Orbliterate King's 10.png
General Information
Species Globuplosian
Home World Atlasalvo
Body Humanoid-ish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Explosive orbs
First Appearance King's 10

Orbliterate is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Globuplosian from the planet Atlasalvo in King's 10.


Orbliterate is a tall, humanoid alien with blue skin. His upper arms and legs are rather skinny, with bulkier forearms/hands and feet. He has a number of orange orbs held in indents in his body. To allow him to hold the larger of his orbs, his fingers are rather long and have great grip. He has a singular eye on his head, which is pale yellow in colour.

Powers and Abilities

He is able to pull off any of the orbs on his body, which are highly explosive when not in contact with Orbliterate's skin. Once removed from his skin, they will explode upon hitting or being hit with too much force (the amount of pressure needed for them to explode varies on the size of the orb, as well as how new it is).

Once an orb has been removed from his body, a new one immediately grows. Once a new one has grown, it takes a minute or two before it becomes explosive, making it useful as 'landmine' of sorts, as it can be removed almost immediately and left in a location so that when it's able to explode it'll become a hazard.


The explosive force of the orbs vary based on their size, and freshly grown orbs take a couple of minutes to become explodable, meaning he has to be careful not to use up all his orbs, and which sized orbs he uses in certain situations.



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