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A Very Boring Arrival
True Or Myth?


Ben and co. were driving towards Washington D.C. when they crashed into another car. The other car flipped but the RV was still standing. Although the other cars gas was leaking and when the sun touched it would go KABOOM. Ben tranformed into Heatblast and tried to stop the fire. He couldn't inside the vechile was a mother, father and a baby boy all burnt alive. Heatblast reverted. He was going to have nightmares about this. That horrifying scream. The baby wailing. Ben couldn't take it. He transformed into Stinkfly and flew away. Grandpa and Gwen found him in the corner of a dark alley. Ben said, "That family died because of me. I'm a murderer." He transformed into Grey Matter and hid in the RV.

Grandpa Max said, "C'mon Gwen. We gotta take Ben to a mental hospital." They found Ben staring at a frying pan. He was looking at his reflection. "I-How am I supossed to go on with my life knowing three innocent people died because I was to weak." Grandpa Max said, "Ben it isn't about the bad things that happend in your life. It is about the good." Ben looked at his elder grandfather and smiled. "Thanks Grandpa." They hugged. Meanwhile a figure was in a lab mergina a frog with some other creatures. "Finally, I have an army of mutant frogs!"

The figure jumped onto the biggest one and said, "Now Aloyious Animo will rule the world. I'm not mad, I'm brilliant!" He laughed as the giant frogs hopped towards D.C.

Ben was at the Super-Market with Gwen and Max picking out cereal. Suddenly a couple of rogue Animo mutants came in. One was a giant bird and another was what looked like a half crab half lion. It was a furry crab. Ben transformed into Four Arms and tackled the crab. He punched him repeatidly while the giant bird chased Gwen and Max. Gwen found a giant metal pole and whacked the bird with it. She dodged the talons as she whacked it some more then tripped it and whacked it down on the head, unconscious. Four Arms grabbed a pincher and threw the beast into a wall.

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