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Season 1, Episode 8
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Double Trouble
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Ben as Big Chill is chasing Skate-R through the city. Big Chill uses his frost breath to create an ice wall in front of Skate-R who just breaks through.

(Skate-R): Ahahahahahaha!!

Skate-R throws two grenades at Big Chill which blow up and makes him revert.

(Ben): That, could have gone better.

Later Ben, Kevin, Gwen and Rook are at Gwen's house.

(Rook): Ben, how was school today?

(Ben): What are you my Mom? It was okay, I also fought some guy who called himself Skate-R.

(Gwen): You mean the guy who's been on the big crime spree.

(Ben): Yeah.

(Kevin): Well have fun tracking him down.

(Ben): And where are you going?

(Kevin): The skating rink. There's a new DJ who moved here last week, and I wanna see how good he or hopfully she.

(Gwen): Kevin!

(Kevin): Okay, okay. I just wanna see how it is.

(Gwen): It?

(Kevin): Yes. Later, Tennyson.

(Ben): Hey! Can't I go?

(Kevin): First things first. You can't skate.

(Ben): Yeah I can!

Meanwhile at the skating rink. Ben is skating out of control.

(Ben): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Ben runs into a blond girl in a green long sleeved shirt and a white short skirt.

(Ben): Ow! I-I'm sorry, uh.

(Girl): Cassie. I'm the new DJ.

(Ben): Uh, Hi.

(Cassie): Hi.

(Ben): Well, I'm starved. Better go hit the snack bar.

(Cassie): Okaaaaaaaaaayy...

Ben skates away falls over on his face gets up falls down again and then skates away. Then Skate-R breaks through the wall and starts blasting things with a laser lance.

(Skate-R): Woo Hoo!

(Ben): Skate-R! I was hoping we'd run into each other.

(Skate-R): As was I, Ben 10.

Ben transforms.

(Brainstorm): Brainstorm! Judging from the attack-readdy pose my opponent stands. I should be able to-

Skate-R blasts Brainstorm who protects himself with a Lightning shield.

(Brainstorm): Or not.

Kevin absorbs the wall and tackles Skate-R.

(Skate-R): Kevin Levin I presume. One of Ben Tennyson's sidekicks.

(Kevin): What did you just call me!

Skate-R blasts Kevin. Brainstorm transforms.

(Water Hazard): Water Hazard! Hmm, I was going for Articguana.

Rook blasts a net at Skate-R who dodges and blasts Rook.

(Skate-R): Heheheh. This fun.

Water Hazard spews water streams at Skate-R.

(Skate-R): Seriously? Water?

(Water Hazard): Well short circuiting his armor is out of the question.

Water Hazard transforms again.

(Four Arms): Seriously? Four Arms. I asked for Humungousaur.

Four Arms punches Skate-R.

(Skate-R): A punch. You stink, Tennyson!

Four Arms goes Super.

(Super Four Arms): Super Four Arms!

Super Four Arms punches Skate-R twice.

(Skate-R): Ow! That hurt!

Skate-R blasts Super Four Arms and grabs Cassie.

(Super Four Arms): Cassie, no!

(Kevin): Cool new DJ, no!

Skate-R skates off.

(Super Four Arms): Oh no he did not!

Later at Skate-R's lair Cassie is tied up.

(Cassie): Seriously? What am I? A damsel in distress?

(Skate-R): Sort of, yeah.

Armodrillo drills through the ground.

(Armodrillo): Cassie!

(Cassie): Ben!

Armodrill transforms.

(Upgrade): Upgrade!

Upgrade merges with Skate-R's armor and breaks it.

(Upgrade): Oh yeah!

(Skate-R): Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Upgrade demerges and transforms.

(Rath): Rath!

Rath cuts Cassie's ropes. Rath detransforms.

(Cassie): Thanks, Ben.

(Ben): No problem.

Cassie and Ben look at each other for 8 seconds.

(Ben): So, victory smoothy?

(Cassie): Aw yeah!


Major Events

  • Cassie appears.
  • Brainstorm and Water Hazard reappear.



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