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Zee10 omnitrix mark III

The Omnitrix Mark III (Zee Tennyson 's)Credits Chad 10 Art on Deviant Art


The omnitrix Mark III was under construction for 6 years since [When Ben got the omnitrix Prototype (Omnitrix Mark I)]. Azmuth named it as the Real omnitrix he also stated in The ultimate enemy pt 2 (Zee 10 : Ultimate Alien) that the Mark III consists of more power the the Potis Altiare.


The omnitrix Mark III appears more like a sports watch with but with the intergolactic peace symbol (IGPS). It is in Black colour with a shade of grey.


  1. Deactivation - Deactivate Mark III Command Code 000 - Deactivate - 0
  2. Activation - Activate Mark III Command Code 000 Deactivate - 0
  3. Decoupling - Decouple Mark III Command Code - 000 Decouple Mark III - 0


When the dial is twisted the dial pops up and give a hologram of the alien and when u twist it changes to the next alien its pretty same as in alien force and ultimate alien. But the Omnitrix also has a special feature of settings.The settings feature can be activated by placing to fingers on the dial and then sliding them towards the right then a holographic circle pops with various settings and modes.

Note: The holographic circle is the same circle which comes in ben 10 omniverse but instead of sshowing aliens it shows the settings.