General Information
Species Oreater
Home World Oreon
Body Oreoy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing milk, creating a vacuum from his mouth
First Appearance Stupiditiverse
 Oreator is a Oreater from the planet Oreon in Ben 10: Stupidity Force . It is REO 's natural predator. He has an Viking Form to eat REØ, known as Øreatør.


Oreator looks like a weird four legged creature with cups of milks on the sides of it's body. It has four eyes and a brown colored body. It is about the size of Humungousaur.


  • Creating a vacuum in his mouth to suck in Oreos and Oreonites into his mouth. His mouth is the perfect size for an oreo or Oreonite.
  • Firing milk from his milk cannons to melt Oreonites and make them crumble.
  • Eating oreos


Oreator is a bit clumsy and can't move so well due to his big body. He also has no hands.


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