Omnitrix MIII
Omnitrix MIII
General Information
User Ben Tennyson
Bryce Bowman (Omni-School)
Creator Azmuth
Type DNA Alteration
Similar Technology Omnitrix
Infinity Omnimatrix
Prototype Omnitrix
First Appearance Happy Birthday, Ben

The Omnimatrix Mark three, or Omnitrix MIII, is an Omnitrix used by Ben Tennyson in BTDW.


After Omniverse, Azmuth created a new Omintrix to aid Ben in his new quest to defeat Warlock.


  • Active Mode: The Omntrix is ready to use. Full power is available.
  • Recharge Mode: The Omnitrix's power reserves have been depleted.
  • Radiation Mode: The Omnitrix is sensing large amouts of radiation nearby.
  • Map Display Mode: The Omnitrix is displaying a map of the area.
  • Teleportation Mode: The Omnitrix is teleporting the user, typically used for Dimensional travel.
  • Ultimized User Mode: The Omnitrix has evolved the user into Ultimate "John Doe".
  • Active mode
  • Recharge mode
  • Radiation mode
  • Map Display mode
  • Teleportation mode


  • The Omnitrix has access to over 60 alien forms.
  • The Omnitrix displays a color hologram for selection.
  • Works as a GPS.
  • Can alter clothing to fit alien forms.
  • Alters size to fit user.
  • Has Voice Command.
  • Has an AI(Artificial Intelligence), this AI can function much like Cortana.
  • Can show a database of all unlocked aliens.
  • Can create a hologram map.
  • Has two-way comms with Plumbers badges, Azmuth, phones, and radios.
  • The Omnitrix has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • Can teleport through Azmuths' teleportation channel.
  • Can repair genetic damage.
  • Can access DNA Fusions.
  • Has a double evolutionary function; providing Ultimate and Unlimited forms.
  • Can alert user of danger nearby.
  • Can hack into any technology within a 10 mile radius. (undiscovered)
  • Can create Null Void portals.
  • The Omnitrix talks in a robotic feminine voice.
  • It can sense when other Omnitrixes are near.
  • The Omnitrix has Auto Selection.
    • This is when the Omnitrix automatically cycles through aliens, until the user sees the one he/she wants.
    • The user thinks when he/she wants the Omnitrix to stop, and it does, sliding the door back for activation.

Unlocked Forms

Ultimate Forms

  1. Ultimate Swampfire
  2. Ultimate Humungousaur
  3. Ultimate Echo Echo
  4. Ultimate Big Chill
  5. Ultimate Cannonbolt
  6. Ultimate Wildmutt
  7. Ultimate Way Big
  8. Ultimate Spidermonkey
  9. Ultimate Arctiguana
  10. Ultimate Gravattack
  11. Ultimate Grey Matter
  12. Ultimate Rath

Fanon Ultimates will be announced later.


Place fingers on the faceplate; the hologram of an alien will appear. Slide fingers to the left to cycle forward(right to cycle back). Remove fingers and the 'door' wil slide back, then the dial will pop out. Push the dial back down and the user will transform into the selected alien, or one of the Omnitrix's choosing.


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