Omnitrix (Stew 10)
General Information
User Stew
Creator N/A
Type Level 20
DNA Alterer
Similar Technology N/A
First Appearance The Beginning of It All

The Omnimatrix, or as it's more commonly known the Omnitrix, is a device that allows Stew to transform into alien lifeforms in Stew 10: Rebooted. It is received when a strange alien lifeform crashlands on Earth, bestowing it upon Stew to use for good since there were no other beings in the vicinity.


The Omnitrix looks very similar to the Prime Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix in Omniverse, but with a different color scheme and a different faceplate. This one is also more like the prototype in the sense that it occasionally gets mistransformations and glitches.


Active Mode, Red: Available for use

Recharge Mode, Teal: Must recharge for usage (takes between a minute to five minutes) 

Scan Mode, Green: Scanning for uncatalogued

DNA Unlock Mode, Yellow: Scanning to unlock DNA


  • DNA Scanner to scan alien DNA.
  • Can take voice commands from its creator.
  • Displays aliens in a holographic wheel.


Please see: Stew 10: Rebooted/Aliens.


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