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Orcea Bat
Ocea BAt
General Information
Species Ocean Bat
Home World ...Earth?
Body Big chill/Stinkfly/Wildmutt
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Squeeze through tight spaces

Fly spy

Stink breath

Wing Water Gust

Ice Flake

First Appearance ????

Credit to Ahmad15

Orcea Bat is currently locked on Cassie Benny 's Omnidewtrix


Orcea Bat's specicies are relatively unknown, but what is known is the bright color belonging to it's skin that usually will defualt into a dark blue from hungry fish predators. The four eyes come in specific use to spot various vegatbles or bugs, commonly used in spying with The Plumbers and The Villains.

Orcea is able to make stink breath like it's half relative for escape or clouding it's attackers from or from becoming capture,sometimes it resorts to the teeth from it's great ancestor Vulpimencer that somehow got into the family line with a necrophibian.


They are naturelly found in the deepest jungle and sometimes in the water.

This creature's habitat makes it nutritous to other prey.


1.The Lavathrend we see in First debut. [[]]