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Flushout Squad a team founded by Kyzan and Jim Bexley. at first, they were allowed 3 other Plumbers to join the team.

Eigreg, The joker, he doesn't take many things seriously, but he's a good kid and will make a good Magister some day.

Erekob, the Sniper of the team, he may be fast, but he has an amazingly steady hand.

Imolnere, the oldest member of the team, currently their Science expert and Tech specialist.

they are out to stop any and all evil in the universe, their first opponent, the genius that is Doctor Phantomos an Ex-Plumber who has vowed to bring down the entire orginization.


Season 1

  1. Setting the Board
  2. The Bug's First Outing
  3. Incursion into Incursean Territory
  4. High-ho, Erekob, away!
  5. Bringing down the house
  6. Bringing fown the house: part 2
  7. Do Galvanic Mechamorphs dream of Mechamorph Sheep?
  8. Jumping at Phantomos'
  9. Jimmy loves Kyzan
  10. How to Start Wars and Alienate a Society
  11. The Electric Tale of Eigreg
  12. We Wait For the Dawn...]]
  13. Attack on the Titan. part 1
  14. Attack on the Titan. part 2

Season 2


  1. Convergence: Battle for Reality (Jim's "How i met your mother" story)
  2. Operation Flushout: The Rings of Power


All the fans in the house post "HELP ME! STARTREKNERD11011011 HAS A GUN TO MY HEAD!!! CALL THE POLICE!!!"

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