Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date N/A
Written by Batking30
Directed by Batking30
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(Complete Silence is heard in The Gang's Apartment)

Splix: This silence is bogus!

Keith: Hey we're all tired and we barley got sleep last night, because of the neighbor playing his guitar.

Selu: I wants coffee!

(Splix gets up, and makes Selu a cup of coffee

(Selu gulps down the entire cup and starts running around the house)

Keith: Splix can we go to the museum today?

Splix: No.

Keith: I want to go!Are you arguing with me?

Splix: Yes, yes I am.

Keith: Then we have to settle the argument in the only way possible.

Splix: A cheeseburger eating contest.The 1st one to eat 1000lbs of burgers wins.

(They order 2000lbs of burgers from, "Burger Paradise".)

(Splix grabs two burgers and stuffs them in his mouth)

Keith: Splix that is so dumb.What if you choke?

Splix(Mouth Stuffed): Imposibl I haz a high metabelisem.

Keith: Okay.

Selu(Bouncing): KANGAROO!!!!

(Splix starts choking)

(Keith hits him with a chair and the burgers fly out the window onto a bird)

Splix: Why did you hit me!?!?!

Keith: You were choking!

(Splix goes FairyTale)

Splix(In a girly voice): What is this thing?

(Keith slaps her and she flies out the window)

(Splix lands in a dumpster)

Splix: Gross!

(FairyTale becomes Slimeball)

Splix: This guy may be sticky, but he can climb.

(Splix climbs into the apartment and attacks Keith)

(Keith rolls up into a ball with Slimeball in him)

Splix(Shouting): Help!

(Slimeball flies out of Keith's stomach, and hits the wall which causes him to revert)

Splix: Ya know that really hurt.

Keith: Sorry Splix.

(Then a clown bursts in and sees them in alien form)

Clown: Aliens!!

(Selu back slaps him in the head which causes him to faint)

Splix: Nice work Selu!

Keith: Why did you hit him.

Selu: He see you as alien.

Keith: Fine I've got an idea.

(Half an hour later the clown wakes up)

Clown: Hmm where are the aliens!?!?

Splix/Mick: What aliens we're all just human.

Keith/Keith: Yeah just us humans.I guess you imagined it.

Clown: Yep I guess so.Well I'd better leave then.

(The clown leaves the apartment)

Keith: That was really close he almost found out.

Splix: Yeah, but who cares we could have taken him.

(Selu walks out of the now repaired kitchen)

Selu: Magic bread heater is broken.

(Everyone takes a nap for a few hours)

(Their neighbor playing his guitar wakes them up)

Splix: Keith its lunch time make me spaghetti.

Keith: No way man.

(The episode ends with Splix pushing Keith out of bed)

Major Events

  • Splix's 1st Transformations into FairyTale and Slimeball
  • We see an average morning for the group
  • We see what happens when Selu has coffee





Guitar Playing Neighbor(Mentioned Only)


Aliens Used



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