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General Information
Species Bisovortian
Alternate Counterparts Lodestar
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magnetism
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Oresun is Derwin’s Omnitrix’s DNA samples of a Bisovortian.


Oresun looks like Lodestar. His feet are brown, his legs are green, his chest is black, his arms are grey, and his shoulders are white. He has long steel wool for hair.

Powers and Abilities

Oresun can magnetise like all Bisovortians.

His cybernetics allow him to fire magnetic bombs that stick to most surfaces. He can also trap opponents in steel wool. He can stretch all parts of his body out 100 kilometers. His head is an effective shot put. He can also control electronic devices. This includes robots and Omnitices.


Prior to Ben 10: Into the Omniverse, Oresun was puppeted by Steam Smythe to create an EMP to destroy an entire hospital’s power, including backup generators and batteries. It did not. What it did was make the neonatal units malfunction. After some helping using Mod, Moonshine, and PWR, Derwin turns back into Oresun and shorts out Steam Smythe’s pacemaker.

In Ben 10: Into The Omniverse, Oresun appears in a flashback when Derwin talks about the above incedent.


  • Due to being a cyberneticaly enhanced Bisovortian, Oresun is one of Derwin's strongest aliens.
  • The incedent is a reference to the 2019 Sonic movie.
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