On the Hunt is the fourth comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 4
Production Code: A03
Release Date: November 18, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 1 List
"Cause and Effect"


Center City
August 19, 2012, 11:19 AM MDT

[Zon, Jack, and Ben are standing in front of Zon's house.]

[Zon]: So have we discovered anything else about the ring...

[He takes it out but doesn't put it on.]

[Jack]: I was researching some stuff about ancient rings and I did find this one thing that said there was a set of five rings, fire, earth, water, air, and energy that, when combined, would grant the wearer ultimate power.

[Zon]: Yeah, but we only have one of the rings...

[Ben]: And I don't suggest we go searching for the other four.

[Jack]: Do you want to get us killed?

[Ben]: I said I don't suggest that we do that...

[Jack]: Yeah, I know...

[Zon]: But we've got to protect it somehow. We can't just walk around town going "Hey look at me. I've got this fancy ring..."

[Jack]: Now that would be stupid...


[On the next page, Sunder is shown down the street. He throws a smoke bomb in front of Zon's house and it explodes, creating a smoke cloud. He bursts through the cloud and then fires a laser beam at the recruits. Zon dodges and then blasts green energy at Sunder.]

[Zon]: Sunder!

[Sunder]: Give me the ring! It doesn't belong to you!

[Jack]: Yeah, but I doubt it belongs to you either...

[He fires electricity at Sunder. He goes liquid, slides underneath a laser blasts and then jumps at Sunder, turns solid and punches him in the face. Ben jumps airborne and fires shoots sonic screams at Sunder. He swings an ax at Ben and knocks him to the ground. Zon turns into a Vulpimancer and jumps at Sunder, making him fall to the ground. He shoots a laser blaster at Zon's house, setting it on fire.]

[Zon]: NO! MY HOUSE!

[Sunder]: Now give it to me!

[Ben]: Never!

[He fires on last sonic scream at Sunder before getting up and running away. Jack blasts Sunder with electricity before he and Zon follow Jack away from the house.]


[Jack]: Just keep running! We'll escape eventually!

[Zon]: What about my house?

[Jack]: Dude just keep running. We'll get your house back. Eventually.

[They make it to the main part of the city. Sunder zooms closer to them from on his hover board. He fires lasers at them but they move back and forth to dodge them.]

[Ben]: Split up!

[Jack and Ben turn left down an intersection and Zon turns right. The next panel follows Zon as he runs down a street and avoids blasts from Sunder. He turns around and firs green energy blasts at him, slowing him down. He turns back around and continues to run down the street.]


[He keeps running and avoiding blasts until he eventually turns down a back alley. Sunder flies past the alley giving Zon sometime to catch his breathe. He reaches into his pocket but he can't find the ring.]

[Zon]: Great, I forgot that I gave it to Jack... Now what...

[He stands up.]

[Zon]: Guess I just have to hope Sunder doesn't find me.

[He walks to the edge of the alley and looks around. He turns around and walks back into the alley, but he sees Sunder standing in front of him.]

[Sunder]: Do you have the ring?

[Zon]: No. I don't have it...

[Sunder]: It would have been better for you if you did.

[He fires a laser blast at Zon, knocking him out. He jumps off his board, picks Zon up, jumps back on, and flies away.]

Center City
August 20, 2012, 8:40 AM MDT

[Jack and Ben are running down the street near Zon's house.]

[Jack]: Well he wasn't at his house, so where could he have gone?

[Ben]: Sunder probably captured him!

[Jack]: Well where did Sunder go?

[Ben]: He's probably in the desert....

[Jack]: Should I bring the ring?

[Ben]: You probably should.

[They continue to run forward. They run all the way through the city. They eventually make it to the desert and slow down.]

[Jack, relieved]: There he is...


[Sunder]: Want your friend back?

[Ben]: Why else would we be here?

[Sunder]: I take that as a yes... You can have your friend back, but only if you give me that ring!

[Jack]: Oh this ring?

[He holds the ring in front of him.]

[Sunder]: Now give it to me...

[Jack]: Yeah right...

[He puts on the ring and blasts fire at Sunder. Ben fires sonic screams at Sunder knocking him down. Zon bursts out the ship, turns into a Vulpimancer, and then knocks Sunder across the ground. He turns back into a human.]

[Zon]: That's for locking me up...


[Zon blasts green energy at Sunder while Jack fires electricity and Ben shoots sonic screams. Jack shoots a stream of fire at Sunder using the ring, but he avoids and punches Jack in the face. He bends down and grabs the ring.]

[Sunder]: The ring is mine...

[He begins to walk back to the ship. Zon turns into half-Vulpimancer, half-Tetramand and then punches Sunder in the face. He continues to punch Sunder until he knocks him down and the ring goes flying. Ben lands and picks up the ring. He puts in on and blasts fire at Sunder.]

[Ben]: Leave while you have the chance...

[Sunder]: Fine, but you'll pay for this...

[He jumps onto his hover board, grabs his ax, and then flies onto the ship. Before the door closes, he fires one last laser blast, but Ben dodges it. The door to the ship closes and in the next panel the ship flies off.]


[Zon]: Well, let's head back...

[Jack hands Zon the ring as they begin to walk back.]

[Zon]: This ring is really powerful...

[He puts it on and blasts a stream of fire in front of him. He then takes the ring off.]

[Zon]: Which is why we shouldn't use it...

[Jack]: We need to keep it safe for the next month until we can bring it back to the Academy.

[Ben]: Maybe we should rotate taking it for a few days at a time...

[Zon]: Sounds like a good plan...

[Ben]: Can I have it first...?

[Jack]: Well, even if you do get it first, none of us are allowed to use the ring unless it's a life threatening situation. I mean, we already have our own powers.

[Ben]: Agreed...

[Zon hands Ben the ring.]

[Jack]: One more thing...

[Ben]: Yeah?

[Jack]: Don't lose it...

[Ben]: Well duh...

[The final panel shows the recruits going their separate ways within the town.]

[The End]


On the Hunt
Cause and Effect

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