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is the third episode of Solo 28.


Solo is Bullet flying across the world.

(Solo): I'm flying across the wooooorld! Yeah!

He flew over Egypt.

(Solo): Hey look! A tomb! Imma go steal something from it!

Solo flew inside. He grabbed a slab on a coffin. He flew out and flew back home. He went in his room and detransformed.

(Solo): I'm gonna be rich! I like da monies!

Suddenly, the sky turned dark. There was fog covering the ground.

(Solo): Eh? What's going on? Is it those girl scouts agin? -_-

Solo walked over to the window. There was King Ramses' mummy-ghost outside.


(Solo): Where have I heard that before?


(Solo): What's your offer?

(Ramses): This night, you will be visited by three plagues. Each worse than the last!

(Solo): Nope.avi

Solo turned on his TV and started watching Toonami. Suddenly, all of the electricty went out.


Solo transformed into Upgrade. He morphed onto his TV and reactivated the power.

(Solo): Much better.

Solo demerged and detransformed.

(Ramses): Return the slaaaab!

(Solo): What's yer offer!?

Suddenly, an evil unlike any other began playing...JUSTIN BEIBER.

(Solo): GAH!

Solo transformed into Bloxx. He morphed his hands into ear plugs and plugged his ears. He jumped outside and ran in back. He looked around and couldn't find the source.

(Solo): Come on! Come on! Where is it!?

Solo sees a music player. He ran over to it, morphed his hand into a hammer, and smashed it. He ran back inside and detransformed.

(Ramses): Oh come on. Return the slaaab!

(Solo): Alright, but a million's as low as I'll go!

Suddenly, a bunch of locust came towards Solo's house.

(Solo): Oh crap.

Solo transformed.

(Solo): Clockwork!

Solo shot time rays at the locust, but more just kept coming. They ate Solo's arm and began eating his house.

(Solo): That was my arm, you meanies!

They continued eating.

(Solo): Alright, alright! You can have your stupid slab!

Solo threw the slab out the window. Ramses disappeared and so did the locust. Solo transformed into Solomummy and regenerated his arm. He then detransformed.

(Solo): That was so deja vu.




  • King Ramses' Ghost


  • This episode is a homage to a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode. If you haven't heard of it, then...I hate you.