Oni Alabi
General Information
Species Earthling
Home World Earth (Dimension 23)
Residence Bellwood (Dimension 23)
Age 12-14
Affiliations Ben 23
Tetrax Shard
Occupations Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Agility
Arm Extension
Jet Propulsion
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Super Computer Brain
Equipment Dwarf Star
Aliases Nini (by Lucy)
Voice Actor Keke Palmer

Oni Alabi is a young Plumber and cybernetically enhanced human from Dimension 23, who was briefly introduced in It's a Mad, Mad Ben World Part 2.

She is the partner of Ben 23, and part of Team 23 along with Ben and Lucy Mann of Dimension 23.


Oni has a slim physique and is of average height for her age. She has brown skin, bright multicolored eyes and dark brown dreads that are usually kept back with an orange hairband.

Oni wore the standard issue Plumber uniform when she first worked with Ben, but later switched to her current attire.


Oni is a no-nonsense and by-the-book girl. She is always ready to learn and quite informative, making her appear older than she really is. As such, she’s not familiar with how other teenagers behave and fails to understand them most of the time.

During missions, she is calm and collected. She knows how to approach a tense situation and her skills as a Plumber comes in handy quite often. Though, her high intelligence makes her somewhat inconsiderate toward other people’s shortcomings in that department. She is consciously making an effort to be more approachable as a person and Ben and Lucy try to help her in that regard.

From time to time, the subject of her physiology may come up and this can make her insecure. She has a subtle fear of not feeling 'human' enough, which is slowly lessening with her time spent on Team 23.

Powers and Abilities

  • Robotic limb enhancements

Oni has extendable robot limbs she can use to grab or capture. Her hands can reassemble themselves into different tools that can be used for different purposes, such as cutting, shooting, hacking, etc. Similarly, her feet can reassemble themselves into jets, making her capable of flight.

  • Plumber education and skills

Oni has sworn a Plumber's Oath, to safeguard and promote the public well-being throughout the galaxy. She has therefore been taught regulations and laws (be it inter-planetarian relations or the cultural aspects of a species) about a multitude of galactic systems and planets so that she may enforce and abide by the given laws. Oni also has extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat from her academy training, as well as how to use Plumber-grade weapons.

  • Dwarf Star energy core

Oni possesses a rare energy core that powers her cybernetic components, located inside her body. Certain individuals are aware of this and have attempted to steal it from her in the past, as the core contains enough energy to supercharge any piece of technology or one's own physical abilities. The full capacity of the Dwarf core is not accessible to Oni, lest she would succumb to the power it holds. However, she is powered by the excess energy the core gives off.


Oni is an overachiever, meaning she greatly dislikes failure. This is one of her greatest mental weaknesses, along with a deep fear of social rejection.

Considerable damage/disturbance to her core could render her cybernetic prosthetics useless and in certain cases, be life-threatening. Her prosthetics are also vulnerable to extreme temperature changes.


At first, Oni didn’t recall much of her early years and as such, had little knowledge about how she came to be a cyborg.

Oni grew up with an adoptive family that took her in when she was little. She spent most of her time with the family's only other child and the two became very close. After a few years, Oni found out that her adoptive family had been enlisted as Plumbers for generations. Captivated by the promise of space exploration and being an intergalactic law enforcer, Oni wished to become a Plumber herself. She already possessed great strength and an equally remarkable intellect, so her relatives saw little reason to deny her the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. Oni was therefore taken to Plumbers’ Academy at age 9 and finished her education at the age of 12.

Oni's family was thrilled with how she graduated with flying colors, and at such a young age. Oni’s older step-sibling, however, felt as if their own accomplishments went unacknowledged since they chose not to carry on the family tradition and grew bitter and hateful as a result. Oni soon lost contact with them after that.

Oni was a star pupil who knew the Plumbers’ handbook in and out but lacked experience in the field. There was also the issue of having zero social awareness around her peers due to having had training alongside adults in a very professional environment, so Oni was very much a perfectionist who didn't know how to ‘loosen up’. As such, Tetrax Shard, the guardian and mentor of Ben Tennyson, found it appropriate to pair her up with the self-centered young hero, so as to make a balanced team that could support one another and cover each other’s weaknesses.

The two have seen been on various missions and reluctantly forged a bond. With the addition of Lucy Mann, a bubbly and rather eccentric Lenopan girl, they form the superhero trio, Team 23. They have even had to cross the multiverse once or twice in order to assist Ben Prime.

It is later revealed that Oni was the successful prototype in a secret project meant to turn humans into bio-weapons of mass destruction. Twenty failed test subjects had paved the way for her creation, and she was labelled ‘O21’ or ONI. The person responsible for her creation was a scientist who believed aliens to be a threat to human society. The project was their way of proving human evolution to be superior to that of alien physiology, and that technology was the logical next step in archiving that final form. However, as the scientist attempted to test the combination of a miniature Dwarf Star core with Oni’s robotic form, she lost control and destroyed their laboratory, overcome with too much energy to handle. Her rampage continued until her body could no longer take it and she fell into a deep hibernation, the core fusing with her body.

The show of blazing lights alerted the local law enforcement and Oni was discovered among the rubble of the underground lab. She was taken to a nearby Plumber station where she was deemed healthy and taken in by a family comprised of Plumbers who could monitor her behavior.



Oni has a great relationship with her adopted family. She has an older brother who she used to get along with, but who stopped talking to her after she graduated from Plumber Academy.


Ben Tennyson

Oni and Ben did not get along well initially, as they were polar opposites when it came to personality and work methods. However, after having spent considerable time together on missions, they have come to respect one another and gradually became friends.

Tetrax Shard

Tetrax serves as Oni's mentor, monitoring her progress as a new Plumber and telling her where to improve. Their relationship softens considerably as time passes.


Sevenseven occasionally joins in on missions where his mercenary skills are needed. Though silent for the most part, he becomes a valuable and trusted member of the team.

Love Interests

Lucy Mann

Lucy Mann quickly becomes a close friend to Oni after she joins the team. She helps Oni get into pop culture trends like anime and the like and the two have matching nicknames. Oni can tell that she has feelings for Lucy, but doesn't have the courage to act on said feelings.

Oni's nickname for Lucy is 'Lulu'.



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