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Omnitrix U
General Information
Creator Omnitrix U's creator
User Suzan Kimberly
Type Level 20
DNA Alterer
Extinct Species Reviver
First Appearance Ben 10's Successor

Omnitrix U is a lost prototype Omnitrix in Ben 10: Suzan Adventures that was used by Suzan Kimberly to transform into female aliens.


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It was built on an unknown planet by a nameless male scientist who designs using Azmuth's Omnitrix blueprints. Although the Omnitrix U can be linked to Codon Stream, it can only store 10 alien DNA samples. Its inventor traveled to every galaxy in quest of DNA samples for the Omnitrix U, resulting in a new discovery on every planet in the universe. Its inventor scans Dragublis, Nanovirus, and Muertante aliens that were never discovered (only he hybridizes the mutated Human DNA found at Zombozo's circus on Muertante DNA) as he scans recently discovered six aliens, including the Mutant To'kustar in the Null Void to complete the Omnitrix U's functions.



  • Omnitrix U
    • It contains the DNA of over one million species from all across the universe, and transform into them. The aliens each have their own unique power and abilities (along with their weaknesses). However, unlike the Omnitrixes, the Omnitrix U can only contain DNA from completely undiscovered species, such as Dragublis and Nanovirus, while the DNA of seven recently found species is present. As a result, the Omnitrix U only contains the DNA of ten aliens.
    • Just like the Omnitrixes, the Omnitrix U mainly allows for the user to alter their DNA at will and transform into a numerous variety of alien species that are each with their own unique powers and abilities (along with their weaknesses) and in a selection of alien DNA that is in groups of 10.
    • ​The Omnitrix has a DNA scanner.
      • Unlike the Omnitrix, it has a limit that only stores 10 aliens' DNA inside her Omnitrix U. Whenever the Suzan scans the aliens' DNA, it can wirelessly store aliens' DNA to OmniScancom. This because it wasn't invented by Azmuth. It can switch alien DNA anytime that she wishes for each playlists.
      • Like the Omniverse Omnitrix, the Omnitrix U does not rely on the Codon Stream, instead, the Omnitrix U rely on the OmniScancom.
    • The Omnitrix U does not have the Master Control, unlike the Omnitrix models.
    • Like the Omnitrix, the Omnitrix U has a holographic interface, where a holographic circle is shown, with the top half having alien faces, which is activated and scrolls through the aliens by the user touching the faceplate, or in other ways, scrolling up and down or scrolling in a circle, akin to a touch screen. The faceplate will reveal the Omnitrix U holographic symbol that was inside the core. When pressed, it will trigger the transformation.
  • The Omnitrix U will often automatically change the user’s form when their weakness proves to be too much of a hindrance.
  • Once Suzan mastered all of the ten aliens by either using Auto-Alien Switch Mode or other methods, the Omnitrix U gain the new ability to upgrade itself into the new Omnitrix U called Version-Up.
  • Version-Up 1
    • After upgraded, the Omnitrix U gain the ability to fuse one of the ten predator aliens with her aliens into the power-up forms called Preda-Mix. In this power-up form, Suzan inherited both powers of the her aliens and predator aliens.
  • After upgraded, the Omnitrix U gain the ability to travel different timelines, but Suzan decide to travel two timelines (Prime Timeline and the Reboot Timeline) due to Veroia tried to steal the Omnitrixes.


  • The Omnitrix U has a 2-way communication system with Plumber Badges.
    • The Omnitrix U can also record messages, similar to voicemail.
  • The Omnitrix U can adapts the alien's clothing (Uxos, and Krystawitch), armor (Bounty Soto), or coloration he/she transforms into.
  • The Omnitrix U has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The Omnitrix U has a very strong durable core which she won't mistransforms into any aliens if she choose the right alien. However, because of Omnitrix U obtains a new alien DNA by Scan DNA Mode too quickly or Version-Up upgrades' strange malfunction, Suzan transforms into a new alien instead of one of the ten aliens.
  • The Omnitrix U has a Life-Form Lock mode, first activated in Suzan 10.
  • The Omnitrix U has a safe transformation mechanism, allowing automatically to transform into a different alien whenever Suzan's transformed alien form was in jeopardy and has a weakness, first activated in Mal-Returns.


  • Attempting to activate the Omnitrix U while it is still rechargeable too many times will result in deactivation until it is recharged in five minutes, seen in Ben 10's Successor.
  • Though the Omnitrix U's upgrades as Suzan can transforms her alien right now, she instead transforms into a new alien. But, this strange malfunction is very rare.

Alien Forms


Original 10

The Original 10 are the first starting playlist when Suzan obtains the Omnitrix U. She obtains seven existing aliens' DNA and three new aliens' DNA that are never discovered. Suzan's ten aliens can be switched to the OmniScancom after scanning the aliens' DNA. Sometimes, the Omnitrix U has a mixed DNA, allowing the user to transformed into a hybrid aliens such as Krystawitch and Wigtail.

Alien Species 1 Species 2 When It Was Unlocked/Obtained
Krystawitch Kraaho Human Obtained Kraaho and Human DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Bounty Soto Sotoraggian Purebred Obtained Sotoraggian DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Uxos Uxorite Purebred Obtained Uxorite DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Wigtail Muertante Human Obtained Muertante and Human DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Dracola Dragublis Purebred Obtained Dragublis DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Jrix Polymorph Purebred Obtained Polymorph DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Z-lien Highbreed Purebred Obtained Highbreed DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Viralix Nanovirus Purebred Obtained Nanovirus DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Way Punk Mutant To'kustar Purebred Obtained Mutant To'kustar DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U
Mersiren Sheelane's Species Purebred Obtained Sheelane's species DNA by its creator. Unlocked after Suzan obtaining the Omnitrix U

Version-Up Six

The Version-Up Six are the second playlist after the Omnitrix U upgraded. Suzan obtains six new aliens that existed from main timeline or the other dimension. This Omnitrix U contains four aliens that different planets in the main timeline and two aliens that exists in the other dimension.

Alien Species 1 Species 2 When It Was Unlocked/Obtained
Sunblast Pyronite (Hawai Variant) Purebred TBA
BLITZR Kineceleran (Belos Variant) Purebred TBA
Venustrap Florauna (Blossoa Variant) Purebred TBA
Serge Xerge Purebred TBA
Waterflow Cascan Purebred TBA
Big Blaze Necrofriggian (Scarleto Variant) Purebred TBA

P Additionals

These Aliens were created by Poliwag The Blogger and hail from across the cosmos.

Alien Species 1 Species 2 When It Was Unlocked/Obtained
Mathiza Numerian Purebred TBA
Boomerangirl Boomeright Purebred TBA
Infrareptile Seartile Purebred TBA
OGBand Mozaven Purebred TBA
Dollyanna Haundol Purebred TBA
Cannaplant Narclora Purebred TBA

Preda-Mix Form

The Preda-Mix are the power-up playlist that is the fusion of Suzan's aliens and the predator aliens. When Suzan select one alien before transforming, she turn the dial and revealing the ten predator aliens and select one of the predator aliens then press the Omnitrix U's core to transform into her alien form before fused with the predator alien into the stronger form and gain the new abilities inherited with the predator aliens' DNA. Also, while her alien form when Suzan transforms at first, she turn the dial and select one of the predator aliens then press the Omnitrix U to fuse the predator alien's DNA.

This playlist will have eight aliens that Suzan used her strategies that she used her aliens between playlists.

Preda-Mix Suzan's Alien Predator Alien When It Was Unlocked/Obtained
Preda-Mix Dracola Dracola Tyrannopede Obtained by fusing Dracola and Tyrannopede
Preda-Mix Bounty Soto Bounty Soto Panuncian Obtained by fusing Bounty Soto and Panuncian
Preda-Mix Wigtail Wigtail Vicetopus Obtained by fusing Wigtail and Vicetopus
Preda-Mix Way Punk Way Punk Aquolphin Obtained by fusing Way Punk and Aquolphin
Preda-Mix Viralix Viralix ParasiTNA Obtained by fusing Viralix and ParasiTNA
Preda-Mix Serge Serge Buglizard Obtained by fusing Serge and Buglizard
Preda-Mix BLITZR BLIZTR Fuzzcreep Obtained by fusing BLIZTR and Fuzzcreep
Preda-Mix Big Blaze Big Blaze Hypnotick Obtained by fusing Big Blaze and Hypnotick


Omnitrix U 2022.png

Active Mode is the Omnitrix U's default mode - the Omnitrix U can be used and nothing is wrong.

Omnitrix U 2022 Recharge Mode.png

Recharged Mode whenever the Omnitrix U's timer 10 minutes was up to recharge itself for five minute.

Omnitrix U 2022 Scan DNA Mode.png

Scan DNA Mode whenever she can scan the alien's DNA and add it to OmniScancom. However, like the Omnitrix if the Omnitrix U is far away from the detected sample, the Omnitrix U's other functions will be disabled until the alien is scanned.

Omnitrix U Unidentified DNA Search Mode.png

Unidentified DNA Search Mode whenever the Omnitrix U locates the unidentified alien's DNA from the unknown planet.

Auto-Alien Switch Mode allows the Omnitrix U transforms the user into one of the ten aliens automatically for the short period of time before changing into different alien. However, after the user successfully transforms and masters all 10 aliens at the same time, the Omnitrix U's functions are momentarily deactivated until reactivation about 15 minutes and Version-Up upgrade the Omnitrix U. After Version-Up the Omnitrix U, this function will no longer needed once the Omnitrix U is already upgraded.


Ben 10: Suzan Adventures


Before the events in Suzan Adventures, a male nameless scientist discovers the blueprint of the prototype Omnitrix and decides to create and build his own Omnitrix, naming it the Omnitrix U. Its designer realizes that the Omnitrix U requires alien DNA samples, therefore he traverses the galaxies scanning the DNA of aliens (Kraaho, Sotoraggian, Muertante, Dragublis, Polymorph, Highbreed, Nanovirus, Mutant To'kustar, and Sheelane's Species). However, one alien DNA sample, Muertante, is highly uncontrollable, so its creator devised a method to hybridize the Mutant Human DNA's primary genetic code on the Muertante DNA, allowing it to maintain control of the Muertante form, though it has the side effect of returning to its primal state when the full moon appears until the full moon is gone. Its designer completes the Omnitrix U, but it has a limitation that it can only turn 10 alien DNA samples. Years later, its designer mysteriously vanished, leaving the Omnitrix U alone until its owner discovered it.



Concept arts



  • The "U" letter is stands for Universe that she travels to the universes and multiverses.
  • Similar to Reboot Omnitrix, the Omnitrix U has upgrades.