The Omnitrix 2.0, also just called the Omnitrix, is Ben's new Omnitrix in Ben 10: Multi Trixes. Originally, its main form was the Ultimate Alien, but, when timed out, it could turn into all Ben's individual aliens, just in a weaker state. However, as of The Spookiest Finale, Part 3, the Omnitirx can turn into any alien, anytime.


It looks almost the same as the Alien Force Omnitrix, only it has the Ultimate spikes around it, fixed onto the core, so they turn with the dial. Also, the wristband is a little wider, and, if you look closely, the sillouhette of the Ultimate Alien can be seen in the green part of the dial.


  • Constant transforming
  • The Ultimate Alien
  • Can be removed easily
  • There's no way to destroy the "whole entire universe." (But it can destroy up to entire galaxies.)
  • Convinent ability to switch between sets of 10 aliens (when timed out) by using the purple setting.
  • The Mannamatrix and Metalmatrix can combine with it to make the All-Power-Trix.


All the aliens are divided into sets of 10. If the alien count reaches a number (such as 11, which is not even close to the actual number) that leaves less that 5 aliens in the last set, the set before will acommodate that. (For example, there are 100 aliens. The Omnitrix scans one. There would be a set with only one alien. The previous set will change to hold the one lone alien, leaving the last set with 11 aliens.


  • It can self destruct without warning if constant transformations are made. So if enough are made, upon detransforming, the Omnitrix would blow up and destroy a galaxy.


In The Spookiest Finale, Part 3, when Ben got the Omnitrix back, the main alien wasn't the Ultimate Alien. Ben could turn into any alien, anytime, at full strength. Of course, the Ultimate Alien is also accessible.

Another Change

As of BTMT Movie Season Finale Thingy!, the Omnitrix has reset, leaving Ben with 10 borrowed aliens. As of Dawn of... Evil Ben! Part 2, Ben has 14 active aliens.

Master Control Change

With Master Control, the transformation sequences are different.


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