, save lives.

Lieutenant Steel: This isn’t some kind of comic book.

Ethan: No, it isn’t. But this thing is here, right in front of us. There’s many things, good things, that we can do with this!

Lieutenant Steel: There’s nothing good that comes out of this. If we let you out with that thing, you’re just going to cause trouble again.

Ethan: How? I’m not some street punk or some gangster you’d see out in the streets. I didn’t smoke pot or have sex in High School.

Lieutenant Steel: But you drank?

Ethan: No.

Lieutenant Steel: Look, I don’t care what you did or didn’t do in high school and I don’t care what you do now. I will not let the fate of humanity fall under the hands of some kid.

Ethan: I’m twenty!

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t care! If we let out there, you’ll destroy the entire human race with one transformation, and we don’t even know what you’re capable of or what aliens you can become. You could become Godzilla for all I know and eat up the entire planet if you wanted to.

Ethan: But I…

Lieutenant Steel: I am not going to take any chances. I…

[Before Lieutenant Steel could say anymore, an agent slammed the door open and interrupted him. The music ended.]

SACT Agent: Lieutenant, come quick! One of the Mechadroids are out of control, and one of the agents are trapped inside. We can’t stop it.

Lieutenant Steel: What?

[He groaned and itched his eyebrows and turned over to Ethan.]

Lieutenant Steel: Wait here.

[He ran out of the interrogation room with the agents, and Ethan stood there alone. Ethan went from curious to determined. The next scene then opened into a lighter green room with agents trying to shoot down a 30 foot tall automated mech with a rectangular shape, giant arms and legs, and a cockpit in front. The Mechadroid slammed the other agents, who went flying to the other side of the room. Inside the Mechadroid, there was a man sitting in the middle of the machine with his leg was trapped inside.]

SACT Soldier: HELP!!!

[Everything zoomed over to the other side of the room as Lieutenant Steel and three other agents arrived.]

Lieutenant Steel: Oh, dammit. Hand me the tachyon cannon.

[The other agent gives Lieutenant Steel the weapon. He aims it carefully as the Mechadroid knocks some of the agents out in the background.]

Lieutenant Steel: Sorry I have to do this to ya. But it’s for your own good.

[The Mechadroid noticed Lieutenant Steel’s weapon before he could fire. The two both launched laser beams at each other and both lasers failed to hit their targets. The Mechadroid’s laser launched below Steel and some agents, and they went flying backwards, injured. The tachyon canyon’s laser, however, hit above the Mechadroid and some pipes fell on top of it. The most damage it did was have the armor bend on one knee, trapped under there. Inside there was damage and the armor started flashing red with warning signals going off. The man inside started to panic.]

SACT Agent: Oh no, that thing just activated the self-destruct switch.

SACT Agent 2: It’s going to wipe out half the base!

SACT Agent 3: What are we going to do?!

[The other agents panicked. Lieutenant Steel, scraped, injured, and bloody, struggled to get up. He glared at the Mechadroid. Suddenly, the group heard a voice speaking from the distance.]

Ethan: I’ll take care of it from here.

[The other agents turned to him by surprise.]

Lieutenant Steel: What are you… [He coughed out blood before he could finish.]

Ethan: Well, first of all, you left me with my arms free. Secondly, I’m here to stop this. I don’t care what you say about me or the watch. If you don’t believe I can do good, then I’m going to prove you wrong here and now.

[Ethan dialed up an alien, and the watch’s core popped up. He raised up his hand to shout...]

Ethan: It’s Action Time!

[...and slammed down.]

[FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: As Ethan’s upper arms started growing muscles, he grew out two arms below them. He raised his head, which began changing shape. He grew a stripe in the middle of his face where his nose was, and his eyes expanded into two sets of eyes. Then, he stood out in the background and raised his arms up. The transformation ended in a flash.]

[Four Arms took a look at himself with his extra pairs of arms, then looked forward. He jumped towards the Mechadroid as it started firing bullets at him. Four Arms covered himself and when he landed to the ground, he saw that it only left a few scrapes on his shirt. He looked up and saw the Mechadroid’s arm went flying towards him.]

Four Arms: Whoa!

[Four Arms jumped to dodge the hit. When Four Arms dodged, the hand smacked the ground, creating a small cloud of dust. Four Arms later saw the person was screaming for his life and heard his cries for help.]

SACT Soldier: HELP!!!

Four Arms: Hang on, I’m coming!

[The Mechadroid kept trying to hit Four Arms, and he jumped out of the way each time. Four Arms jumped onto the cockpit of the Mechadroid, where he saw the person was trapped inside the glass. Four Arms shattered it with a punch and started ripping off wires. The Mechadroid started shutting down slowly. Everything started to shake. Before Four Arms could jump away, he heard the soldier wimper, noticing his leg was stuck.]

Four Arms: [Sigh] Okay, this is going to hurt a little.

[Four Arms ripped out the ledges and the soldier screamed. His leg was free but twisted and broken. Four Arms then grabbed him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders and hung him on his back. He then jumped away from the Mechadroid as it was crushed underneath the huge pile of rubble. Four Arms landed next to the other agents and set the soldier down. The soldiers cheered for Four Arms who smiled in response.. Then, everything went quiet as Lieutenant Steel walked up to him.]

Four Arms: So, did that prove anything?

Lieutenant Steel: Actually, it just might have.

[Lieutenant Steel gave him his hand to shake and Four Arms shook it. The music ended. The scene then faded back to present day as Ethan was leaning against the couch, finishing his story. Alice was sitting on the couch as he was wrapping up.]

Ethan: And so we did. He agreed to let me continue to use the watch as long as I helped him out on his missions. Sometimes I'll use them undercover missions, and the other for whatever I want, and in return for that I get to live a normal life, go to college, pursue my dreams. Hell, they’re practically funding me for it… and the place.

Alice: Wow, that must be nice.

Ethan: Yeah… I’m sorry I had to keep this a secret from you. I mean we just met, I didn’t think we would get into any sort of situation like that. Or that I would have any friends to keep this from.

Alice: No, I’m sorry, I should’ve been more understanding about it. I should’ve respected your privacy and why you couldn’t say anything about it.

Ethan: Well, it’s not like I don’t want to tell anybody about this. It’s just hard having to keep a secret from everybody, even from my own family. Nobody else knows I have these powers, I could try to video chat them about it but then that would just…

Alice: Create a panic? Yeah, I hear ya. But look on the bright side, at least now I know your secret, we don’t have to keep things from each other.

Ethan: Well… there’s still some things.

Alice: Like?

Ethan: I’m not telling. [Crossing arms, smirking.]

Alice: [Leans closer] Come on, if you can transform into aliens, then the rest of your secrets can’t be that bad.

Ethan: [Turns to her.] You just said you’d respect my privacy.

Alice: [Moves closer] I said I should’ve, but now I don’t have to.

Ethan: Then you get to tell me yours! After all it’s only fair, I did tell you my big secret.

[Alice turned red.]

Ethan: It’s only fair I get to hear yours. So out with it!

Alice: I…

Ethan: Well?

[Ethan leaned closer to Alice’s face, her face to began to blush even more.]

Ethan: I’m waiting.

[Ethan paused to realize how close they were and started to blush himself. Then the door opened, revealing to be Lieutenant Steel walking in on them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, Ethan, we got the robot situation taken care of. Everything should be… Oh, I didn’t realize you were uh…

[Ethan and Alice moved away from each other.]

Ethan and Alice: It was nothing.

Lieutenant Steel: [Clears throat.] Alright, then. We cleared it up with the police and…

[Lieutenant Steel throws Ethan his other backpack.]

Ethan: My backpack! [Catches.]

Lieutenant Steel: Yeah, we retrieved it back at the police station. We did have to make some compromises and a few alterations here and there. But everything should be clear now. As for the fight at the campus, however…

Ethan: Don’t worry about it, I took care of it.

Lieutenant Steel: Cutting it a little close, don’t you think?

Ethan: Yeah, well I…

[Ethan turned over and noticed Alice was still staring at the two, and she hid herself with her phone. Lieutenant Steel turned over.]

Lieutenant Steel: I’m guessing she knows about the situation too?

Ethan: Yep.

Lieutenant Steel: Do you want me to brain zap her or…

Ethan: No!

Alice: Don’t worry Lieutenant, I can keep a secret. It’s no trouble really.

Lieutenant Steel: Alright. I guess I'll let it slide just this once.

Alice: Well, I see you two have some things you need to discuss. Guess I’ll be heading out.

Ethan: Oh, I’ll walk you.

[Ethan and Alice headed for the door and Lieutenant Steel made a small chuckle.]

Lieutenant Steel: Heh, kids.

[At the doorway, Ethan began to speak with Alice.]

Ethan: Hey, I wanted to say thanks for everything. You know if I hadn’t ran into you, I wouldn’t of uh… gotten to know any of the people around.

Alice: It’s no problem.

Ethan: Yeah, well, I’ve moved to a lot of different places, and you’re the first person who’s ever treated me with such kindness. So it really means a lot to me.

Alice: Well, I guess you running into me wasn’t so bad for me either, after all I got to get to meet you…

[Alice thought of something for a moment and then grabbed her phone out.]

Alice: Here, why don't we add each other so we'll be able to text more... once they leave, I mean.

Ethan: Oh, um, really?! Sweet!

[Ethan grabbed his phone from his pocket and in a moment, they had added each other.]

Ethan: There.

Alice: Great, well, I guess I’ll text you later.

Ethan: Alright, see ya.

[Ethan left the doorway and Alice started walking away from his house, but Lieutenant Steel’s hand was pressed against her shoulder.]

Lieutenant Steel: Hey.

[Alice’s eyes went wide open and turned around.]

Lieutenant Steel: Look, kid, I know you two just met and everything, but I want you to know something. Ethan’s ability, we can’t let this information go to public knowledge. So far the only people who know about it are you, me, and the rest of the division of Area 51. Any other talks about it need to stay quiet, understand?

Alice: Yes sir.

Lieutenant Steel: Good, glad I can make myself clear then.

Alice: Lieutenant, just out of curiosity, does he have anyone else?

Lieutenant Steel: Well, in another state he has his family, but they’re distant since he decided to go to Horizon. Other than that, no, the most he’s ever had was his online acquaintances. Why?

Alice: It’s just, I know how important it is to keep this secret for Ethan, and I know he’s all alone out here. It’s just…

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry about it, as long as he has friends like you, I’m sure he’ll manage just fine.

Alice: Okay, thank you.

Lieutenant Steel: You take care now.

Alice: You too.

[The scene shifted to Alice walking back to her place as the sun was almost set, with the sky in colors of dark blue, light blue and orange. She was walking on the sidewalk with a fence that lead down a hill towards a beach, with the ocean view. Alice began thinking to herself.]

Alice (Thoughts): That boy, I’d never thought I’d meet anyone like him. He’s fun and innocent yet still kind of a dumbass, and you wouldn’t expect him to keep such a secret like this. The ability to transform into different aliens, he’s going to need someone to protect him from all the harm that is out there. And if there isn’t anybody who is willing to do that, then I will. I won’t let you face this alone Ethan, count on it.

[A car passed by Alice as Ethan spoke in the background. The music ended.]

Ethan: Lieutenant, there was something I’ve been needing to talk to you about today.

[The scene shifted back inside Ethan’s place, during nightfall. Lieutenant Steel began to pour himself a cup of coffee.]

Lieutenant Steel: What is it?

Ethan: That robot I fought today, it was the same as those Mechadroids you held back at the S.A.C.T. station.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you sure?

Ethan: Yes, and what else is weird is... those robbers that stole my backpack today, they weren’t out for cash, they were out for weapons.

Lieutenant Steel: We could be facing a very dangerous threat on our hands here. Chances are someone has been breaching into our military base and has been stealing weapons, or worse, we may have somebody that is on the inside...


Major Events

  • Ethan takes Alice back to his house and tells her how he found the watch.
  • Heatblast and Four Arms make their watch debuts.
  • Lieutenant Steel discovers that Ethan has the watch and keeps him under custody until they know he's not a threat to the planet.
  • Ethan manages to prove he's not a threat to the planet as he saves a soldier's life.
  • Lieutenant Steel later allows Ethan to become a part time member of the SACT.
  • Ethan and Alice exchange phone numbers, officially becoming friends.
  • Lieutenant Steel meets Alice and tells her to watch out for him.
  • Lieutenant Steel and Ethan discover that somebody's been stealing equipment from the SACT.


  • Ethan takes Alice back to his house to reveal how he found the watch.
  • XLR8's transformation is the same as Day One.
  • The Mechadroids that attacked are the same as Day One's.


Secret Alien Containment Team


  • Mechadroid

Aliens Used


  • The theme for Ethan Finds the Omnitrix, is based on a theme from Stranger Things.
  • The theme for Kinetic Experience, is based on CW's The Flash theme.
  • When referring to the watch, he references a few shows of what it reminds him of, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.


  • Ebomnitrix chose Heatblast to be Ethan's first alien, so he could continue the canon tradition of using the fire alien, and his own tradition of using an elemental alien.
  • Ethan's origin story is similar to the origin he had in the 2017 series.
    • Ethan turns into an elemental alien and creates a disaster.
    • Ethan turns into a speedster to stop a burning apartment complex.
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