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Operation: Vilgax
Season 1, Episode 2
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Operation: Omnitrix Part 1
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Vilgax's Hunt For The Omnitrix Video Log Entry 1[]

(Vilgax): Hunt video log entry 1.

A Flashback Is Shown

(Servant bot): We have found details of a certain device. One that matches your needs. It is the omnitrix. It can turn the wielder into any alien he wants and with the right preperaitions we can conect it to your big useless droid army.

(Vilgax): Where can I find such device and who is it's wielder?

(Servant bot): It has been made and used by a galvan genius known as Azmuth. We do not know his location, but we're working on it.

(Vilgax): Well do it fast! Such power can only be wielded by someone as worthy as me.

Vilgax's Hunt For The Omnitrix Video Log Entry 2 (A year later)[]

(Vilgax): Hunt video log entry 2.

A Flashback Is Shown

(Vilgax): I'm tired of waiting! Bring me information of the omnitrix's position!

(Servant bot): We found informaition that the plumbers took the device for safekeeping. It is now located on a high security plumber base.

(Vilgax): More waiting! Just another sacrifice made to obtain such power.

Vilgax's Hunt For The Omnitrix Video Log Entry 3 (A month later)[]

Vilgax is in his healing tank.

(Vilgax): Hunt video log entry 3. Pain!!!!!

A Flashback Is Shown

(Vilgax): Any news on the device?

(Servant bot): Yes master! We heard that the Operation: Vilgax group is planing to transport the omnitrix from it's current location to a plumber base on the solar system.

(Vilgax): Good, when they pass above Earth. We attack.

(Servant bot): We also have reports they sent spybots here.

(Spybot): Self destructing in....1....2.....3!


(Vilgax): They found out our plan! We must ambush them. Servant! Hide the ship behind the Earth's moon.

Operation: Vilgax ship passes above Earh then sudenly Vilgax's robots burst into the Operation: Vilgax spaceship.

(Vilgax): Yes! The omnitrix will soon be mine!!!

Sudenly the Operation: Vilgax spaceship shot a powerfull laser straight at Vilgax.

(Vilgax): Aaghhhh!!!!

(Servant bot): Master!

A bunch of robots brought the healing tank.

(Minor bot): What should we do? Should we continue as planed.

(Servant bot): We mustn't let master's pain be for nothing. We continue as planed.

A hour later.

(Vilgax): Where is the omnitrix?

(Servant bot): We searched the entire ship no sign of the omnitrix.

(Vilgax): Noooooo!!!!!!



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