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Main Iterations

Previous Iterations

  • T1 Omnitrix - The Omnitrix used by Ben Prime from the ending of Ultimate Alien up until the start of Ben 10: Road Trip.
  • Ultimatrix - A variant of the Omnitrix created by Albedo that allows the user to evolve their aliens into Ultimate forms. It was used by Ben Prime from the end of Alien Force throughout Ultimate Alien.
  • Prototype Omnitrix - The original Omnitrix wielded by Ben Prime throughout the Original Series and Alien Force.

Other Iterations

  • Nemetrix - A variant Omnitrix created by Malware and Doctor Psychobos to contain predatory transformations for the specific purpose of killing Ben Tennyson. It has had many wielders, and was later upgraded by Albedo to have an evolutionary function.
  • T2 Ultimatrix - The successor to the original Ultimatrix, it was invented and used by Albedo throughout Omniverse.
  • Techtrix - a knock-off Omnitrix variant created by the Blacksmith and wielded by his Techadon Degradations.

Alternate Timeline Iterations

  • Biomnitrix - A dual-Omnitrix system invented and used by Ben 10'000 that allows the user to fuse alien DNA samples together.
  • T3 Ultimatrix - The final iteration of the Ultimatrix, it malfunctioned and permanently turned Albedo into an Evolved Arachnichimp.
  • Delta Omnitrix - The Delta Dimension equivalent of the original Prototype Omnitrix.
  • Antitrix - A knock-off Omnitrix created by Kevin Delta after being inspired by a dream. The aliens are all weirdly cross-contaminated.

See Also

  • Codon Stream - The database containing all of the DNA that the Omnitrixes have access to. All scanned aliens are checked against this database before being unlocked.
  • Primus - The planet containing the Codon Stream.
  • Ozai - The T2 Omnitrix's built-in AI.