One Day at Terrorland is the fourteenth episode of Ultimate Omnitrix 2. It is a crossover with Goosebumps Horrorland series. I don't own Horrorland


Aguas found a letter from a place called the Terrorland or Horrorland which invited him to come to the place. Recently, Aguas had found a mask which siphoned his powers and controlled him. On the other universe, Matt Daniels, Carly Beth Caldwell, Michael Munroe, Robby Schwartz and Boone Dixon received letters from Terrorland and decided to go there. Aguas met up with the five kids. Later, they found themselves in a fiery pit with snaky vines attacking them. Aguas was able to stun them. They escaped and met with a Terror called Incan. Incan told them that they are in the reformatted version of Horrorland. The five kids was hard to believe Incan. Later, Boone and Robby got captured by the reformatted villains, Monster Blood, Haunted Mask, Egg Monster, Dr. Maniac and the mummy of Tutthan-Rha. Aguas was unable to escape. Six of them escaped to Panic Park using a mirror. They met up with Sabrina, Abby and Julie who were also captured in Panic Park. The six of them had to suffer one by one. First, Boone Dixon started to become a snake. Michael was turned into shadow. Carly Beth can't take off a strange mask on her face. Robby was invisible due to Dr. Maniac's paint. Matt was sucked into the Jellyjam Monster Blood. Finally, they escaped along with Julie, Abby and Sabrina. With the help of the villains, The real vilain, Mr. X is defeated. Later, Matt found out that he had taken home something, the Haunted Mask!!

Aliens Used

  • None (an Aguas based Episode)


  • Aguas (the main character)
  • Matt Daniels
  • Carly Beth Caldwell
  • Michael Munroe
  • Robby Schwartz
  • Boone Dixon
  • Sabrina
  • Abby
  • Julie Enhril



  • Zeszon, Sora and Raphael only make cameo appearances in the very first start.
  • Ben didn't appear at all!
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