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The Omnimatrix, referred to as the Omnitrix, is a Level 20 tech device created by Azmuth.



  • DNA Transformation: The Omnitrix can transform the user into multiple alien species, these specimens are the prime example of the species, what the user would look like as that species and correlate to the age of the user.
  • Touchscreen Interface: The Omnitrix has a touchscreen interface to access the functions of the Omnitrix.
  • DNA Scanner: The Omnitrix can scan DNA of aliens whose species are not currently stored in the Omnitrix.
  • Quick-Change Feature: By pressing on the dial while transformed the user can change between forms at a rapid rate.
  • Stabilizing Equipment for Transformations: The Omnitrix provides necessary equipment for transformations to be in optimal condition, such as a neck brace for Brainstorm or a water tanks for Ripjaws.
  • Digital DNA Storage: The Omnitrix has the DNA of all species within itself in computerized format.


  • Two-Way Communication System: The Omnitrix can communicate with Plumber Badges at an unlimited range.
  • Functioning Digital Watch: The Omnitrix can function as an ordinary digital watch.
  • Universal Translator: The Omnitrix has a built in universal translator.
  • Distress Function/Homing Device: The Omnitrix can send out a distress beacon to notify Azmuth if the user is in danger.
  • Identification Security System: The Omnitrix has a security system which can only be bypasses by Ben Tennyson or Azmuth himself, this allows the user to access the functions of the Omnitrix or remove it from the user.
  • Life Threatening Fail-Safe: In the event that the user would die the Omnitrix will sample through the entire sample playlist and construct a new body for the user to inhabit.
  • Ultimatrix Function: The Omnitrix can be set to evolve the DNA into their 'ultimate' forms.
  • Fusion Function: The Omnitrix can have the user select two DNA samples and fuse their DNA together.
  • Symbiotic Function: The Omnitrix can have the user select a DNA sample of a symbiotic species and another sample of a suitable host for the first sample, then transform the user into both transformations.
  • Blacklist: The Omnitrix has a special playlist for transformations which the user does not wish to transform into for any reason. These transformations are locked and cannot be accesses unless given the access code to do so.


Active (Default Mode) - The Omnitrix is usable without error.

Recharge - The Omnitrix is recharging and automatically ends when fully charged.

Scan - The Omnitrix scans a detected unknown sample of DNA, other functions will be unavailable until the scan is complete.

Self Destruct - The Omnitrix builds up charge for a time period then detonates.

Randomizer - The Omnitrix randomly selects 10 aliens and over a period of 10 minutes randomly changes the user into these transformations.

Life-Form Lock - The Omnitrix locks the user in a single form until the user deactivates it.

Ultimate - The Omnitrix simulates the DNA of the sample and evolves it into it's 'ultimate' form.

Fusion - The Omnitrix selects two samples and fuses their DNA.

Symbiotic - The Omnitrix transforms the user into a symbiotic life form and a sample of a suitable host.

Blacklist - The Omnitrix switches to the blacklist playlist.

Master Control - All functions of the Omnitrix are now unlocked, unlimited transformation time, transformation by though & all samples of DNA being available to the user.

Inactive - The Omnitrix is unable to function at all.


The Omnitrix has a total of 10,000 transformations with each divided into playlists of 10.

Playlist 1
Number Name Species Home World
01 Heatblast Pyronite Pyros
02 Wildmutt Vulpimancer Vulpin
03 Diamondhead Petrosapien Petropia
04 XLR8 Kineceleran Kinet
05 Grey Matter Galvan Galvan Prime
06 Four Arms Tetramand Khoros
07 Stinkfly Lepidopterran Lepidopterra
08 Ripjaws Piscciss Volann Piscciss
09 Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph Galvan B
10 Ghostfreak Ectonurite Anur Phaetos
Playlist 2
Number Name Species Home World
11 Cannonbolt Arburian Pelarota Arburia
12 Wildvine Florauna Flors Verdance
13 Blitzwolfer Loboan Luna Lobo
14 Snare-oh Thep Khufan Anur Khufos
15 Frankenstrike Transylian Anur Transyl
16 Ditto Splixson Hathor
17 Upchuck (Perk) Upchuck (Perk) Peptos XII
18 Upchuck (Murk) Gourmand (Murk) Peptos XII
19 Eye Guy Opticoid Sightra
20 Way Big To'kustar Cosmic Storms
Playlist 3
Number Name Species Home World
21 Swampfire Methanosian Methanos
22 Echo Echo Sonorosian Sonorosia
23 Humungousaur Vaxasaurian Terradino
24 Spidermonkey Arachnichimp Arachaschimmia
25 Jetray Aerophibian Aeroplea
26 Big Chill Necrofriggian Kylmyys
27 Chromastone Crystalsapien Petropia
28 Brainstorm Cerebrocrustacean Encephalonus IV
29 Goop Polymorph Viscosia
30 Alien X Celestialsapien Forge of Creation
Playlist 4
Number Name Species Home World
31 Lodestar Biosovortian Magnetonia
32 Rath Appoplexian Appoplexia
33 Nanomech 1/2 Human 1/2 Nanochip None
34 Water Hazard Orishan Kiusana
35 AmpFibian Amperi Tesslos
36 Armodrillo Talpaedan Terraexcava
37 Terraspin Geochelone Aerio Aldabra
38 NRG Prypiatosian-B Prypiatos
39 Fasttrack Citrakayah Chalybeas
40 ChamAlien Merlinsapien Melangio
Playlist 5
Number Name Species Home World
41 Shocksquatch Gimlinopitheus Pattersonea
42 Eatle Oryctini Coleop Terra
43 Clockwork Chronosapien Chronos
44 Juryrigg Plancaküle Aul-Turrhen
45 Feedback Conductoid Teslavor
46 Bloxx Segmentosapien Polyominus
47 Gravattack Galilien Keplorr's Orbit
48 Crashhopper Orthopterran Orthoptos
49 Arctiguana Polar Manzillard X'Nelli
50 Ball Weevil Atrocia Beetle Atrocia
Playlist 6
Number Name Species Home World
51 Kickin Hawk Chicosapien Chicia
52 Toepick Globius Globan
53 Walkatrout Ickthyperambuloid Gilli-Perambulos Promenade
54 Pesky Dust Nemuina Nemunimos IV
55 Mole-Stache Dorinian Mole Gachabelle
56 The Worst Atrocian Atrocia
57 Astrodactyl Pturbosaurian Terradino
58 Bullfrag Incursean Kalilian Empire
59 Buzzshock Nosedeenian Nosedeen Quasar
60 Atomix Prypiatosian-A Prypiatos
Playlist 7
Number Name Species Home World
61 Gutrot Gashian Gashious
62 Whampire Vladat Anur Vladias
63 Spitter Sphoeroid Scalpasc
64 TimeLine Chronian Chronia
65 Overflow Cascan Cascareau
66 Attackticle Chimera Sui Generis Vilgaxia
67 Shock Rock Fulmini Fulmas
68 Slapback Ekoplektoid Ekoplekton
69 Decagon Vreedle Vreedle None
70 Ventrilosquid Menta Mindo
Playlist 8
Number Name Species Home World
71 Rocks Basalt Andesite
72 Squidstrictor Cephalod-ae Molluskus
73 Thriller Whale Audosian Audo
74 Twoofus Viscousolian Kilnaker
75 Plantapocalypse Audrian Audros
76 Bungee Sponge Porifrian Diverra
77 Skidmarx Trackian Tracktos
78 Somnambulizard Slumbian Slumba
79 Ultra-Ben Kryptonian Krypton
80 Disaster Highbreed Augstaka
Playlist 9
Number Name Species Home World
81 Snakepit Serpien Serpus
82 Sandbox Silicite Silicon
83 Shellhead Tortosapien Tortos
84 Elaskimo Kraaho Unknown
85 TenTen Sotoraggian Storagg
86 Motor Mouth Cybertronian Cybertron
87 Elastimagnet Lewodan Lewoda
88 Prick Acurtian Hog Aricia
89 Stealth Strike Yautji Yautji Prime
90 Insectoid Xenomorph Achilles 2.4
Playlist 10
Number Name Species Home World
91 FurFighter Revonnahgander Revonnah
92 Sludge Blob Lenopan Lenope
93 Drainage Osmosian Osmos V
94 Andomana Anodite Anodyne
95 Gold Digger Agustospaien Agustus
96 AmorphOoze Limax Limia
97 Snotty Maxatomar Maxator
98 Neurolizard Uxorite Ringa Morr
99 Pigment Hoggart Swineson
100 Aura Naljian 26th Dimension
Playlist 11
Number Name Species Home World
101 Temperate Venusite Venus
102 Bark Flora Colossus Planet X
103 Cycloptic Churl Chu
104 Mucus Slimebiote None
105 KrackerKlaw Piscciss Premann Piscciss
106 Ticker Hulex Insict
107 Talon Thanagarian Thanagar
108 Leviathin Krakian Krakos
109 Mindscape Green Martian Mars
110 Brainbash White Martian Mars
Playlist 12
Number Name Species Home World
111 ChiChi Saiyan Vegeta
112 StarBright Tamaranean Tamaran
113 Reptilite Skrull Skrullos
114 Crusto Astrosapien Astros
115 Emoticon Boov Boovworld
116 Springer Unknown Unknown
117 Rumblebee Jacketian Hive Prime
118 BoneBasher Skilleton Anur Skillet
119 ZomB Ormerowon Anur Ormerow
120 Gillswarm Gillian Anur Gillus
Playlist 13
Number Name Species Home World
121 Spectrock G’rrnayte Anur G’rrnay
122 Chrommandor (Blue) Chromian (Blue) Chromia
123 Chrommandor (Red) Chromian (Red) Chromia
124 Hastehog Sonicon Mobius
125 Clay-Doh Protost Myceto
126 Frightmiser Faersian Anur Faer
127 Rainbow Connection Unknown Unknown
128 Brightbulb Lumini Positive Luminus
129 Blackbulb Lumini Negative Luminus
130 MindMoover Darisapien Darius
Playlist 14
Number Name Species Home World
131 Dinosword Velosabre Terradino
132 Snot Goblin Splicchac Pierahruzanasc
133 Poison Dart Hilo-Hilo Maka Hilo Pagpatay
134 Kronos Titanian Titan
135 Portaler Unknown Unknown
136 Husker Siberus Metallica
137 MasterMiner Detrovite Vulcan
138 Madusa Gorgon Gorgia
139 Unknown Unknown Unknown
140 Unknown Unknown Unknown


  • Over time Ben tinkered with the omnitrix by adding the ultimate and fusion features to personalize it himself after learning more about how the Omnitrix works.
  • The idea for the symbiotic feature came from the video by The Ink Tank if Venom were to be a transformation.
  • The idea for the blacklist came from user MrGreenlight from DeviantArt.
  • Some of the species and home worlds for some of the transformations have been filled in from the canon of 5 Years Later which is made by The Ink Tank.
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