The Oppositrix is an Ultimatrix/Omnitrix that can acess opposite versions of all of Ben's aliens. But he has to turn into the normal alien and press the symbol on chest just like the Ultimatrix. It is from Lyon 9: Opposite Alien, wielded by Lyon.It was created by a Highbreed but the Highbreed thought it was no use so he threw it away and then Lyon found it and used it to save the world.


Unlockable Aliens

Opposite Heatblast

Opposite Wildmutt

Opposite Four Arms

Opposite Grey Matter

Opposite XLR8

Opposite Upgrade

Opposite Diamondhead

Opposite Ripjaws

Opposite Stinkfly

Opposite Ghostfreak

Opposite Stinkfly

Opposite Cannonbolt

Opposite Wildvine

Opposite Upchuck

Opposite Way Big

Opposite Ditto

Opposite Eye Guy

Opposite Benwolf/OppositeLyonwolf

Opposite Benmummy/Opposite Lyonmummy

Opposite Benvicktor/Opposite Lyonvicktor

Opposite Eon

Opposite Articguana

Opposite Buzzshock

Opposite Spitter

Unlocked Aliens

Opposite Swampfire

Opposite Big Chill

Opposite Humungousaur

Opposite Chromastone

Opposite Goop

Opposite Jetray

Opposite Echo Echo

Opposite Spidermonkey

Opposite Brainstorm

To Be Unlocked Aliens

Opposite Alien X

Opposite Lodestar

Opposite Rath

Opposite Nanomech

Opposite Terraspin

Opposite AmpFibian

Opposite Armodrillo

Opposite NRG

Opposite Water Hazard


Ultimate Opposite Swampfire

Ultimate Opposite Big Chill

Ultimate Opposite Humungousaur

Ultimate Opposite Spidermonkey

Ultimate Opposite Echo Echo

Ultimate Opposite Cannonbolt

Ultimate Opposite Wildmutt

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