Original vs Remix is the eight episode of At Azmuth's College.


Ben as Water Hazard is fighting Albedo as XLR8, who starts to lose. Then Albedo realizes he can copy Ben (turns into Water Hazard) and be even better (goes Ultimate Water Hazard), and defeats Ben.

After a humiliating defeat, Ben returns to Earth, while Albedo is delighted. Ben then encounters Evfnye, who is going to an Antarctic island, called Mushroom Island, which was known for anomalic high temperatures (30 C°, 86 F°). He explains Ben he couldn't make the Omnitrix better, because his technology level is just 4. After arriving to the place, Ben and Evfnye wear warm clothes, and discover a secret alien base on this island. When they enter it, they encounter a pyronite, who is surprised to see humans, and Ben tells them "he is Ben Tennyson", and transforms into Heatblast. Then Evfnye gets why the temperatures are higher than in the rest of Antarctica. But when they are ready to leave, Albedo improviously lands outside the base as Ultimate Gravattack. He also brought a Crabdozer using his gravity. The Pyronites start to panic, so Ben turns into Way Big to fight the predator, but Albedo uses Ultimate Way Big and starts defeating Ben. But then Evfnye arrives and tells him that Albedo may have a better Omnitrix, but Ben has better skills. So Ben rises up, turns into Stinkfly and while Evfnye is distracting the Crabdozer, he fights Albedo, and is completely sure to win, to the point he even turns Albedo into Heatblast and leaves him alone with the Crabdozer.

After that, Evfnye keeps studying the island, while Ben goes home.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Minor Events

  • Evfnye studies Pyronite biology and Mushroom Island.




  • Crabdozer

Aliens Used

By Ben

By Albedo


  • The Crabdozer follows Evfnye, altrough it should get the Pyronites first.
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