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Onitrix the first function is built by Azmuth which was launched into space and thus fell on planet Earth.

Omnitrix !



Onitrix is the first version created by Azmuth, for being the first Azmuth tried to make it so that one becomes more perfect after several attempts over the Azmuth overloading and so he began to emit radiation, to prevent a major accident occurs, Azmuth if it turned off and thus launched into space.

Arrival in the land[]

After thousands of years lost in space onitrix meets the Earth's solar system falling over America where a to child begins to think decipher the capsule. After a few days the child finally opens the capsule by tapping the clock that is active and so sticks to the child's arm.


  • Name: X Akiru
  • Planet: Earth.


The Onitrix provides only 12 aliens, they are:

  1. Ditto
  2. XLR8
  3. Four Arms
  4. Cannonbolt
  5. Goop
  6. Chromastone
  7. Ball Weevil
  8. Echo Echo
  9. Rath
  10. Humungousaur
  11. Way Big
  12. Alien X

Ultimate Aliens[]

The ultimates Onitrix also provides forms for all aliens stored.

Defense system[]

Unlike the other versions onitrix has a defense system that can automatically enable and disable processing of aliens, can also activate a force field made ​​of blue and Mana to self-destruct when it begins to emit radiation at high doses (deadly amount).


  • Blue: On / Ready to use
  • Purple: Ready to evolution / Evolution
  • Orange: How to self-destruction
  • Green: Accessing the master control
  • Black: Off.


  • The Onitrix can be reconfigured by a simple series of codes.